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  Neil W. Polhemus, CTO, StatPoint Technologies, Inc.George H. Dyson, Director of Six Sigma Services Copyright ©   2010 by StatPoint Technologies, Inc. Ten Data Analysis Tools You Can’t Afford to be Without  Business Improvement Objectives    Businesses must create value. This output must be greater than the inputs needed to produce it.    If the output meets the customers ’   needs, the business is effective.    If the business creates added value with minimum resources, the business is efficient. The Role of Six Sigma is to Help a Business Produce the Maximum Value While Using Minimum Resources   The Role of Six Sigma is to Help a Business Produce the Maximum Value While Using Minimum Resources (Pyzdek 2003 ) 2  Six Sigma Business Successes ã Cost reductions ã Market - share growth ã Defect reductions ã Culture changes ã Productivity improvements ã Customer relations improvements ã Product and service improvements ã Cycle - time reductions (CSSBB Primer, 2001) / (Pande, 2000)  All these Successes have a common thread…. 3  DATA!!!    Data drives analysis.    Analysis uses statistical models & tools of all kinds.    To extract meaningful information    To uncover signals in the presence of noise    To understand the past    To monitor the present    To forecast the future    This understanding results in reduced cost and saving money.    Deming: “Doesn’t anyone care about Profit?” 4
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