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my group. Anthony, Mary and Charlie
  Day timeor night scene shot Shot numberDialogue action whereDay time Scene 1 ELS 1 Actor:A group of friendsmeet up.Hi how Are you?They Reply goodHow are you?And go to theirclasses at college.Before the newsite is createdeverythingseems all fine.Just a few goodfriends meet upat college.CorridorDay time Scene 2 Mid shot 2 A student signsinto a computer todo some work but sees a sight that catches there eyeand signs up to it A new site iscreatedA student comesto do work andsees the site.library  Day time Scene 3 Long shot 3 Everyone hearsabout the site andjoins it out of interest then it getsall over the worldand it becomes ahuge success.Everyone See’s the site and decides to join it then it becomesa success.libraryDay time Scene 4 Close up 4 Close up of Actorsface EmmaA close up of actor who hasbeen taken overby the site.libraryDay time Scene 5 Mediumshot 5 In the room next to Tanya’s we will do the news report about the sitebeing bad. Also don’t sign up to it no matterwhat it will be thedeath of you.We will do anews report about the site in room… .  In the scene it will be like anews report.DB234Day time Scene 6 Close up 6 News reporter getsscared as we do aclose up and shesays do not use thesite even if you want to don’t as it  will be the end of your life.We will do aclose up as it creates thetension for ourtrailer.DB234   Day time Scene 7 Long shot 7 We will do a longshot of the affectedpeople on thecomputers.We will showhow the site hasaffected so manypeople by doinga long shot.libraryDay time Scene 8 Long shot 8 We will do anotherone of the actorslooking at the site.We will show allthe actors on thesite.library  Day time ornight Scene Shot no shot dialogue Action WhereDay 9 9 Mediumclose upPeople aremorehooked themore theyhere andsign up tothe site.The humanrace aregettinghookedmore eachtime theystart as anewmemberon thesight.LibraryDay 10 10 Close up A close up of Emma’s face showsthe effect of the siteClose up of actors faceto showthe effect the site ishaving.LibraryDay 11 11 Close up A close upof the actorlookingmorbid(Dead)We willhaveanotherclose up toshow theeffects thehumanbody takeby usingthe site.LibraryDay 12 12 Close up Looks deadand pale asan effect of the site asthecomputersThe effect of the siteis gettingworse.library
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