Review for Middle east exam and CBA #3

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Review for Middle east exam and CBA #3. Remember the conquest Diagram. Islam is major religion. Authoritarian government. Conquests. Poorly Developed Economies. !!! Remember that the people that conquer other areas FORCE their beliefs on the people they conquer!!!!.
Review for Middle east exam and CBA #3Remember the conquest DiagramIslam is major religionAuthoritarian governmentConquestsPoorly DevelopedEconomies!!! Remember that the people that conquer other areas FORCE their beliefs on the people they conquer!!!!Israel was created by the United Nations to be a homeland for the Jewish people in 1948.The city of Jerusalem is divided into 4 zones because four religions consider it a holy site for their religions.Notes on Israel The Middle east has more oil reserves than anywhere else in the world!!! When oil exports go down from the Middle East, the prices go UP!Suez Canal is a land bridge that linked the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.Suez canalFloods yearly depositing silt (deposits of rich nutrients) on its banksFarmers are able to plant their crops in this area and get a BIG harvest from their cropsThe rapids and waterfalls along the Nile River kept Egyptians from traveling and influencing their southern neighbors.Egypt’s nile river Has numerous desertsAgriculture is significantly limitedThe middle EastThe rich are VERY, VERY rich BUT the poor and middle classes have limited opportunity to gain any wealth.Because of the oil in the Middle eastYou NEED to know…..
  • Turkey and Israel are democracies
  • Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy
  • Jordan and Saudi Arabia both have similar heads of state (monarchy/king)
  • Libya is ruled by a dictator
  • MEN ARE IN CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIESGovernments in the middle eastQatar’s Constitution states that citizens have the right to an education and the duty to defend the country.The Constitution of Turkey states that the citizens of Turkey may vote in elections, join political parties and run for political office.According to the Constitutions of the U.S. and Bahrain both state that the citizens have the right to communicate with government officials.The constitution of middle east countriesIslam began in Mecca, Saudi ArabiaMuslims conquered Southwest Asia and North AfricaThey forced the conquered people to follow their beliefsTheir holy book, the Quran, is written in ArabicEveryone had to learn their language in order to participate in the religionThey share a similar history because of the conquest and the desertsAncient Babylon is in the current city of Iran.Mesopotamia was in the country of Iraq.The middle east (Southwest Asia and north Africa)Five Pillars of Faith
  • Only one God (Allah)
  • Pray five specific times a day (called to prayer from the towers of the mosques)
  • Giving charity to others
  • Fasting during Ramadan (a 30 day fast where followers do not eat or drink from sun up to sundown)
  • Making the Hajj (journey to) Mecca to honor the holy place
  • islamIslam – (Muslim)
  • Ramadan is a month of fasting
  • Prayer 5 times a day (people plan their lives around the times to pray)
  • Almost all countries of Middle East are Islamic
  • Judaism – (Jewish)
  • Holy Day – Yom Kippur is a day of atonement or forgiveness
  • Israel is the only Jewish country in the Middle East
  • Religions of the Middle eastThe Morocco Pavilion is sponsored by the country of Morocco. This is an example of cooperation of two cultures.Disney EPCOT theme parkThe Egypt Revolution began because people were tired of political oppression from the government of Egypt. Citizens used the Internet, social media (such as twitter and facebook) and their mobile phones to protest.The government shut down the Internet.People used their cell phones to communicate during the revolt.Protesters used their cell phones to record the events once the Internet was shut down.Egyptian RevolutionMuslims have mosquesChristians have churchesJewish have synagoguesBuddhists have temples (remember Angkor Wat)Religious informationIndia’s major religion is HinduBangladesh’s major religion is IslamMyanmar is a military junta government which restricts the rights of the citizensThailand is a constitutional monarchy that has experienced a lot of industrializationTsunamis are devastating waves that flood countries and cause floodingBhutan is a small mountainous country between India and ChinaRemember Pacific Ring of Fire is a ring of volcanic activity that causes tsunamis and earthquakesSoutheast Asia InfoUnlimited forms of governments include:
  • Communism, monarchies, dictators, Sultan, Emir (these last two were mostly in North Africa and SW Asia), Feudalism, authoritarian
  • Limited forms of governments include:
  • Republic, democracy, constitutional monarchy
  • Other “stuff” to rememberChina’s economy has changed from command to mixed.Communist governments usually have command economies (meaning that the government “commands” everything that happens with the economy)We have a market or free enterprise economy (meaning that the market {people buying goods} determine what happens with the economy by purchasing or not purchasing items)More Other “Stuff” to RememberNicholas II was the last czar of RussiaVladimir Lenin was the one who brought communism to Russia and was the leader of the BolsheviksJosef Stalin was the second leader of RussiaRussia excels in and shares different types of music and art with other countriesFactors that define culture: Customs, belief, language, religion, music, architecture, foodExtra More other “Stuff”
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