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1. RENAISSANCE Travel Guide to Renaissance Period Europe. It changed some of the learn in Italy and there are lots Renaissance is a French word people’s point of view…
  • 1. RENAISSANCE Travel Guide to Renaissance Period Europe. It changed some of the learn in Italy and there are lots Renaissance is a French word people’s point of view of things. It of things to see. Italy is a good and it means ‘Rebirth’. It’s a revolved a lot more towards region place to go sightseeing. There are strange name for a period of and god. Some other people began some cool stuff to look and much history. The main thing that to hate god and question him. other good stuff to learn. People in caused the Renaissance was the Italy is a good place to visit Italy are very friendly and there black plague. The black plague because there are lots of stuffs to are many famous people. killed to one half of the people in 1
  • 2. R E N A I S S A N C E TA B LE O F C O N T E N T S 1. B RIEF I N TR O DU C T I ON TO R E NA I S S A N C E P E R I O D 2. TA B L E O F CON T E N T S 3. A M A P O F R E NA I S S A N C E 4. IN T R O D U C T I ON 5. W H IC H C I T I E S TO V I S I T 6. H OW TO G E T A R O U N D 7. LO C A L C U STO M S A N D M A N N E R S 8. W H AT TO W E A R 9. WH AT TO SE E A N D D O 10. W HE R E TO STAY ( P R OV I D E D A S S A M P L E ) 11. W H E R E TO E AT 12. H OW TO STAY SA F E A N D H E A LT H Y 13. WH O ’ S WH O I N R E NA I S S A N C E E U R O P E 14. B I BL I O G R A P H Y 2
  • 3. RENAISSANCE A MAP OF ITALY IN RENAISSANCE visit. You can visit these This is a map of Italy. This is countries and I will explain drawn by an Italian person. As about these three cities later. you all can see, Italy is in the There are lots of cities in Italy map at the middle. The capital but I prefer people to visit of Italy is Rome and it is Florence, Venice and Rome marked with a star. We don’t when they come to visit our have much colored paints. As country. There are lots of you can see in the map, there is exciting and cool things to do Florence, Venice and Rome. and I hope people can enjoy These three cities are the most their time in Italy. exciting and fantastic places to 3
  • 4. RENAISSANCE ITALY ~~WELCOME TO ITALY~~ The city you are going to visit is Italy. Welcome to Italy and I will introduce you guys to Italy. Italy is a wonderful city filled with lots of painters, musicians and other occupations. People say that there is nothing to do in Italy, but people misunderstood because, Italy is a great beautiful city that lots of people enjoy. Now I am going to introduce the fun things to do in Italy and other things you can do when you visit Italy. Firstly, there are lots of cities in Italy and there are good cities to visit, which are Florence, Rome and Venice. These three cities can be the most exciting place. Rome is the capital city of Italy and you can do and see lots of things in Rome. There are several paintings painted by the famous artists. There are galleries and people like to visit those galleries because there are lots of good paintings. People enjoy sightseeing in Italy and enjoy being in Italy. The travel guide helps you to know better things about Italy and it might help you to lead the way inside Italy. Travel guide is always there to lead the way and help you every time. NOTICE You are now visiting Italy and it will be fun to guide you guys through Italy. There are lots of things to watch, do and play. Italy is not a boring city but it is very fun. Italy is not big nor small. Italy became a very important ‘trade center city’ for Europe and the Middle East, and trade brought wealth and ideas to its country. It is kind of important to learn the cultures from the other countries. Not all the culture are same, but there are some differences. Different culture have different ways of living and doing different things such as manners and customs. 4
  • 5. RENAISSANCE INTERESTING CITIES TO VISIT CITIES TO VISIT IN THE RENAISSANCE TIME One of the most famous cities to Venice. Not only Florence is a good famous artists that painted lots of country to visit, but also Rome and paintings in Rome. Throughout the visit in the Renaissance time is Venice are cities which people could city of Rome, the shops in Rome is very Florence Italy. Visiting Florence Italy visit when they come to Italy. Rome is fashionable and decorative. Its very means meeting the great works done the capital city of Italy and is the decorative that it is eye catching for by the famous artists, Leonardo Da country’s largest and most populated most of the visitors that come to shops Vinci, Michelangelo, and all the other place. In Rome, there are not less of Rome. Venice is also a good place to artists who filled the city with paintings painted by the famous visit. Just like Florence, Venice is a beautiful buildings, statues and many artists. If people go to Rome and visit Republic country. There are hundreds other paintings. Although many the art gallery called Borghese of ceremonies in Venice every year people don’t like art, this is a city that Gallery, and this gallery includes and visitors like to visit Venice. There people should visit when traveling major works by Raphael, Rubens, are lots of musicians and they can play through Italy. There are lots more Titian, Caravaggio, Bernini, Antonello good songs and it might be helpful to cities to visit which are Rome, and da Messina and Canova. They are the people who likes to listen to music a lot. 5
