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Professional Webcam Services. Table of Contents. Overview 3 The HD Difference 4 Intelligent Streaming 5 Hardware Solutions 6 LiveHD Streaming Plans 7 Professional Design & Installation Services 9 Getting Started 10 Requirements
Professional Webcam ServicesTable of ContentsOverview 3The HD Difference 4Intelligent Streaming 5Hardware Solutions 6LiveHD Streaming Plans 7Professional Design & Installation Services 9Getting Started 10 Requirements Budget Design & Installation Website Integration QuestionsCase Studies 11I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comOverviewGive your website an edgeIn this day and age of technology and information, whether at their computers or on their smart phones, people want interactive real-time content – NOW! With CamZone’s LiveHD webcam streaming, companies are able market their surroundings and services on the web in just that – REAL-TIME. It provides website visitors with a unique viewing experience compared to still photos. The applications vary from offering breathtaking views of resorts, visual weather conditions at ski resorts, zoo exhibits and aquariums to roller coasters in amusement parks. Webcams are viewed by millions of people every day. While a good photo gallery on your website was quite impressive at one time, this day and age of information now demands real-time. Live video of your scenic views, attractions and services increases traffic to your website – thus helping to attract new customers. A little about CamZoneHaving created one of the very first webcams in 1996, CamZone continues to stay at the forefront of technology providing innovative and affordable live webcam streaming solutions. With 15 years under our belt, our customers should know we’ve learned a lot along the way. Our LiveHD streaming network and services have evolved along with technology. As a facilities based streaming provider with our own data centers, video enhanced delivery network and remote camera control applications, CamZone continues to stay ahead of the competition delivering unique streaming solutions for resorts, zoos, enterprise organizations and government agencies alike.Why do I need CamZone? While most companies have high speed internet access such as a cable modem, DSL or T1, none of these provide adequate bandwidth to support high-quality video to more than two or three simultaneous viewers. A bandwidth bottleneck exists between the internet and your webcam. Camzone’s LiveHD Streaming Network secures a single video stream from your camera and re-broadcasts the live video using our distributed network of servers – thus eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks, improving video quality and simultaneously delivering the video to thousands of users. CamZone’s streaming technology provides features not available when streaming directly from your webcam – Time-Lapse Video, ePostcard, Recording, Viewer Statistics, Pre & Mid Roll Video Inserts, Customized Flash Player eliminating plug-ins, Full Screen Viewing, Live Video Delay for sensitive content, stream theft protection, bandwidth & viewer control, Admin Control Panel, Live ClipsWhy would I upgrade my webcam to HD?Standard Definition and analog based video is old technology. High Definition (HD) video provides for a better viewing experience. Larger HD video resolutions, clear images, high frame rates and audio. CamZone’s LiveHD webcam streaming is a cost-effective improved streaming solution taking advantage of the latest technology in video compression. HD quality video minus the bandwidth overhead. Provide your website visitors with a better experience – integrate live and interactive high definition video.Why H.264?Using a fraction of the bandwidth Motion JPEG requires, the H.264 video compression codec allows for higher frame rates, large HD video resolutions and fluid video. I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comThe HD DifferenceFirst – A little History Lesson:Live web cams have existed on the web since the mid 1990s. Until recently the technology consisted of streaming multiple JPEG images every second. This technology is also considered Motion JPEG or M-JPEG streaming. For several reasons including interlaced analog video sources, the data size of JPEG images/frames and the limited available bandwidth for internet viewers, live webcam streaming at a resolution of 320x240 pixels became typical. As video streaming advanced with the advent of flash, mega-pixel IP network cameras and the H.264 video compression codec, CamZone’s team of software engineers developed an intelligent LiveHD streaming network. With the ability to stream at resolutions up to 1920x1080 (1080i) with frame rates up to 30 per second, CamZone’s customers have greatly enhanced their website viewers experience. As companies continue to upgrade their old webcam equipment and streaming services, the