Shizuka Nakamura heats up internet with sensual youtube

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1. SHIZUKA NAKAMURA HEATS UP INTERNET WITH SENSUAL YOUTUBE VIDEOS 2. Actress Shizuka Nakamura (中村静香) is a well known 'soft' adult video actress that…
  • 2. Actress Shizuka Nakamura (中村静香) is a well known 'soft' adult video actress that does not engage in any intimate acts with other actors on screen but that has not stopped her from developing a loyal fan base in Japan, throughout Asia and outside of Asia in North America. Her popularity within Asia was expected by many as a result of her mainstream film career in Japan but her being popular with male audiences in North America through YouTube videos has surprised many social media entertainment observers and portends to potentially greater opportunities for her in the future. She is a beautiful actress who has become an expert at the 'strip-tease' video as she seductively and slowly reveals her lingerie clothed body in different acting settings, sometimes in the classroom acting as the sexy, mischievous schoolgirl. In her 'schoolgirl' mode she is successful in recreating the fantasies of many men who dreamt of having a fellow student who looked and acted like her.
  • 3. For some social media observers and fans the question now becomes what direction will she take her acting? Will she continue trying to make a mark in 'mainstream' films and television films or will she decide to 'up the ante' and go further into adult film roles? At the moment she is 'stuck' in the middle as she now has the interest of North American fans but at the same time because she does not speak or act with other actors she is in danger of being viewed as only a provocative model which no longer can ensure the same success that it might have in 2012. Shizuka Nakamura has the attention of fans in North America but now that she has them on the 'hook' the question is what will she do to reel them in? Fans have no idea of what her plans are for the future but fans are looking forward to her next YouTube videos because while they are NSFW they are successful in putting a smile on the faces of her many male fans both within Asia and outside.
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