  • 6. RENAISSANCE TRANSPORTATION LAND TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION & IN ITALY WATER TRAVEL IN ITALY For many of the people during the Renaissance period, Merchants, soldiers, students and pilgrims were the most traveling by land was limited to the local fair or farmer’s market. likely to use sea to travel during the Renaissance. As trading and Lot of peasants didn’t have enough time, resources or reasons to exploring expanded during the Renaissance, traveling through seas became more popular. There was some danger traveling by travel for far distance from their homes or farms. It was not easy ship because the storms could easily sink a ship and pirates can for that time to travel in the Renaissance. Roads were very bumpy always cause problems. and rocky than pathways and it was very dangerous because there were kidnappers and thieves waiting for the people that are traveling. In certain parts of Western Europe, water travel was so popular that people use water traveling many times. Traveling by The transportation they used were horses, pack mules, water is faster and effective than traveling by land. However, if a wagons and for the wealthy, coaches. One of the most common ways canal boats were trying to travel against the current, it could take to get around on land was on foot and this was usually the most about three times as long then going downstream. Payments effective way in that time. Wagons and carts were slow and along the river or canal would slower the travel even more, if there were lines at the crossing. Although traveling by river is a effective unmanageable. The fastest way to travel was to ride on horse but way but it was not always reliable, either. In dry times, water horses were for traveling far distances and they would need a fresh, levels could drop too low for barges and boats. strong and a fit horse to travel far distances, which was about 12
  • 7. RENAISSANCE LOCAL CUSTOMS AND MANNERS There are manners to think about when we eat with our families or other customers. In the past few years time, people were eating with their hands and diners were shared communal dishes. Many years have past quickly and we developed our ways of eating. We now have a fork, a spoon and a knife. The rich people can have lots of food but the people who are not that rich has to eat a loaf of bread for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the past times, people didn’t have any table manners at all but we now have table manners that we have to follow when eating. Table manners are important during eating time. One of the manners is that people shouldn’t burp at the table. When we finish our dish and start to get full, people start burping everywhere but burping was not aloud. Burping in front of families or customers is a bad manner showing to the family or the customer. Another table manner is no spitting across the table. If people start spitting all over the place, it will get dirty and spitting shows bad manner of that people. Spitting is not an appropriate thing to do. We have to be careful of manners during meals. We have these sauce kind of thing nowadays. We might eat something that we have to dip meat inside. For example, ketchup, salt and other type of thing. In our times, dipping meat or any other stuff directly into the salt dish is not an appropriate thing to do. Picking ones teeth in front of the people is inappropriate. We pick our teeth with fingers when something is stuck between ones teeth. It happens when we eat kind of food like meat, and other things that cause the teeth. If a piece of meat is stuck between a tooth and a tooth, we should take it out using our fingers. Picking ones teeth in front of the table is showing bad manners. It could also mean that they are kind of bored and maybe the food was not so delicious. These bad manners is not aloud. There is another type of manner. Keeping breakfast, lunch or dinner time is very important. We must tell the reason if someone is late. It is very important to tell the reasons why someone is late for meals and tell the situation of that person. Slavery: Slaves are still being used. They are mainly used in a house, working, for example cleaners, maids and cooks and they do house work. Cleaning tables, washing clothes, cook food and so on... Social Class: There are total of five classes. The top class was the old aristocrat and a wholesaler. Below them, are the rich businessmen and bankers. Below the rich people, not as rich as businessmen and bankers are there. Below them are the poor people. In the end, there are slaves. Slaves are at the bottom. [7]