days of small video resolutions and jumpy video will become a thing of the past.SD vs. HD:Standard Definition (SD) is typically associated with video resolutions of 640x480 or less and an aspect ratio of 4:3 similar to older televisions that were more square in shape. High Definition video is typically associated with resolutions greater than 640x480 (1920x1080 or 1280x720) and an aspect ratio of 16:9; much wider than tall as seen on plasma televisions. As HD video has a lot more pixels in each video frame, the quality of the image is much better.Resolution & Aspect Ratio Pictured (Not to Scale):1280x720 / 16:91024x640/ 16:10800x450/ 16:9480x27016:9320x240 / 4:3I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comIntelligent StreamingCamZone’s Multi-Homed Tier 1 Internet BackboneEdge Servers… NOrigin Servers… NControl ServersHostedVideoArrays… NSD & HD WebcamsEngineered with both scalability and redundancy in mind, CamZone’s dynamic video delivery network intelligently streams live and on-demand video content. Control servers monitor load, video source and the network to dynamically ingest live and hosted video to the origin servers. As control servers receive demand for video content from internet viewers, they dynamically route the request for video to the Edge server best suited to deliver the stream. With a Multi-homed Tier 1 Internet backbone structure, video content streaming from the edge servers is assured fast, redundant and reliable delivery.I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 Hardware SolutionsHaving offered professional webcam services for so long, we’ve learned what works and what does not. Our experience has allowed us to put together webcam options to fit all solutions. While we offer many more products, below are entry level HD webcams through our high-end PTZ HD webcam solution. CamZone – Entry Level Indoor HD Fixed Position Webcam:Our entry level HD webcam solution. Don’t let his inexpensive cam fool you. It supports PoE Ethernet for single cable runs and easy installation. Features: Resolutions up to 1280x720 / 16:9/16:10 & 4:3 Aspect Ratios Operating Temperatures; 32 to 113 Degrees F H.264 & M-JPEG Streaming Digital PTZ Supports AudioCamZone – HD Fixed Position Webcam:Our high end Fixed HD webcam solution supports full 1080i HD video at 30 frames per second. This camera works great for hotel applications. With analog HD connections on board, CamZone has done numerous resort installs displaying the live HD on plasma screens around the resort as well as the hotel cable network. Supporting PoE Ethernet, whether indoors or outdoors, the single Ethernet cable required lends to an easy install. Features: Resolutions up to 1920x1080 / 16:9 Aspect Ratio Operating Temperatures; -40 to 113 Degrees F H.264 & M-JPEG Streaming 10x Optical / 12x Digital Zoom Supports AudioOptions: Outdoor enclosure & wall mountCamZone – HD PTZ Webcam:Our affordable HD PTZ webcam solution for the customer wanting the option to control their camera via the web. If your seeking to integrate live HD video into your website and you can’t choose which direction to point your fixed position cam, this is the perfect webcam. Give internet users control or simply allow select users access to control the camera. A perfect cam for the resort with breathtaking scenic views in every direction. Both indoor and outdoor models support PoE for easy single cable installations. Features: Resolutions up to 1280x720 / 16:9 Aspect Ratio Operating Temperatures; -4 to 122 Degrees F H.264 & M-JPEG Streaming 18x Optical / 12x Digital Zoom w/ Auto Flip & 360 Degree PanOptions: Indoor & Models with Pole, Wall, Corner or Ceiling Mount AdaptersCamZone – Premium HD PTZ Webcam:With the best video image on the market, numerous video resolutions to choose from, audio support and the ability to pan 15 degrees above the horizon, CamZone’s high-end HD PTZ webcam solution fits certain applications the others do not. Features: Resolutions up to 1280x720 / 16:9 Aspect Ratio Operating Temperatures; -40 to 122 Degrees F H.264, MPEG 4 & M-JPEG Streaming 1x Optical Zoom w/ Auto Flip & High Speed 360 Degree Pan 210 Degree Tilt Range / Tilt 15 Degrees Above HorizonOptions: Indoor & Models with Pole, Wall, Corner or Ceiling Mount AdaptersCamera hardware does not have to be purchased through CamZone. All hardware purchased through CamZone is pre-configured and setup in advance. Setup fees on streaming plans and features is waived when hardware is purchased through CamZone. Pre-configured – Self Install Solutions are available. Contact your CamZone representative for more details.I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comLiveHD Streaming Plans
  • LiveHD Usage Plan:
  • CamZone’s usage plan is perfect for the user that doesn’t anticipate a large amount of traffic. On top of paying a nominal monthly stream license fee, pay only for the traffic you use in hour increments.
