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  movie n. motion picture, moving picture, film, picture, show, screenplay, cinema, photoplay, silver screen, video, *talkie, *flick, documentary, docudrama, melodrama, epic, *spaghetti western, horse opera, B movie, blue movie, stag film, *skin flick. ‘‘Life with the dull parts cut out.’’—  Alfred Hitchcock. WORD FIND actor/small role: bit player, cameo appearance, extra actor who is partially created by computer make-up effects: synthespian advertising/promotional clip: trailer aerial shot: crane shot award: Academy Award, Oscar  black-and-white to color process: colorization  box office smash: *boffo captioned drawings of planned camera shots: storyboard clapper: slate daytime run movie: matinee digital special effect that metamorphoses person or thing: morphing directs actors and technicians: director double scene effect: split screen electrician assistant: best boy electrician in charge of lights: gaffer e nd of shooting for the day: wrap fade out effect: dissolve gunshot wound effect: squib head of financing and hiring: producer  joining of two pieces of film: splice  journals of the industry: trades, Variety, Hollywood Reporter   library film: stock footage lip synchronization on short loops of film: looping location finder: location scout moving shot: dolly shot, trucking shot music of: score object: prop  past, scene from character’s: flashback  photographer, motion picture: cinematographer  prints from day’s shooting: dailies, rushes proposal of movie to financiers: pitch  publicity: publicist record dialogue and sound effects: dub, Foley rolling credits at end of movie: crawl, closing credits script continuity: script supervisor Moving  –  Mulish set or prop assistant: grip sets and costumes head: art director sound effects room: Foley studio sound recorder: sound technician, Foley artist stop-action photography: pixillation superimposition effect: blue screen, matte shot studio and outside shooting area: lot, backlot wardrobe assistant: dresser widening shot: pull-back wide-screen film process: Cinemascope wide  side-to- side shot: pan writer: screenwriter, script doctor writer’s outline: treatment zooming in effect: zoom shot moving a. 1. IN MOTION going, coming, motioning, transporting, proceeding, advancing, ascending, descending, retracting, reversing. 2. RELOCATING transferring, vacating, pulling up roots, emigrating, migrating, flying the coop. 3. EFFECTING THE EMOTIONS touching, stirring, rousing, stimulating, striking a nerve, plucking at the heartstrings, heartwrenching, gut-wrenching. ANT. 1. stationary. 2. settled, fixed. 3. blunt, soporific, unemotional. mow v. cut, trim, shear, clip, scythe, hack, reap.
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