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NSW Railway
  Discipline Engineering Standard  –  NSW Category Signalling Title Introduction to Signalling MaintenanceProcedures Reference Number  SMP 01  –  (RIC Standard: SC 00 52 00 01 SI) Document Control Status Date Prepared Reviewed Endorsed Approved Standards andSystemsStandardsEngineer GMInfrastructureStrategy &PerformanceSafetyCommitteeIssue 1Revision 2 Mar 05Refer toReferenceNumber H Olsen M OwensRefer to minutesof meeting12/08/04  Engineering Standard  –  NSWSignalling SMP 01Introduction to Signalling Maintenance ProcedureMarch 2005 Version 1.2 © Australian Rail Track Corporation Page 2 of 9This document is uncontrolled when printed. Disclaimer   Australian Rail Track Corporation has used its best endeavors to ensure that the content,layout and text of this document is accurate, complete and suitable for its stated purpose.It makes no warranties, express or implied, that compliance with the contents of thisdocument shall be sufficient to ensure safe systems of work or operation. Australian RailTrack Corporation will not be liable to pay compensation in respect of the content or subsequent use of this document for any other purpose than its stated purpose or for anypurpose other than that for which it was prepared except where it can be shown to haveacted in bad faith or there has been willful default. Document Approval The technical content of this document has been approved by the relevant ARTCengineering authority and has also been endorsed by the ARTC Safety Committee. Document Supply and Control The Primary Version of this document is the electronic version that is available andaccessible on the Australian Rail Track Corporation Internet and Intranet website.It is the  document user’s sole responsibility to ensure that copies are checked for currency against the Primary Version prior to its use. Copyright The information in this document is Copyright protected. Apart from the reproductionwithout alteration of this document for personal use, non-profit purposes or for any fair dealing as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part of this document may bereproduced, altered, stored or transmitted by any person without the prior written consentof ARTC.  Engineering Standard  –  NSWSignalling SMP 01Introduction to Signalling Maintenance ProcedureMarch 2005 Version 1.2 © Australian Rail Track Corporation Page 3 of 9This document is uncontrolled when printed. About This Standard This Standard defines the requirements to be followed when maintaining,interfering with and attending to failed conditions of the operational signallinginfrastructure and systems.The Standard forms the descriptive part of a maintenance procedures manualthat includes 47 parts detailing the requirements to be followed when dealingwith the various situations as mentioned above and as shown below.01 Introduction to Signalling Maintenance Procedures02 Bridging or False Feeding of Signalling Circuits03 Accidents or Derailments - Action to be Taken04 Failures05 Damage to Signalling Equipment Including Cables06 Release of Track Locking or Indication Locking07 Apparatus Seldom Used08 Booking Signalling Equipment Out of Use09 Disconnection of Signalling Apparatus10. Testing and Certifying Equipment Worked on or Altered During Maintenance11. Like for Like Renewals, etc12. Repair/Replacement of Signalling Wires13. Field Parallelling of Signalling Contacts14. Document Control of Signal Plans and Circuit Books Issued to the Field15. Location of Trackside Equipment16. Notification of Whereabouts and Liaison With Signallers17. Maintenance Responsibilities, Frequencies, Recording18. Depot Overhaul of Vital Signalling Equipment19. Cleanliness & Lubrication of Mechanical Signalling Equipment20. Security, Fire Protection, Weather Proofing and Cleanliness of SignallingEquipment, Housings and Locations21. Minor Signalling Works on Maintenance Areas Involving Installing, Removal or  Altering Signalling Equipment22. Testing Interlockings - Maintenance Responsibilities23. Insulation Inspection and Testing24. Vital Signalling Relays25. Track Circuits26. Rerailing - Precautions to be Taken27. Traction Return (1500V DC)28. Points Detection Test: Separate Electrical Detector 29. Facing Point Lock Testing - Mechanical30. Facing Point lock and Detection Testing - Combined Point Machine31. Maintenance of Signal Sighting and Signals32. Solid State Interlocking (SSI)33. Electric Train Staff Instruments34. Custody, Storage and Dispatch of Staffs and Keys35. Use of Master Keys and Staffs36. Level Crossings37. Microtrax Coded Track Circuits38. Microlok Computer Based Interlocking39. Westrace Computer Based Interlocking  Engineering Standard  –  NSWSignalling SMP 01Introduction to Signalling Maintenance ProcedureMarch 2005 Version 1.2 © Australian Rail Track Corporation Page 4 of 9This document is uncontrolled when printed. 40. Use of Radio Transmitters Near Electronic Signalling Systems41. Pole routes42. Not Issued (To be Revised)43. Guidelines for Irregularity Inspection and Testing to Determine Cause44. General Signalling Maintenance Management, Administration andSupervision Responsibilities45. Surveillance Inspections46. Guidelines for the Safe use of Temporary Recording, Monitoring andLogging Equipment on Signalling Systems47. Calibration of Tools and Instruments for Signalling Applications

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