  • Particulars:
  • Up to 12780x720 Res
  • Up to 1,700Kbps Quality Video
  • Unlimited Concurrent Viewers
  • Video Analytics - # Viewers & Hours
  • Stream Theft Protection
  • Audio Enabled
  • LiveHD Monthly Plan:
  • Chose the monthly plan that best suits the amount of viewer hours you anticipate using every month. If you go over the allotted number of viewer hours in your plan, you will be charged a nominal per hour overage fee. You can upgrade your plan at any time. Pay additional license fees and stream multiple live webcams on the same viewer hour plan.
  • Particulars:
  • Up to 1270x720 Res
  • Up to 1,700 Kbps Quality Video
  • Unlimited Concurrent Viewers
  • Video Analytics - # Viewers & Hours
  • Stream Theft Protection
  • Audio Enabled
  • 500, 1000, 3000, 7500, 15000 and 35000 viewer hour plans available. High plans available.
  • Optional Features:
  • Flash Based Time-Lapse Video – up to 1920x180 Res.
  • Remote Image Archiving – up to 3 megapixel available
  • PTZ Preset Control – allow internet users to control the camera via preset positions
  • LiveHD Delay- Delay the live video for sensitive content
  • Admin Portal with M-JPEG PTZ Admin Control
  • Scrolling Message
  • Logo Overlay
  • Pre, Mid & Post Roll Video Insert Capability
  • Digital PTZ
  • Live Clip Functionality
  • I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comProfessionalDesign & Installation Services
  • With over 15 years in providing professional webcam streaming, design and installation services, our team of trained and certified professionals are here to help. From small single camera solutions, to remote installations requiring solar power and wireless/mobile networking to governmental agencies including the FAA, our experienced staff is ready to help design and implement the perfect solution for your needs. Our team holds numerous professional certifications including AMX & Crestron automation & control, Cisco Networking and C7 Low Voltage and C10 Electrical Contractor licenses.
  • Considerations when designing the right solution:
  • Internet bandwidth at the camera site - is bandwidth adequate for a live stream?
  • Network at the camera site - is a wireless solution or cabling required?
  • Power at the camera site – is power available or is a solar solution required?
  • Camera Placement – Camera view, lenses and taking into consideration the sun
  • Lighting - As Exposure, Depth of Field & Resolution will effect the image
  • Camera Mounting – Options include Ceiling, Pole, Wall, Parapet, Tower & Custom designed mounts
  • Stream Optimization:
  • Taking into account your available bandwidth, our team of video engineers configure many adjustable parameters including bit rate, resolution, compression and video frame rate to optimize your live webcam stream.
  • Professional Services Available:
  • Professional consulting from experienced video, network and software engineers
  • Custom Designed Video Solutions – wireless, cellular, solar powered, covert & mobile
  • Start to finish design and installation services
  • Pre-configured - Self Install Ready Solutions – the hardware will arrive ready to mount, plug in and stream
  • I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comGetting Started
  • Requirements
  • Adequate Bandwidth at the camera site
  • Power at the camera site
  • A location to mount the camera
  • Webcam hardware
  • The appropriate CamZone streaming plan
  • Integrate the provided embed code into your website
  • Budget
  • Consider the following costs when developing your budget:
  • One time Costs: $________ Camera Hardware
  • $________ Installation of the camera equipment
  • $________ Cost to integrate the live video stream into your website
  • Total One time: $________
  • Monthly Costs:
  • $________ Monthly Streaming Plan
  • $________ Cost for a dedicated internet access line if necessary
  • Total Monthly: $________
  • Design & Installation
  • Take advantage of CamZone’s experience in providing live webcam streaming solutions. Our team will assist you in designing a solution to meet your needs and budget. Our team of licensed installers are ready to provide installation services or prepare the camera for easy self-installation.
