Restaurant Marketing with Repeat Returns

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Description Repeat Returns is an automated, push-button restaurant marketing program that will generate more revenue without spending more money on advertising.
  • 1. You Will Have HigherSales <br />Within 90 Days Guaranteed – <br />Or You Pay Nothing<br />
  • 2. Sales<br />$12,000 a month to…<br />Restaurant…<br />A Month…<br />Watch the Video at<br />
  • 3. Repeat Visits<br />Boost <br />Slow Days<br />Target <br />Marketing<br />Build Sales<br />Now!<br />Make $ with<br />Fundraisers<br />Rapid Referrals<br />Push-Button <br />Marketing<br />Watch the Video at<br />
  • 4. <ul><li>Your own customers are 700% more likely to pay you a visit
  • 5. Mass advertising is enormously wasteful
  • 6. Constant discounts destroy profits</li></ul>Watch the Video at<br />
  • 7. The Power of One More Visit…<br />2 X $15 = $30<br />3 X $15 = $45<br />
  • 8. Why It Works…<br />(94%)<br />
  • 9. Repeat Visits…<br />Watch the Video at<br /><br />
  • 10. Explode Sales on Your Slowest Night…<br />Double Points Promotion…<br />
  • 11. Profit From Community Involvement…<br /><ul><li>Community Groups
  • 12. Boy/Girl Scouts
  • 13. Churches
  • 14. Schools
  • 15. Fund Raiser</li></li></ul><li>Neutralize Competitors…<br />Push Button Marketing…<br />
  • 16. Supercharge Customer Counts…<br />Automatically generate a steady stream of new customers each month by empowering and rewarding members for referring friends and family… <br />
  • 17. Targeted Marketing – Made Simple…<br />Spend<br />Money<br />Earn<br />Points<br />Buy One<br />Get One<br />FREE!<br />Buy One<br />Get One<br />FREE!<br />Your Customer<br />Competitor’s Customer<br />Watch the Video at<br />
  • 18. Finally – Smart Marketing…<br />
  • 19. Gift Card Sales Are Soaring…<br />Gift Card<br />One Card<br />Loyalty Card<br />
  • 20. More Benefits…<br />Bilingual…<br />Click For Rewards…<br />Swipe & Win Sweepstakes…<br />
  • 21. Stop Problems – Before They Stop You…<br />
  • 22. Multi-Channel Communication…<br />Direct Mail<br />Text Messaging<br />In-Box<br />Optional…<br />Optional…<br />
  • 23. Your Choice…<br />Points<br />Rewards<br />Offers<br />Insider Benefits<br />Appreciation<br />Reasons to Return<br />Stays in Touch<br />Special Perks<br />Promotions<br />Rewards<br />Points<br />Restaurant “A”<br />Restaurant “B”<br />
  • 24. Simple and easy to use…<br /><ul><li>Compatible w/most POS
  • 25. Laptop with internet access
  • 26. Low-cost data terminal</li></ul>Customer service will help you choose the option that’s best for you…<br />Watch the Video at<br />
  • 27. It Couldn’t Be Any Easier…<br />1<br />Enroll Customers<br />2<br />3<br />Accept Their Cards<br />We Do The Rest<br />
  • 28. Your Own Marketing Team…<br />
  • 29. GUARANTEED<br />You Will Have HigherSales <br />Within 90 Days Guaranteed – <br />Or You Pay Nothing<br />
  • 30. The program has been easy to implement… my customers are excited by the program, and signing up members is a piece of cake. I am excited because, in a short period of time, I am seeing an increase in order frequency, average check… <br />I would heartily recommend Loyalty Lock to any operator who wants to build their sales in a very cost effective program. Craig Farrington, Wrap Shak Inc.<br />Success<br />I do not have a POS system so it was impossible to track my customers. I had no idea how often they came in or how much they spent. Loyalty Lock provided the perfect solution to my problem. <br />My weekly sales before joining Loyalty Lock were about $5,000… My weekly sales now, are $7,500 - $8,000… My ticket average was in the $10.00 range… now we’re at $13.13…<br />Tony Ramundo, Ohio<br />Sales are up a whopping 35% since starting the program… customers are enrolling every day… we are seeing recurring repeat sales… and our ticket averages are a lot higher…<br />Sean Rowe, Atlanta GA<br />Success<br />
  • 31. 280% Higher Sales<br />53% Higher Compound Growth<br />300% Higher<br />Customer Retention<br />Companies With Loyalty… vs. Without…<br />Over 5 Years<br />
  • 32. Is This Program Right For You?<br /><ul><li>I really can’t handle any more business
  • 33. No issues – I can handle a sales increase
  • 34. I will not enroll 3-4 customers a day
  • 35. I will enroll a minimum 3-4 customers a day
  • 36. I am financially troubled right now
  • 37. My restaurant is well-run and financially viable</li></ul>Watch the Video at<br />
  • 38. Safe, Steady, Reliable Sales Increase…<br />90 Day<br />Success<br />Plan<br />
  • 39. It’s FREE & Easy to Get Started…<br />Pays For Itself<br />No Contracts<br />No Risk…<br />YES!<br />I Want To Start Building My Sales Now…<br />
  • 40. Watch the Video at<br />
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