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INSTRUCCIONES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Part I /4 Lea detenidamente las instrucciones de esta prueba, antes de contestar. La prueba tiene una duración de 60 minutos. La prueba consta de diez partes. En el desarrollo de la prueba USE SOLO LÁPIZ DE PASTA. Ud. escuchará el audio 2 veces. Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI /5 /5 /4 /13 /5 Part VII Part VIII Part IX /10 /12 /8 Part X /5 Tota l /71 I. LISTENING 1. Listen to Elizabeth and David talk about their day. Circle the correct an
   INSTRUCCIONES  1.Lea detenidamente las instrucciones de esta prueba, antes de contestar.2.La prueba tiene una duración de 60 minutos .3.La prueba consta de diez partes.4.En el desarrollo de la prueba USE SOLO LÁPIZ DE PASTA.  5.Ud. escuchará el audio 2 veces.  I. LISTENING 1. Listen to Elizabeth and David talk about their day. Circle the correct answer. (4 pts) 1.David eats breakfast_______ a)Lateb)Earlyc)On weekends2.He reads and studies ________ a) In the morningb) In the afternoonc) In the evenings3.Elizabeth studies _______ a)In the libraryb)In the cafeteriac)At home 4.She sleeps at her parents’ house _______ a)On Mondays and Tuesdays.b)On Wednesdays and Thursdays.c)On Saturdays and Sundays. II. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USE THE POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (5pts) 1-He is my favorite actor. _____ movies are fantastic.2-We are Beyoncé’s fan. _____ favorite song is If I were a boy.3-She is my teacher. ______ lessons are fun.4-They are my uncles.______ houses are awesome.5-I am a writer.______ new book is published. IV.WHAT ARE THEY LIKE? LOOK AT THE PICTURE. COMPLETE THE SENTENCE WITHAN ADJECTIVE. (4pts) PartIPartIIPartIIIPartIVPartVPartVIPartVIIPartVIIIPartIXPartXTotal/4/5/5/4/13/5/10/12/8/5/71  He’s ___________    He’s __________ They aren’t   __________  They are _______  V. LOOK AT THE SIMPSON’S FAMILY TREE. COMPLETE THE MISSING INFORMATION.   (13 pts) 1-Bart is Lisa’s _________________ 2-Marge is Homer’s _____________ 3-Clancy is Selma’s _____________ 4-Abraham is Mona’s ____________ 5-Maggie is Homer’s _____________ 6-Bart is Herb’s _________________ 7- Herb is Marge’s _______________ 8-Patty is Selmas’s ______________ 9- Herb is Lisa’s _______________ 10-Jackie is Homer’s _______________ 11- Mona is Homer’s _______________ . VI UNSCRAMBLE THE QUESTIONS. THEN ANSWER WITH YOUR OWN INFORMATION.(5 pts) 1-are/ names /what / your / parents’ ?____________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________   2-is / how/ aunt / old/ your ? _________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 3-mother / where / your/ from / is ? ____________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  4-your / best friend/ what/ like/ is ? _____________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________ 5-favorite/ what’s / your /band? _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________  VII COMPLETE THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. USE THE VERBS IN THE BOX. USECAPITAL LETTERS WHERE NECESSARY.(10 pts) Check – Exercise – Live – Talk- Watch- Work1-A. Do/ Does you ______ TV in the evening?B. Yes, I do/ don’t . I _________ TV every night.2-A. Does/ Do you and your brother _________after school?B. Yes, We Does/ Do . We ______ at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.3-A. Do/ Does your mother _________in the cafeteria?B No, She Don’t / Doesn’t . She _________in the library.4-A. Doesn’t/ Does your best friend ______around here ?B. No,He Does/ Doesn’t . He ___________20 miles away.5-A. Does/ Do your co-workers___________their e-mail on the weekends?B No. But they ______their e-mails on weekdays. VIII COMPLETE GINA’S LETTER WITH THE CORRECT FORM OF THE VERBS. (12 pts) Hi Richard!Guess what! I ____( get) a new job. In a local store. It ___ ( be) so cool.My sister and I _____( have) to get up so early to _____(take ) the bus on time.My co-worker is so nice but she _________( not/ talk) a lot.She is very quiet. She __________(listen) to the radio all day. And _____(sing) but she __________ ( not/ have) very good voice. And I _______( not/ want) to tell her. I really enjoy being there. My sister ______( have) lunchwith us because she ______(work) near me.And What about you? I will wait for your answer .Maybe I will go to Paris next week. So I _______(call) you !!!Take care Big hugsGina IX WRITE TRUE SENTENCES ABOUT WHAT YOU DO AND WHAT YOU DON’T DO DURINGTHE WEEK. USE TIME EXPRESSIONS. (8 pts)a)What do you do?  1_____________________________________________________________ 2_____________________________________________________________ 3_____________________________________________________________ 4_____________________________________________________________  b)What you don’t do? 1___________________________________________________________ 2___________________________________________________________ 3___________________________________________________________ 4___________________________________________________________ 
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