  • Website Integration
  • While having live and interactive HD video on your site is an advantage, we understand the importance of how it is integrated. For this reason, CamZone offers professional website integration services so your website visitors receive the best experience and you get the most out of your investment. Contact a CamZone representative for details on these services.
  • Questions
  • While CamZone believes integrating a live webcam stream into your website is easy, we understand that our customers do not necessary feel the same. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.
  • I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comCase StudyEvans Hotels – San DiegoWith three beautiful properties in sunny San Diego California, Evans hotels is considered one of the premier providers of resort accommodations. Founded in 1953, Evans Hotels currently owns and operates three properties – The Catamaran Resort Hotel, The Bahia Resort Hotel and The Lodge at Torrey Pines.The ChallengeWith the desire to keep room occupancy rates as high as possible, the marketing group for Evans Hotels continues to seek innovative and creative approaches to achieve this goal. In this day and age of technology and information, the resorts websites prove to be the number one tool for selling rooms. The challenge the hotel group faced was driving more eyes to their websites.The SolutionTaking advantage of CamZone’s LiveHD streaming technology, Evans Hotels installed Pan Tilt Zoom cameras on each of its resorts. Using CamZone’s wait-in-line feature for camera control, viewers, when their turn in line, are able to control the camera. With the ability for thousands of viewers to watch the live video simultaneously, potential customers are able to view the scenery and weather in real-time.The ResultSince the integration seven years ago of the live webcams, marketing continues to see growth year after year in the number of visits to the website. In fact, the number one pages visited on the resort websites are the live webcam pages. For this reason, the marketing group has taken a creative approach in using the space around the live video to market special events and resort promotions. The end result has been increased occupancy. In a tough economy which has greatly impacted tourism, every edge counts.I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comCase StudyLive Osprey CamFound on all continents except Antarctica, the Osprey is one of the world's most widespread birds.  They are quite often spotted near water hunting live fish.  At one time, they nested widely across North America until contamination with the pesticide DDT led to population decrease followed by the disappearance as a breeding species in southern California. Since the ban on the use of DDT within the United States, the Osprey's numbers have rebounded. In 1997 Ospreys nested in San Diego County for the first time since 1912. By 2000 two pairs were nesting successfully in the county and the numbers have continued to grow.The ChallengeCamZone’s customer wanted to bring live video of the nesting birds to the web.  The challenge was how to bring quality video and audio with an up close view.  Knowing these airborne hunters typically nest on top of trees or man made structures off the ground and away from predators, we were faced with designing  an out of the ordinary solution.  The SolutionAfter educating ourselves on the nesting habits of the Osprey, we developed a plan that incorporated a thirty foot tall tower, a custom fabricated nesting platform and an outdoor environmentally housed HD webcam with external microphone permanently mounted with the proper field of view.  Taking into consideration the coastal environment and the resulting surface area due to the customized nesting platform, the tower had to withstand excessive swaying as a result of wind and corrosion from the salty environment. The ResultWith the up close view of the nest, The Live Osprey Cam presents live video and audio rarely seen. As a web based application, the live video is available anywhere in the world including schools thus contributing to education. Combined with CamZone’s video recording features, the solution doubles as a research tool allowing scientist to learn more about these flying fisherman.I2B Networks, Inc. 8971 Complex Drive San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.715.8500 F: 858.715.1800 www.camzone.comCase StudySeaWorld Parks & EntertainmentWith more than 100 million visitors since its opening on March 21, 1964, SeaWorld is San Diego’s leading tourist attraction and one of the most popular marine parks in the world. Occupying 189 acres on beautiful Mission Bay Park, SeaWorld is known for spectacular animal shows, interactive attractions, aquariums, rides, beautiful landscaping, dining facilities and education programs for all ages.The ChallengeSeaworld wanted to bring live video of Shamu the killer whale to the web (, providing visitors with a first-hand look at Shamu and other whales. One of the primary concerns with a live camera in the Shamu enclosure was the public witnessing a bad encounter between trainer and whale or any other accident. In addition, it was desirable for the web visitors from other time zones to
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