shabbaton -9 december parshat vayeshev

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‫בס”ד‬ 9 December 2017 – 21 Kislev 5778 Parshat Vayeshev ShabbatON Kabbalat Shabbat: 3.37pm Shabbat Ends: 4.46pm Mazel Tov to Abbie & Mark Mazel Tov to Marilyn & Jonathan Silverman on the occasion of Warren on the birth of thei
    Mazel Tov to  Abbie & Mark Silverman  on the occasion of Thomas’  Bar Mitzvah. We also wish Mazel Tov to  Thomas  and grandparents Brenda & Warren Silverman and   Viv & Alan Field.    Abbie & Mark  invite the community to this week’s Shabbat kiddush.   The Kiddush and Kitchen Committees reminds the community that it cannot take responsibility that the food provided is allergy free. Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) points For parents/carers collecting CRP points please note that there are only 5 more weeks for points to be collected for 2018 admissions. Last CRP date is 6 January, 2018.   Mazel Tov to Marilyn & Jonathan Warren  on the birth of their granddaughter, Lottie Millie. We also wish Mazel Tov to parents Sarah & Nicholas Warren, to grandparents Evanne & Elliot Baker and to great-grandparents Audrey & Reginald Davis and Terri &  Andrew Levi.    And a big Mazel Tov to big sister Phoebe.   Mazel Tov to Daniel Morris  who has been chosen by Camden Business Awards, sponsored by University College London, as Young Entrepreneur of the year.  SHABBAT CHANUKAH 16 December Please note that the Shabbat service on Shabbat Chanukah will commence at 9am.   ”   9 December 2017 –   21 Kislev 5778 Parshat Vayeshev ShabbatON Kabbalat Shabbat: 3.37pm Shabbat Ends: 4.46pm      Vayeshev will be familiar to many people as part of the story of Joseph, famously re-imagined by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. Vayeshev is the srcinal version of events! Joseph had 12 brothers and famously was his father  ’ s favourite. When he was 17, his father gave him a striped coat of many colours which made his brothers extremely jealous. The brothers’ anger only increased as Joseph started to tell stories of his dreams in which 11 stars, the sun and moon bowed down to his star. If that was not enough, 11 bushels of wheat bowed to his. His brothers took the drastic step of throwing him into a pit. However, instead of killing him, they chose to sell him to passing traders who took him to Egypt. Joseph was sold to be a slave in the house of a rich man called Potiphar. Joseph worked had and rose to become the chief slave in charge of the household. However, he had a problem with Potiphar’s  wife and found himself in prison. Once more, he worked hard and rose to become the chief prisoner, helping the governor run the prison. The Pharoah subsequently imprisoned his chief butler and chief baker, who both had dreams. Joseph correctly interpreted and predicted the outcome of the dreams, informing the butler that he would be freed and the baker would be executed. Despite Joseph’ s request to the butler that he remember him and help him get out of prison, the butler forgot about him for two years. The sedra continues next week with Pharaoh ’ s dreams of fat cows and thin cows and the butler remembering that there was a man in the jail who correctly interpreted dreams. Haftarah  The Haftarah for this week is from the book of Amos. The reason for having a haftarah is thought to be associated with the Chanukah story. Chanukah begins in 3 days time. Gifts, donuts and chocolate money do not feature in the srcinal account...but one of those three treats can be traced back to the Chanukah story.  At the beginning of the Chanukah story, Antiochus, the Assyrian-Greek ruler, banned the reading of Torah in public. The rabbis did not want the people to forget Torah, so found a way around this rule. They asked if they could read something else in public in place of the Torah and this was agreed. The rabbis looked through the books of the prophets to find sections that would remind the people of the part of Torah they should have been reading that week. The Jewish people defeated the Assyrian-Greeks, pushed back their army, removed Antiochus and found one bottle of oil to light the Menorah in the temple  –  the oil has become a symbol of both the Chanukah story and the humble donut fried in oil during the modern festival. However, in ancient times, the Jewish people continued to read the Haftarah, even though they were free to read from the Torah again. In this week ’ s Haftarah, Amos speaks about the fact that God will punish the Jewish people for the things they have done wrong. His first example concerns… Joseph ’ s brothers and the fact that they sold him into slavery for 20 pieces of Silver. Sedra Synopsis  Thomas Silverman and Mark Creeger       Blessed is The True Judge The Memorial Stone Consecration take place in loving memory of: Nissim Cohen brother of George Cohen on Sunday 7 January at 12 noon at Bushey Old Cemetery. We wish a long life to the following members who have yahrzeit in the coming week: Betty Barton (Son); Hetty Benmax (Son); Gillian Blackman (Mother); David Collins (Father); Eric Creitzman (Father); Pauline Davies (Brother); Barbara Davis & Lavinia Ross (Husband/Father); Richard Dawson (Father); Isa Fine (Husband); Ruth Harris (Mother); Michael Leanse (Mother); Iris Leighton (Mother); Sylvia & Michael Levine and Adele Wieder (Son/Brother); Janet Lewinson (Father); Louis Markham (Father); Frances Moss & Golda Tessler (Father/Brother); Jeremy Rose (Father); Ruth Rosenthal (Mother); Helen Shalet (Father); Jacqueline & David Shaw (Husband/Father); Godfrey Sheldon (Mother); Ian Star (Mother); Andrew Stein (Father); Laura Sternberg (Mother); Vivienne Vald (Mother); Barbara Vanning (Father); Ivor Ward (Mother); Jonathan Warren (Mother & Father); Susan Young (Mother). PAGE NUMBERS IN THE CHUMASH: וולש   ת ש   Next week Chanukah, Parshat Miketz and Jake Cazin-  Meyer’s Bar Mitzvah    Hertz Cohen  ArtScroll  Vayeshev 141 229 198 Haftorah 152 248 1142    DAVENING & DAF YOMI TIMES   SHABBAT   FRIDAY Mincha (followed by Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv)  3.37pm Daf Yomi 4.30pm SATURDAY  Daf Yomi 8.25am Shacharit 9.15am Youth and children 10.45am Mincha after kiddush but not before 12.23pm Shabbat ends 4.46pm Maariv 5.01pm DAF YOMI Sunday 7.25am Monday to Thursday 6.40pm EARLIEST TALLIT AND TEFILLEN Monday 6.46am Tuesday 6.47am Wednesday 6.48am Thursday 6.49am Friday 6.49am WEEKDAY SHACHARIT Sunday 8.15am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 6.50am Tuesday 7.00am WEEKDAY MINCHA Sunday ( followed by Maariv) 3.35pm Monday to Thursday 12.45pm WEEKDAY MAARIV Sunday ( follows Mincha) 3.35pm Monday to Thursday 7.30pm Chanukah Lighting after but not before ( must be lit before Shabbat candles )  3.02pm Lighting of Chanukah candles in shul  3.30pm Friday (followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv)  3.36pm
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