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Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________ Class Period: ________ Course Syllabus, Policies, and Procedures 6TH GRADE PHYSICAL SCIENCE Instructor: Ms. T. Miles Room: 619 Contact Information: Phone: (225) 388-0089 E-Mail: Website: McKinley Pledge: As a McKinley Mustang, I pledge to: Motivate myself and others, Understand my responsibilities, Show school spirit, Think positively, Approach each day
   Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________ Class Period: ________  Course Syllabus, Policies, and Procedures6 TH GRADE PHYSICAL SCIENCEInstructor: Ms. T. Miles Room : 619 Contact Information:Phone: (225) 388-0089 E-Mail: Website: McKinley Pledge:  As a McKinley Mustang, I pledge to:  M  otivate myself and others, U  nderstand my responsibilities,  S  how school spirit, T  hink positively,  A  pproach each day with integrity,  N  ever underestimate myself, G  ive each day my all, and   S  trive to do my best. Course Description: This course is designed to be an accelerated physical science class for magnet middle school students.Students utilize hands on experiences, technology, as well as traditional methods to enhance their understanding of the topics discussed. Students do not have textbooks to take home; therefore all of their  primary information will derive from in class notes. Students should come to class well prepared(reviewing previously discussed materials before coming to class) and study appropriately to ensure asuccessful and well-educated year. Units of Instruction: Unit 1: Building a Better ScientistUnit 2: Matter and its PropertiesUnit 3: Elements, Compounds, and ReactionsUnit 4: Force and MotionUnit 5: Introduction to Energy and the Properties of WavesUnit 6: Electromagnetic Waves, Sound and LightUnit 7: Work, Power, and EfficiencyUnit 8: Electricity, Energy, Use and Renewal  MilesPage | 2 of 4 Ms. Miles Discipline Plan: Classroom Expectations 1. Be respectful  of everyone in the classroom, including yourself. 2. Be responsible ; have assignments due on time. 3. Be  prepared  for class and ready to learn. 4. Be  safe in the classroom, especially during lab activities. 5. Be your  best  academically and socially.With all these expectations above, I know that following the school guidelines outlined in your studenthandbook will be no problem .Discipline Steps (Let’s not take any, please.) In any one period, all four steps may be taken.1 st Offense–Verbal warning2 nd Offense–Teacher/Student Conference and Call to Parents3 rd Offense–Call to parents4 th Offense–Discipline ReferralExceptionAny action or inaction in class, lab, or fieldwork that puts you or another student in any danger will resultin removal from the activity (without a chance for make-up credit) and an immediate Discipline Referral. Classroom Policies: Attendance: It is very important that you make every effort to be on time for all classes and to be prepared to participate in them. In the event that you do miss class, we will follow the procedures in the  Parent/Student Handbook  . This includes that YOU  take responsibility for all make-up work (e.g., gettingnotes, assignments, and handouts etc.), making up tests on your first day back, and losing credit for late or incomplete assignments. The laboratories will be especially hard to make up, and missing them will bedetrimental to your understanding and possibly to your grade.Assignments: Assignment due dates will be strictly enforced. Students will be allowed to use ONE late pass a nine weeks for homework assignments 10 pts or more. Assignments turned in with a late pass must be turned in the next  class period.Grades: Your performance in this class will be assessed in a variety of ways: participation (100 pts each9 weeks), homework, exams, laboratory, quizzes, projects and informal education assignments.Most lecture material will be assessed by written tests. Laboratory work will be assessed by rubrics, practical exams, activity checklists, and other means. Students with excused absences can makeup testsafter school, with teacher and parent consent. Projects and informal education assignments will be graded by rubrics.Grading Scale: A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59  MilesPage | 3 of 4 Bonus: Most tests have bonuses built into them. This will not require knowing additional material buthaving a more detailed understanding of the required material and being able to use it. Projects usuallyhave bonuses built into them. Therefore, please do not ask for additional bonus work. Maintenance of Course Binder: The materials needed for exams, quizzes, and non-laboratory activitieswill be kept in a 3-ring binder. This will be the notebook for my class. Documents will be inserted intothe notes at the appropriate times, which I will make clear during class. Therefore, you must have a 3ring binder and not  a spiral-bound notebook. The document you have in your hands now (syllabus)should be the first handout in your binder.Planner Use: You will use your planners to record assignments when they are made and when they aredue. I suggest you use a highlighter to emphasize due dates, exams, etc. You will use your planner as ahall pass anytime you leave the room.Format for Graded Assignments: You must put your first and last name, the date, and your class periodon every assignment you turn in or handouts you receive. This should be in the upper right hand corner of the front or title page. Any multiple-page assignment must be  stapled before you hand it to me. Work lacking this format has no guarantee of being graded. Classroom Procedures: (If you fail to follow procedures, 5 pts will be deducted from your participation grade for each offense.) 1.Check for handouts on the table in front of class, and take one to your seat.2.After sitting in assigned seat, take out homework from the previous day (if any), complete warmup on the board, and write homework in planner.3.While participating in class, remember to raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged beforespeaking.4.Students are assigned A, B, C, or D seats at their table. When working as pairs, A and B are partners and C and D are partners. When working in groups of 4 the entire table works as a group.5.Students will be rewarded bonus points and free homework passes for classroom behavior eachnine weeks.6.Restroom breaks should be taken between class times. If there is an emergency, your planner should be used as a hall pass.7.Students should bring all materials (pencils, pens, binder, paper, assignments, etc.) pertaining toclass.8.Students should remain in assigned seats at all times, unless instructed to move by the teacher.9.Students do not leave the classroom, unless instructed by the teacher. Welcome to McKinley Middle Academic Magnet! I am thrilled to be your science teacher this school year. I enjoy the investigation of science and my primary goal for teaching is to produce future scientist. With your dedication and discipline, I know thisschool year will be enjoyable and productive.~ Ms. T. Miles  MilesPage | 4 of 4  Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________ Class Period: ________  Course Syllabus, Policies, and ProceduresI have read and understand the syllabus, policies, and procedures for this class. I understand myrole and the teacher’s role in ensuring my success in this course, and will strive to do my best.Student name :______________________________________  Student signature :______________________________________  Date :______/______/______  Parent signature :______________________________________  Date :______/______/______  Parent Contact InformationAddress :______________________________________  ______________________________________  ______________________________________  Home Phone :(______)________-____________  Work Phone :(______)________-____________  E-mail : ______________________________________ 
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