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Service-learning ExperienceBy: Maricela Castro Wee ReadI went to the Wee Read for my field experience at the Central Library. Wee Read helps children to explore in an…
Service-learning ExperienceBy: Maricela Castro Wee Read
  • I went to the Wee Read for my field experience at the Central Library.
  • Wee Read helps children to explore in an environment that nurtures and stimulates them with a wide variety of experiences that will help them with language acquisition and pre-literacy skills.
  • The songs were very helpful for the children because this helped them learn rhythm and repetition.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comThe Learning Zone
  • This was the first time I went to the Learning Zone.
  • Heunderstood what I was saying but he didn’t know how to speak back to me in English.
  • The concept that I can apply to the field from class is to teach ELL’s their native language first in order for them to acquire the second language with more ease.
  • Does a paperclip float or sink in water or in soap?
  • powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comWee Read
  • Kim read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
  • I’ve noticed that I’m becoming better at observing children.
  • It is essential that they are being read to in order to attain language.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comThe Learning Zone
  • After he finished his math homework, he began reading Harry Potter the first book.
  • He can speak English fluently.
  • We are learning something new every day!
  • I will try to apply the best learning strategy for my students.
  • powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comThe Library
  • She began working on a math worksheet; it consisted of adding money.
  • I learned that children can be at different levels in their writing skills.
  • They need to be read to in order to be in a print rich environment.
  • 9₵+3₵ =12 ₵ powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comThe Library
  • It was amazing to see how excited she was to learn how to write her name in cursive.
  • How do we get them interested in their native language?
  • When students are interested in something, they will be more motivated and enthusiastic in learning it.
  • An emergent writer is a concept from class that really resonates in these field experiences because there are children in all levels of writing.
  • powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comWee Read
  • Estefania led her lesson on colors.
  • She read the book, Cat’s Colors by Jane Cabrera.
  • We will be alone one day in our classroom and for this reason I think that it is essential that we are gaining experience by practicing it.
  • This experience has enhanced my understanding of specific course outcomes by learning how to approach children effectively.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comWee Read is Amazing!
  • This time it was Liliana’s and my turn to lead the Wee Read.
  • Our theme was the alphabet.
  • The books we chose to read were The Alphabet/El alfabeto by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza andChickaChicka Boom Boomby Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault.
  • The little girl was repeating everything I said.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comWee Read Activities
  • We sang a song, “If You’ve Got a Special Letter” in the tune of “If Your Happy and You Know it,” while we said every child’s name.
  • The children were smiling and clapping while they sang this song.
  • The “Apple Boogie” in the tune of “The Hokey Pokey.”
  • They were given a picture of an apple glued to a green stick to use as prompt for the song.
  • The activity consisted of pasting the letter on one side of the circle and the picture that corresponded with that letter on the other side.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comWee Read
  • This was an unforgettable experience because I was able to live through the process of planning and performing our lesson.
  • Modeling to children is very important because theylearn a lot from it.
  • I will implement lessons that will include all of the multiple intelligences to reach every students needs.
  • Free powerpoint template: Library
  • She was looking very closely atthe pictures; they helped her a lot on figuring out and comprehending what the story was about.
  • She talked about the book with me and asked questions about it.
  • I learned how different children react to read aloud.
  • I have learned to appreciate mentorsmore because they are very helpful in giving us guidance.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comService Learning Experience
  • I learned that I am capable of making a difference in children’s lives.
  • We are all unique and one of a kind!
  • I have learned how to appreciate every child because they all need us to guide them into the correct path of becoming successful in life.
  • I have better understood how essential modeling is to children.
  • Second language acquisition for ELL’s is better learned through knowing their first language first.
  • I love working with children because it’s amazing seeing how they develop their knowledge over time.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comReading aloud will help children build and expand their literacy skills.
  • We are helping our children become emergent readers; they learn that books have a meaning and purpose.
  • They learn new vocabulary from books that will help them in developing their language acquisition.
  • In the Wee Read young children, ages 1-5, rely on adults modeling.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comI tutored a second grade student; I learned how to gain her confidence and as a result she is very open-minded with me.
  • When her affective filter is low, she will be able to learn more.
  • This service-learning experience has helped me grow and develop in my profession; it has helped me become well prepared for my future teaching.
  • I appreciate everyone that gives me guidance in order to build effective strategies in the classroom.
  • Free powerpoint template: www.brainybetty.comIn the FutureI will make a fun, safe, and comfortable environment! Free powerpoint template:
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