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a second document on the scientific aspects of sex on our biological units
    01 - Your Love Is King.mp3   click    Introduction . . . Releasing Bio-chemicals 'Gasmically--IS IT LOVE OR LUST? he ancient culture of the Goddess Hat-Har's priest/priestess-hoodwasn't solely focused on the mystery principles of the Sun, Moon andFertility Rites. Overstanding the principle (s) and the importance of balancing the feminine and masculine chemicals within the body was of paramount importance.WE are going to go beyond the intrigue of this realm and be guided back toa greater appreciation of the act once sacred-- SEX.What does this have to do with Nation Building?EVERYTHING.Sex is the building block for reproducing life and that translates into tribes,clans, societies and civilizations; and that translates into a way of livingculturally which culminates into a thriving ECONOMICALLY, STRONG, SELF-SUFFICIENT AND SELF-SUSTAINING NATION.The objective here is to give us awareness of those so-called LAWS OFATTRACTION emotions labeled . . . LOVE or is it just-- SEX ON OURBRAINS?When we have an overstanding of what is happening in our brains andbodies we should be able to control that urge to MATE until we are certainwho the who is that these certain chemicals within our bodies are explodingfor and why we should give into mating with them; which leads us intoGenetic Kisses and will provide us also with the overstanding that leads intoRACE MIXING and its potential pitfalls.Race mixing has been used to weaken and cause our race to continue withacts of voluntary actions of GENOCIDE---ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE (LUST)and integration.   When we miscegenate because of the notion of being in love with persons of other races, we produce hybrids of humans who are mixed with a little bit of  T     this and that, who also in time have a hard time remembering and knowingwhich aspect of their parents culture should be sustained; and that breedsconfusion . . . The echoing petition of, WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GETALONG? Our ancestor J.A. Rogers teaches us much about this very subject in 3volumes of insightful literary courses entitled,  SEXANDRACE. (A must read for all Black/Brown people-debut compilation byRBG-ATYEBBAATUM RE)  Scientifically speaking, R eleasing B io-chemicals ' G asmically (RBG’s) influence ourhealth,intimate relationships andOUR SPIRITUALITY; like it or not, ALL OF THESE ARE CONDITIONS THAT CAN, HAVE, WILL AND RIGHT NOWCONTINUE TO INFECT/AFFECT OUR NATION. ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ   We give thanks to our Mother Goddesses of thisancient rite--THE SEVEN HAT-HARS –-for the divine permission to examine this ancient sciencewithin the NINE CHAMBERS of their sacredCOMMUNIVERSITY.   We will examine this ancient ritehere at our sacredCOMMUNIVERSITYRBG WORLDWIDE 1 NATION
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