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Reforming Society. Chapter 6.2. Setting The Stage. As urban population increased, Cities struggled to provide garbage Collection, safe and affordable Housing, health care, police and Fire protection, and public education. Cleaning up the city. ½ of all Americans lived in urban areas.
Reforming SocietyChapter 6.2Setting The StageAs urban population increased, Cities struggled to provide garbageCollection, safe and affordable Housing, health care, police and Fire protection, and public educationCleaning up the city½ of all Americans lived in urban areas
  • Cities were often very crowded, dirty,
  • and lacked fresh water and air
  • Laws were put into place on number
  • of parks and playgrounds a city must
  • have
  • Progressives believed that cleaned
  • up cities would produce better
  • citizens
  • -building codes-sanitation standards-zoningMoral Reform
  • Progressive also wanted to clean up
  • what they considered immoral
  • behavior
  • -Progressives believed that alcohol was related to increasing poverty, crimes, and violencePair ShareDo you think that alcohol use or abuse leads to immoral activity? Do you think it leads to poverty, crimes, or violence? Why or why not? They called for prohibition-a ban on the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beveragesPair SharePredict—What do you think will happen when prohibition is enacted?CarryNationDuring World War I, prohibitionist drew on Americans patriotic sacrifice-U.S. Navy banned the consumption of alcohol in 1914-”If liquor is a bad thing for the boys in the trenches, why is it good thing for those at home.”1919- 18th amendment- barred the
  • sale, manufacture, and distribution
  • of alcoholic beverages in the U.S.
  • Pair ShareDo you think that government should decide what we do with our own life? Do you think government has the authority to make alcohol or drugs illegal? Why or Why not? Libertarian? Prohibition VideoBarrels ofBeer areaxedBootlegger car crashesElliot NessAl Capone“Untouchables”Pair ShareExplain how Prohibition leads to organized crime. Al Capone--VideoOrganized Crime--Story of Usrepealed in 1933, difficult to
  • enforce and unpopular
  • Going to the Movies
  • 1st movie to come out- The Great
  • Train Robbery-1903
  • By 1910, millions of Americans
  • were going to the movies each week
  • By 1916, films were the 5th largest
  • U.S. industry
  • To the urban poor, a 5 or 10 cent
  • movie ticket bought a movie house
  • (called nickelodeons) offered a cheap
  • readily available form of entertainment
  • However the progressives believed
  • that movie houses were immoral and
  • Sources of temptation
  • 1909- the movie industry began to censor itselfWoman’s Suffrage
  • Elisabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony the NWSA—National Woman’s Suffrage Association. Later the merge with another organization and form the NAWSA—National American Woman Suffrage Association.
  • Susan B. Anthony was also arrested for voting on election day in New York before the 19th amendment was passed.
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