Rise of Nazi Germany and Beginning of World

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nazi germany
  Hitler and the Rise of  Nazi Germany Spodek: 687-690  Why the Nazis could rise topower in Germany  Defeat in World War I  Versailles Treaty — England and France “StabbedGermany in the Back”    Great Depression: HighEmployment, Low Profits,People Lose Savings  German Military Tradition:Frederick the Great — Prussia; Otto VonBismarck — Unified Germany;Luddendorf; Hindenburg  Anti-Semitism — Jews as Scapegoats: “Had all the jobs”; “Controlled Politics”;“Had all the money” (None of the above was true but it didn’t matter)    Adolph Hitler  Emblematic of GermanProblem:  Only success came inwar — won a minor medal  Believed that Germany  ―stabbed in the back‖     Germany should have wonthe war  Unemployed after thewar — no jobs  Couldn’t get into art school — claimed only Jewsgot in. He had no artistictalent  Formed a paramilitarygroup to substitute forGermany Army — NationalSocialists  Adolph Hitler (continued)  Hitler promised Germans:  Stability  Jobs  To be Proud Again  To Reverse the Versailles Treaty  To End ―Weak‖ Democracy    To ―Get Rid of‖ the Jews    Lebenstraum —    ―Living Space forGermans‖   
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