The Amazing Red Jacket

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1. The Amazing Red Jacket Start 2. Start Once upon a time there was a little girl called Polly who had lost her favourite Red Jacket. She sat on the floor crying when her…
  • 1. The Amazing Red Jacket Start
  • 2. Start Once upon a time there was a little girl called Polly who had lost her favourite Red Jacket. She sat on the floor crying when her brother said “let’s go look for it together”. Where to start looking? Polly’s Room Outside
  • 3. Polly’s Room Polly and Thomas went into Polly’s room and started looking. “Hmmm” said Thomas “Have you looked under the bed?” Should Polly look under the bed or try somewhere else? Somewhere Under the Bed Else
  • 4. Outside Polly and Thomas went outside and instantly saw Polly’s red umbrella. “That’s my umbrella” Polly said “I was wearing my Red Jacket when I was playing with it”. “Where were you playing?” asked Thomas. “I was in the cubby house and then the front yard” Said Polly. Where should they look next? Front Yard Cubby House
  • 5. Somewhere Else Polly and Thomas looked everywhere before going outside to keep looking. Outside
  • 6. Under The Bed As they peered under the bed Fluffy their kitten jumped out and started playing with them. Polly was having so much fun she forgot about her Red Jacket and it was never found. Try again. Try Again
  • 7. Front Yard Walking out into the front yard Thomas saw something red and shiny. “There’s your Red Jacket” he cried and rushed over. Polly was so happy but when Thomas turned around he didn’t have the jacket, only Polly’s red shoes. Polly sighed “I’ll never find my Red Jacket”. Thomas gave her a hug and said “Let’s keep looking”. Should they go back inside or keep looking in the front yard? Keep Looking Go Inside
  • 8. Still looking in Front Yard Polly was getting very sad and started to cry. “Don’t cry Polly” said Thomas. “We will find your Red Jacket”. After a while Polly gave up and wanted to go inside. Just then they heard a strange sound. Should Polly and Thomas look for the sound or go inside? Strange Sound Go Inside
  • 9. Cubby House Walking into the Cubby House they get a face full off spider webs – yuck!! Go back and try again. Try Again
  • 10. Go Inside Sadly Polly and Thomas couldn’t find the Red Jacket. They went back inside where Mummy gave them a warm Milo and cookies. She hugged them both and said “We will try again tomorrow – it will turn up”. Try again. Try Again
  • 11. Strange Sound As they turned around they saw Polly’s friend, Katie running towards them. Katie was yelling “Polly, Polly!” and waving something above her head. As she got closer Polly squealed “My Jacket!” She rushed forward to meet Katie and gave her a big hug. Katie gave Polly her favourite Red Jacket back and said “You left it behind at my place when you came home before”. Polly was so very happy and she invited Katie in for warm Milo and cookies. As they all walked inside Polly put on her jacket and thought to herself ‘I am never taking my Red Jacket off ever again!’ The End
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