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1. LNG filling station LNG filling station is an important part of the entire LNG industry chain. Its layout and penetration rate is also one of the important factors…
  • 1. LNG filling station LNG filling station is an important part of the entire LNG industry chain. Its layout and penetration rate is also one of the important factors that restrict the rapid promotion of LNG vehicles. With the increasing use of LNG vehicles, LNG stations have been in recent years Blowout development and construction. LNG standard demonstration station LNG filling stations generally can be divided into fixed standard station, skid simple station,
  • 2. flow plus liquid car in three ways, of which the most representative of the fixed filling station. There are not many opportunities to access and understand LNG filling stations for many owners who use traditional fuels such as diesel. What is the difference between it and the common gas station, the LNG car filling process and norms of what special requirements. The core elements of gas station safety: fire safety The main component of LNG is methane, which also has the risk of burning and explosion. The first prerequisite for the safe operation of LNG filling stations is fire protection. Gas station outside the huge anti-fire warning signs that this is flammable and explosive area. There is a notice of the pit stop, because the LNG gas pipe with pressure for the ultra-low
  • 3. temperature liquid, forced drag will lead to serious consequences of leakage, so LNG filling stations than the ordinary gas station to increase the provisions of the station is: Gas process, is strictly prohibited not to remove the pipe fittings forced outbound provisions. As the gas station has just been delivered, the bill on the LNG temperament announcement data not yet completed; The area of 18 meters around the aerated platform is already in the safe area, the passengers need to get off, the vehicle can enter the safe area for gas; into the gas station, anywhere you can see "no smoking", " "Ban on mobile phone", "flame" warning signs; In the air station office area, a variety of fire, safety, on - site management, frost prevention measures of the system and regulations covered with walls;
  • 4. LNG filling stations of the unloading, gas storage, gas and other three major data status and information communication, real-time display and security monitoring. ● Operator: safety precautions and protective gear LNG is -162 ° C ultra-low temperature liquid, the operator if the direct contact with liquid or unseparated piping and accessories, will bring serious harm to the human body, very cold metal will flesh and can also tear when opened The In the gas station, we see the operator has strict protective measures and protective gear: Protective helmets with large goggle covers
  • 5. Sudden leakage of LNG instantaneous evaporation of the gas is also a low temperature gas, if directly with the skin or eyes and other contact, it may lead to injury, the operator also has facial protection measures; Loose protective gloves Special protective gloves, not only the role of isolation low temperature, wearing a very loose in the hand, easy to quickly when the emergency off. ● LNG aerated operation flow: faster than CNG The small series of knowledge is LNG conventional filling, that is, the normal operation of the LNG car to add gas, cylinder liner has been in a low temperature state and the remaining part of the liquid. 1. before the preparation of gas
  • 6. Ground wire In order to prevent the generation of static electricity, before filling to confirm the aerated vehicle has been connected with a good grounding wire. Ready before gasing The aerobics operator wears uniforms and protective gear.
  • 7. 2. open the low temperature inlet and return port protection cap The coarse joint is the air inlet for the air inlet In the outside of the cylinder can see the intake, return two joints.
  • 8. It can be seen that liquefied natural gas LNG cylinder pressure is about 1.4mpa, about 13 kilograms. Far less than the compressed gas CNG 20mpa. 3. clean the trachea interface and fill the gun Water is the enemy of LNG, once into the water, will quickly freeze into hard ice. Easy to lead to the entire LNG gas path in the clogging or valve parts and other parts of the phenomenon of failure, must be strictly in the gas to prevent the entry of moisture or impurities.
  • 9. The trachea interface and purge guns are cleaned with high pressure nitrogen Make sure there are no moisture or impurities The autoclave comes with a high pressure purge nozzle, which cleans the trachea and the air gun with a dry, high pressure nitrogen. If the conditions are limited, you can use a clean, dry cotton wipe. 4. connect the return air pipe and connector
  • 10. Turn the air gun 90 ° to lock LNG cylinders are in a low-temperature sealed state. When a large amount of LNG liquid is injected, the gas in the bottle can be connected to the gas pipe in order to increase the filling speed.
  • 11. 5.Filling up
  • 12. Into the formal filling process, of course, have to first fill the gas flow meter cleared, and then just clean the air gun connected to the cylinder low temperature inlet. Liquid LNG into the lower part of the cylinder, the upper part of the gas at the same time in the gas
  • 13. It can be seen that the water vapor in the air forms a crest around the low temperature aerosol The filling pump stops and the actual filling takes less than two minutes. LNG's filling rate is much faster than CNG. After opening the valve, the filling station pump starts to start filling the cylinder. 6. close the valve, remove the air gun and return air gun
  • 14. 7. cover the low temperature inlet and return port of the protective cap, remove the ground clip ● LNG in the filling process of some small knowledge Through this visit to the LNG filling station, Xiao Bian will LNG in the filling process of some small knowledge to share with you (1) before the gas must be checked in the low-temperature gas inside the water, impurities, to ensure that when the moisture and impurities are completely cleared. If there is moisture, ultra-low temperature of the LNG will lead to rapid condensation of water
  • 15. into ice. Ice may block the intake check valve, air intake, resulting in lax or leakage. If the ice into the cylinder inside, but also may cause poor air supply, so that the engine in the high-speed load when the lack of power or even the engine can not start normally. If there are impurities, not only can cause a variety of valves closed lax, but also lead to filters, regulators and other clogging, there is insufficient gas supply. If the filter is not installed early gas engine, impurities can even cause damage to the engine. (2) a fully filled cylinder of its pressure is very fast, may lead to frequent opening of the safety valve exhaust, not only caused a waste of natural gas, will also bring potential safety problems. Therefore, fully filled with cylinders should be used as soon as possible, try not to store for a long time. (3) in the open return valve when the gas cylinder is deflated, it is best to recycle the air pipe from the filling machine. If not in the filling station, the release of the gas should be brought to a safe place, otherwise there will be a risk of fire and explosion. (4) LNG not only has the characteristics of combustion and explosion, LNG is -162 ℃ ultra-low temperature liquid, fire and explosion at the same time, the use must also improve safety awareness and protection measures to prevent it from low temperature burns. When the skin and low temperature parts and contact with the adhesive, can not be simple and rude to pull, can be 41 ~ 46 ℃ warm water heating method to defrost the flesh, and then remove the frozen parts; such as frostbite should be immediately sent to the hospital for further treatment.
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