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Project Proposal By: Stephanie UgwuibeDescription of Project.The concept of my project is to show that every beat counts when it comes to dancing. At first I thought…
Project Proposal By: Stephanie UgwuibeDescription of Project.
  • The concept of my project is to show that every beat counts when it comes to dancing. At first I thought about just doing a collage, but then I realized there was no theme to my project. So I thought doing advertisement would be the best theme for the project. I want my project to be an advertisement, mainly towards Beats headphones. I know a lot people that dance at a professional level and it takes a lot dedication and practice to become a professional dancer. I want to show that with the Beats headphones you can feel every beat to the music with it.
  • I don’t know for sure how I’m going to do, but I have two different ideas for my concept. The first one is to use the pictures of my friends dancing and takes them moving to the beat. I want to create a music level meter with the dancers dancing. So it could show the levels of each beat with the headphones provides. This idea will show that the Beats headphones will give an incredible volume to the sound of a person listening to music.
  • My second idea shows would be similar to one of Pierre Betteille’s work, but still original in its own way. One of his works shows him and then parts of his face disappearing. Piece by piece his face disappears away. I want to use that same idea, but have a person with headphones on a shows each piece of his face disappear piece by piece. This idea will show that with the Beats headphones music will disappear in to the headphones with extremely indebt volume into person music.
  • Justin M. MallerJustin M. Maller is known for his freelance work. He is an Australian illustrator and art director that have produced variety of work that has been published worldwide. I’m inspired by such emotion and arrange of colors Maller brings to his work. None of his work seems dull or boring. He is work has been displayed in many advertisements such as the 54th Grammy Awards and the company, Nike. Maller’s WorkPierre BetteillePierre Betteille is a French photography. He redesigns and retouches photos using photo image software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. His works consists of “the series of self-portraits that is a huge international success on the Internet.” His series are humorous and yet mocks similar things. I find his self-portraits quite different; each one is different from the last one. Pete Harrison Pete Harrison is a young digital artist and also a designer from the UK. People know him as “Aeiko” which is his internet identity. His works is created by various forms of art including with pens, paint brush, using Illustrator and Photoshop software. I love how his work are vibrant and are about to life with such colors and design to each piece.
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