  • 8. RENAISSANCE CLOTHING IN ITALY Men in the Renaissance Age commonly wore boots, pants, shirt, and a vest and a hat. Women in the Renaissance Age wore shoes, an over and under skirt, a shirt, a bodice and a hat or a snood. They more often pigtailed their long hair. Wreathe were a mark of beauty to the women. The adults would give the children what they wore when they were their age. During the Renaissance, it was believed that clothes were such an important treasure. The high people who earn lots of money would spend all their money on the clothes they wear. The women had well decorated their dresses. CLOTHING IN RENAISSANCE The rich people wore fabrics such as velvet, satin and cotton, whereas the poor people wore flannel and other cheaply available fabrics. It is surprising for people these days that some how cotton were expected as a rich person’s clothing. The cotton was imported from India and America. During the Renaissance, it was believed that clothes were such an important treasure. The high people who earn lots of money would spend all their money on the clothes they wear. The women had well decorated their dresses. This is Italian clothes. The woman in the left is Italian Woman Dress and the man in the right is Italian Man Clothes. [8]
  • 10. RENAISSANCE WHAT TO SEE AND DO ART: There are several stuff to do when you come to Italy. When you come to Italy, the most important thing that you have to see is the Italian paintings. There are many artists in Italy that has painted for so long and they are in Florence, Venice and Rome. They are all over around the country. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the great painters in the world. He is now painting. He has thought of many ideas to paint and sketched on the paper. It is the planning of the painting. Leonardo Da Vinci was the person who painted the Monna Lisa and The Last Supper. (there are more). There are lots of stuff to enjoy and watch and do. There are various kinds of famous people. For example, Galileo Galilei, he is called a “father of the modern anatomy”. He designed and made telescopes. Another person is Raphael to give an example. Raphael Sanzio is a painter as well. There are lots of painters in Italy. Raphael has painted pictures and drew lots of them. It is fun to visit Italy and there are not less stuff to enjoy. 10
  • 11. RENAISSANCE PLACES TO STAY Private homes Out in the countryside, there are lots of inns. Inns can be few and far between, so people have to probably spend at least one night in a stranger’s home. But you don’t have to worry about it because many strangers and people welcome guest who share rooms with them. The towering pile in front of the house is the dug heap. But don’t expect comfort inside the large house, because it is made of wood, mud and thatch. When you are inside, you can see that the house is big because of its barn, too. Many animals like pigs, chickens, and even cattle share the cold, dark, smelly spaces. The place where we storage corn, straw, and hay are also inside the house. There is one room inside the house and the family lives in a single room. When it is time for them to sleep, kids, grandparents, mom and pop crawl into one big bed. This is the Italian Inn and lots of people stay in Inn. Families and other relatives stay in here but they have to crawl all together in a small inn because there are so much people. 11
  • 12. RENAISSANCE WHAT TO EAT AND DRINK There are lots of foods that Italian people enjoy. Italian food is as treated and complicated. The dishes are carefully prepared to please the head and the eye of the house. Italian soups are very rich and very expensive. Some of the families cannot afford it. And in order to make the head and the eye delighted, we have to generally make various colors of soups and we have to sweeten the sugar. There are lots of ingredients added into the soup, such as marjoram, sage, thyme, sweet basil and savory. The soups are resplendence and soups are taken instead of sweets. Italian roasts are popular to many people as well. The sirloin of beef is one of the most common foods in Italy. The method of preparing roasts, while resembling the present system, vary from boiling the strong meats first then the roast was minutely basted with orange juice and rose water and protected with sweet sugar and powdered spices. A salad or something else was never brought to table in its natural circumstances. Salad has lots of mixtures and it is mixed with cooked vegetables, and the crest, livers, and even brains of poultry. The taste of the salad depends on the recipe. it can taste very different. After eating salad, fish was severed next, which were fried and it was sometimes sliced with eggs. There are lots of food in italy and people like to enjoy eating Italian food. Italians like everything to be sweet. An Italian people like sweet beverages. Italian people