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THE QUE GROUP WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE 2013 SPONSORS. Shipping Management with StarShip Integration. Nick Chambers Vice President of Operations STS Component Solutions. Who am I … Nick Chambers, Vice President of Operations
THE QUE GROUP WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE 2013 SPONSORSShipping Managementwith StarShip IntegrationNick ChambersVice President of OperationsSTS Component Solutions Who am I …
  • Nick Chambers, Vice President of Operations
  • Aviation Career began at HubairIncin 1999 in customer support and joined Tradewinds Aircraft Services in 2002. Hands on in two Quantum conversions (Quick Aviation and Airpax)
  • Located in Palm City, FL, STS Component Solutions was founded in 2008 when it acquired Tradewinds Aircraft Services and became part of the STS Aviation Group. In addition to STS Component Solutions, STS Aviation Group also includes STS Aerostaff, STS Engineering Solutions, STS Line Maintenance, and Airplanes Inc.
  • In This Session …
  • We are going to learn basic elements of the Shipping Management Module
  • Demonstrate how to setup various components
  • Explore automation based on status changes
  • Discuss Advanced Options
  • Reporting
  • Event Manager
  • Document Imaging
  • What We’ll Cover …
  • We will discuss Shipping Orders and Shipping Batches and how to combine multiple shipments.
  • We will take an in-depth look at shipping status’ and the automation of various forms that can be printed during the shipping process.
  • Overview on the capabilities and integration of Starship
  • I will demonstrate some advanced options that STS utilizes including our STS Shipping Live
  • Shipping Management Module
  • Shipping Orders work with:
  • Sales Orders
  • Repair Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders and more
  • SHIPMENTS – Monitor the status of each individual order to find out what step of the process the order is in
  • Shipping Batch - Consolidate multiple orders all shipping to the same location and process them as one order
  • Starship – 3rd party software by V-Technologies
  • Shipping Module work flowShipping Management Setup
  • Status
  • Identify the exact step of the process the shipment
  • Users
  • Include which users can see / change the status
  • Process Automation
  • Generate / Post Invoices
  • Transfer / Relieve Inventory
  • Document Automation
  • Print Specific Documents as required by each process
  • Shipping Management Setup - Status Codes
  • Customize shipping codes to follow your internal shipping processes.
  • Pull - Default to identify the shipment is “PENDING”
  • Picked – Shipment has been picked from stock
  • Inspect – Outbound Inspection
  • Ship – Package and generate and record AWB details
  • Post – Finalize the shipment
  • Specify certain physical locations based on each status to track real time movement!!!!Shipping Management Setup - Status CodesShipping Management Setup - Status Codes
  • Process Automation
  • Sales Orders
  • Create Invoices
  • Post Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Process Returns
  • Repair Orders
  • Issue PO Piece Parts
  • Work Orders
  • Relieve WO Stock Lines
  • Remote Inventory
  • Transfer Managed Inventory Station
  • Shipping Management Setup - Status Codes
  • Document Automation
  • Material Certificates
  • C of C’s
  • Invoices
  • Print to Imaging (Portal)
  • Advice Notes / Pack Slips
  • Customs Invoices
  • Shipping Labels
  • Hazmat Forms
  • Return Order
  • Document/Images
  • Shipping Management Setup - Status Codes
  • User Authorization
  • Authorize specific users for each status code
  • Allow specific status codes to be used for specific users to print specific documents
  • Minimize visualization of open orders depending on department or role
  • Prevent certain users from being able to change to an undesired status
  • Creating a Shipping Order as easy as
  • From any of the transactions (PO, RO, SO) simply click on Global and Create Shipping
  • Edit the Shipping Order Header
  • Shipping Methods
  • Shipping Accounts
  • Shipping Locations
  • Flag the items to be shipped
  • Print the Pick Ticket
  • Shipping Batches allows you to consolidate multiple orders onto one batch.
  • Process multiple customer orders all shipping to the same location in a fraction of the time
  • Eliminate redundant steps
  • Print documentation for all orders simultaneously
  • Drag and Drop orders in and out of batches easily
  • Allow/Prevent mixing orders in different statuses
  • Shipping Batches allows you to consolidate multiple orders onto one batch.PULL items based on Pick Tick
  • Validate the stock line being pulled by utilizing Barcode Scanning
  • Change Shipping Status as applicable based on your internal processing requirements
  • Confirm Picked versus Pending
  • INSPECT items based on internal requirements
  • Change to INSPECT status and generate your documents
  • Create the Invoice
  • Print the ATA-106
  • Print the Shipping Inspection Checklist (Advice Note)
  • INSPECT versus INSPECTED (It’s your call)SHIP items based on individual requirements
  • Change to SHIP status and generate your documents
  • Print Shipping Labels for the box(s)
  • Print Packing Slip
  • Print Custom’s Invoice
  • Print Hazmat Documents
  • Print Invoice
  • Update the Invoice with the AWB details
  • SHIP versus SHIPPED (It’s your call)STARSHIP integration
  • During the SHIP status we can utilize Starship
  • Click Global – STARSHIP to open Starship Software
  • Quantum/Starship integration avoid typing errors and eliminate redundancy
  • Simply add the package and transit details
  • Print both UPS and Fedex Thermal Labels
  • AWB is automatically written back to Quantum
  • Rate Shop as needed on one screen
  • V-Technologies is a Preferred Fedex IT VendorSTARSHIP integration - Main STARSHIP integration – Packaging ScreenSTARSHIP integration – Order ScreenSTARSHIP integration – Recipient ScreenSTARSHIP integration – Rate ShopStarship / Quantum Field MappingStarship / Quantum – Available FieldsPOST items to close / finalize the shipment
  • Change to POST status
  • Post Invoice
  • Relieve Inventory
  • Print Final Invoice to Document Imaging
  • Close Shipping Order
  • Advanced Options
  • Reporting
  • Track time by status
  • Track volume/ time by user
  • Track volume “Credit Holds” / “Quality Holds”
  • Event Manager
  • Automatic Shipment Notifications
  • Internal notification AWB updates for drop shipments
  • Document Imaging
  • Scan Pictures of Stock Lines / Packaging to SM Header
  • Print Invoice to Imaging for Quantum Portal
  • Advanced Options – Bonus Slide Where to Find More Information
  • As a QUE Group Member be sure to subscribe to forums or visit
  • As a Quantum User be sure to visit Component Control at
  • Visit for details on
  • Consider to develop easy to access reports via the web
  • Key Points to Take Home …
  • Overall introduction to Shipping Management Module
  • Basic Setup of Shipping Module
  • Status Changes with Process and Document Automation
  • Starship Integration and its efficiencies
  • Advanced Options (Reporting, Event Manager, Document Imaging)
  • Your Turn! ?Questions?How to contact me:Nick ChambersNick.chambers@sts-cs.comPlease remember to complete your conference evaluation DisclaimerThe Content provided is expected to be for the sole use of paying members and not to be disseminated outside of its intended audience, or sold without prior consent of both the QUE Group and the originator of the document or presentation.For Questions regarding the QUE Group, please visit
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