Social Media Presentation for Ford Canada

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1. Social Media Marketing<br />FORD Canada <br /> 2. f<br />Agenda<br />About N5R<br />Why Social Media ?<br />What We Do<br />…
  • 1. Social Media Marketing<br />FORD Canada <br />
  • 2. f<br />Agenda<br />About N5R<br />Why Social Media ?<br />What We Do<br />
  • 3. About N5R<br />N5R is a social media marketing agency. N5R helps brands harness the vast marketing potential of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. N5R helps your organization extend beyond traditional ad agency and “social media” bolt-on services offered by most of the PR firms trying to catch up.<br /> Our marketing systems focus on targeted, measurable, adaptable ad campaigns that deliver serious results. Once the client has an effective marketing campaign in place, we help them execute sales strategies based on practical ideas with proven success. If you want to fast track the sales cycle and deliver on clients' expectations every time, N5R can show you the way.Over the last decade, N5R has built an impressive international portfolio that includes residential projects, destination clubs, master-planned communities and marketing condos. We are one of the very best of the social media marketing companies out there because we understand what motivates prospects to buy and know how developers can capitalize on any opportunity, in any season, regardless of what's happening in the economy. If you're looking for the best social media marketing group out there, you've come to the right place.<br />
  • 4. , <br />N5R believes having a comprehensive Social Marketing plan is crucial now-a-days to keep up with your customers. Social media is increasing rapidly, today there are over 450 Million Facebook users and over 57 Million Twitter users. What ever your product is there is a very high probablity that there are thousands if not more customers out there ready to buy it. N5R using these social media networks and a strong website will get your brand known and increase your sales guaranteed. Whether you are monitoring your brand, driving traffic to your site, providing customer support, or selling a product, Social Marketing is an absolute must. From both a communications and tools perspective, our value to you in social networking management comes through:<br />Setup and/or customization of website and accounts in major social networks.<br />Contest, campaign, social apps , viral and engagement strategies within social networks<br />Content updates, response maintenance, measurement, cross-promotional linking and advertising management (social media advertising such as Facebook Ads and as well as using search engine advertising such as Google Adwords)<br />Offering strong moderation and reporting tools<br /> <br />
  • 5. What is Social Media ?<br />Video<br />
  • 6. Why Social Media ?<br />
  • 7.
  • 8. .<br />
  • 9. .<br />
  • 10. .<br />
  • 11. .<br />
  • 12. 50% of your competitors want their brands in the conversation<br />
  • 13. How Your Competitors Use Social Media <br />
  • 14. .<br />
  • 15. .<br />
  • 16. .<br />
  • 17. .<br />
  • 18. .<br />
  • 19. .<br />
  • 20. .<br />
  • 21. .<br />
  • 22. .<br />
  • 23. .<br />
  • 24. .<br />
  • 25. How We Can Help You Be Better Then Your Competition<br />
  • 26. Twitter Promotion<br />
  • 27. We Provide Local Followers <br />
  • 28. We Provide Target Followers<br />
  • 29. .<br />
  • 30. Microblogging<br />C:UsersRomanDesktopford13.png<br />Create and Update All Microblog Networks<br />
  • 31. Facebook<br />
  • 32. Facebook Fans<br />
  • 33. Applications<br />
  • 34. Social Ads<br />
  • 35. Events<br />
  • 36. Facebook Group<br />
  • 37. Track Competitors<br />
  • 38. Other Social Networks<br />Create and Update All Social Networks<br />
  • 39. Video Marketing<br />
  • 40. Video Responses<br />
  • 41. Monitoring Your Brand<br />We Track and Monitor your Brand on all Social Networks<br />
  • 42. Photo Marketing<br />
  • 43. Promotion on “How To “ Websites<br />
  • 44. Linkedin<br />
  • 45. Linkedin Groups<br />
  • 46. Social Bookmarks<br />
  • 47. .<br />
  • 48. Thank You<br />
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