usually drink wine, spices, fruit, soft drinks and generous amounts of sugar or honey for sweetening. They like sweets so much that they’d like everything to be sweet. The Italian also made the silver wines with gold potential and they enjoy drinking them. There are many kinds of Italian wine and grape wine is very popular in Italy. Grape wine tastes very good and its smell allures because it is too good. Italian people like to gather with friends and families and drink wines, spices, fruit and soft drinks whatever. Furthermore, they have invented and discovered a new recipe for making soft drinks. Not only Italians like to drink wine, but they also like to drink soft drinks and they want the soft drinks to be sweet because they like everything to be sweet. 12
  • 13. RENAISSANCE HOW TO STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY No matter where you travel, you always have to keep in mind of safety. Larger cities have a big problem in safety because there are lots of bandits and rubbers trying to steal things from your bag or from your pocket. There is a large amount of skilled thieves in the street. You have to keep in mind that the wallet of yours should be hidden and be kept safe. Always put your back close to you and never let the thieves take your stuff. You always have to think about thefts. Thieves tend to work together in a group and which means that they get skilled abilities to steal stuff from your pocket or from your bag. They are cooperate and they can snatch your stuff very quickly. People also have to take care of health in Italy. We need to know what kind of food we eat and how healthy the food is. There are certain food that are unhealthy for you. For example, pizza, hamburgers, soft drinks and other things. Not only there are unhealthy food, but there are also unhealthy beverages. Lots of unhealthy beverages are made by certain people and those beverages are taken by people. In order to stay healthy, we need to drink clean and pure water. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are considered safe to eat. Diseases and Dangers The black death happened in the end of the middle ages and it has affected the whole society. Black death had killed lots of people during the middle ages, and the people later on, were more interested in medicine and developed the medicine technology. Crusades The war that had affected Italy was the crusade. The main reason why this war affected Italy is that this war started of the pope, who had the strongest and biggest power in the time of the middle ages. However, the war had failed and lots of people lost their conviction to church and changed their minds to be focusing on humans, not the church. 13
  • 14. RENAISSANCE FAMOUS PEOPLE IN ITALY One of the most famous people in Italy is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (full name) but he is more commonly known as Michelangelo. Michelangelo is a painter, sculptor, architect and a poet. Michelangelo likes to paint and draw things on a paper. Even his teachers were very proud of Michelangelo. Michelangelo produced many famous art works, such as the mural on Sistine Chapel’s ceiling and the very well-known statue of David. He has painted and produced fair amount of work. Michelangelo was talented and he used to write a large sequence of poems but mostly he spent his time in painting. Another person is Leonardo da Vinci also known as the endeavors of the world painters. Leonardo da Vinci is also a very forward thinking inventor and a scientist. He sketches and and ideas brought much to the areas of astronomy, aviation, hydro technology and anatomy. He created the Madonna Lisa, Madonna of the Rocs, The Last Supper. Not only these are his artworks, but there are also a lot of them. 14
  • 15. RENAISSANCE FAMOUS PEOPLE IN ITALY (CONTINUED) Galileo Galilei, is the world contributor to our understanding of the Solar System. Galileo Galilei is also known as the ‘father of modern astronomy’ and he is also known for his well documented and organized arguments with the Roman Catholic church over the orbit of the Earth. Galileo Galilei made certain telescopes that can be used in our lives. He had many improvements on it. And he was a well known astronomer in Italy. ‘Medici’ is the name of a great ruling family in Florence. Lorenzo, is the magnificent and he was the most famous Medici. Lorenzo is the son of Pietro I Medici and grandson of Cosimo de’ Medici. Florence was one of the most powerful states in Italy and led it to its highest flowering. Many artists worked under Lorenzo de Medici including Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Lorenzo de Medici treated the artists under his protection with respect, care and warm-hearted familiarity. 15
  • 16. R E N A I S S A N C E BIBLIOGRAPHY Renaissance Clothing. Web. 20 Sep. 2009. <>. “venice italy.” 20 Sep. 2009 < programme/tours/ >. “ Backgrounds to the Italian Renaissance.” Washington State University - P
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