Surviving Graduate School and Starting Your Research Agenda

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Surviving Graduate School and Starting Your Research Agenda. Chance W. Lewis, Ph.D. Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Urban Education Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture College of Education Texas A&M University E-mail:
Surviving Graduate School and Starting Your Research AgendaChance W. Lewis, Ph.D.Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Urban EducationDepartment of Teaching, Learning and CultureCollege of EducationTexas A&M UniversityE-mail: chance.lewis@tamu.eduWeb: http://www.chancewlewis.comOpening QuoteStarting graduate school is the easy task. The harder task is finishing graduate school. The hardest part is finding time to live my life and complete the journey!!Chance W. Lewis, Ph.D.What is Stress?a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation;one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium10 Questions to ask if you are going to Survive Graduate School and Start Your Research AgendaQuestion #1Have you convinced yourself that you can really complete this monumental goal in your life?Question #2Do you understand the rules of the game?Question #3Are you prepared to run the race?Question #4Do you understand time management and use time effectively?Question #5Have you spoken to your advisor and/or mentor about your aspirations as a future scholar?Question #6Are you hungry?Do you take advantage of opportunities?Question #7Do you have an intellectual conceptualization of your research area?In other words, have you read research in your area and know some key scholars?Question #8Have you learned how to write academically?Question #9Do you have passion for your research agenda?Do you have a research agenda?Question #10Who is on your team?Closing QuoteThe journey to complete graduate school and effectively start a research agenda can be conceptualized into one critical aspect:A DECISION TO COMMIT AND GIVE YOUR BEST!Chance W. Lewis, Ph.D.Closing QuoteI have just one minute, with 60 seconds in it, Thrust upon me, Can’t refuse itDidn’t seek it, Didn’t choose it, But it is up to me to use itI must suffer if I lose itGive account of it if I abuse it,Only one little precious minuteBut Eternity is in it?Thomas HuxleyClosing QuoteLost Time is Never Found Again!Author Unknown
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