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Name:​ ​_____________________________ Date:_______________________ Unit​ ​3​ ​final​ ​examination Identifications Define​ ​the​ ​following​ ​key​ ​words 1. Mass​ ​media​ ​___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 2. High-tech​ ​politics​ ​___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 3. Party​ ​machines​ ​__________________
  Name: _____________________________Date:_______________________ Unit 3 final examination Identifications Define the following key words 1.Mass media  ___________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________ 2.High-tech politics  ___________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   3.Party machines  ___________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   4.Critical election  ___________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   5.Federal Election Campaign Act  ___________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   6.Caucus  _________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   7.Open primaries  ___________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   8.Policy entrepreneurs  _________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   9.Pluralism  _________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________   10.Electioneering  ___________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________    Answer the following questions: 1. A primary election in which voters are required to identify a party preference before the election and are not allowed to split the ticket a.Open primary b.Blanket primary c.Closed primary d.Run off primary e.Presidential preference primary  2. The primary function of political action committees (PACs) is to a.Serve as fundraising organizations for challengers b.Provide members of congress with unbiased information c.Encourage broader participation in politics d.Raise campaign funds to support favored candidates e.Consult with the president regarding domestic policy 3. Interest groups and political parties both promote United States democracy by a.Lobbying members of congress b.Increasing domination of the political process by elites c.Linking citizens to the political process d.Definitely not this answer e.Probably not this answer 4. All of the following are examples of mass media EXCEPT for the following a.Facebook b.Snapchat c.Instagram d.Television e.radio 5. A politics in which the behavior of citizens and policymakers and the political agenda itself are increasingly shaped by technology. a.Hyperpluralism b.Elitism c.Iron triangles d.High-tech politics e.Mass media 6. The use of in-depth reporting to unearth scandals, scams, and schemes, at times putting reporters in adversarial relationships with political leaders. a.Narrowcasting b.Chains c.Trial balloons d.   Investigative journalism e.Selective exposure 7. Television, radio, and the Internet, as compared with print media. a.Investigative journalism b.Policy platform c.Mass media d.High-tech politics e.Electronic media   8. A provision found in some collective bargaining agreements requiring all employees of a business to join the union within a short period, usually 30 days, and to remain members as a condition of employment. a.Not this answer b.Not this answer c.Employment contract d.Shop Union agreement e.Union shop 9. Media programming on cable TV (e.g.,MTV, Telemundo, Spike TV) or the Internet that is focused on a particular interest and aimed at a particular audience. a.   Narrowcasting b.   Broadcasting c.Electronic media d.Print media e.Chains 10. The process through which people consciously choose to get the news from information sources that have viewpoints compatible with their own. a.Definitely not this answer b.Or this one c.selective exposure d.Narrowcasting e.Not this answer 11. Groups of newspapers published by media conglomerates and today accounting for over four-fifths of the nation’s daily newspaper circulation. a.Answer one b.Answer two c.Answer three d.Answer four e.Chains 12. Intentional news leaks for the purpose of assessing the political reaction. a.Lobbying b.Electronic media c.Political parties d.Chains e.Trial balloons 13. All of the following contribute to make interest groups successful EXCEPT: a.Large numbers of members  b.Mobilization c.Intensity of beliefs d.Money e.Corrupt politicians 14. policy entrepreneurs are people who invest their political “ capital” in an issue. They could be in or out of government, in elected or appointed positions, in interest groups or research organizations.” All of the following are examples of policy entrepreneurs except for: a.Senator b.Congressional aide c.Consumer advocate d.Interest group leader e.Millionaire philanthropist 15. The issues that attract the serious attention of public officials and other people actively involved in politics at the time. a.Public policy b.Domestic policy c.Party machines d.Policy agenda e.Facts and opinions 16. Which statement about recent trends in grassroots lobbying is true? a.Only citizen groups employ grassroots lobbying. b.Grassroots lobbying uses mail and telephone, but not television. c.This technique is often used to target particular congressional districts. d.The average citizen and the grasstops are of equal value to a lobbyist. e.Grassroots lobbying was pioneered by corporations. 17. There are seven different types of interest groups. Which of the following is not one of those seven? a.Economic b.Public c.Special interest d.Single issue e.Government 18. According to journalist Mark Hertsgaard, news management in the Reagan White House operated on seven principles. Which of the following is NOT one of the principles? a.Speak in one voice b.Repeat the same message many times c.Plan Ahead d.Increase reporters access to the president e.Talk about issues you want to talk about
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