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Improving Reality, Lighthouse, Brighton 2011 conference
    Third sessionGaming for goodTesso StevensAdrian Hon Time’s Up  Alice TaylorModerated by Matt LockeMatt Locke Intro Tesso Steven’s   @agencyofconey@tassosstevensA collective agency making play for peopleCode name with a secret society called RabbitsPlay following principles includingAdventure curiosity reciprocity and lovelinessGaming for GoodGamingvocation, Gaming  Jet pack joyrides , APP game reality collecting scientists-An answer to a Broken reality?Desperate realityCharismatic vs nuancedSuperMe Games commissioned by Channel worth having a go Play games collect experience and score points:Dimensions of resilience:AgencyRelatedness   AdaptabilityAll powered by The rubbish GameReduce reuse and recycle, a game which also provides education on waste managementAdventures-in-learning, class of 8 years trying to help a cats trapped by Egyptologist.Haringey Challenge MatchSubstance misuse, more important aspect was people using the agency.A small town anywhere, a story that responds to the choices made by its aud   ienceExample: One town, a player wanted to become Major, seeing how a fascist state was encroachingupon the town.The Loveliness Principle, a hunt for small acts of loveliness- reverse pick pocketing people withoutbeing realised with love messages.Playful Secret Agent Training, brought in people to train, gifting spreading, the play space. AdditionalcircumstancesResearch of those going to theatre, people more concerned with the structure of the building, take 5times to enter before they fully engage with performance,Major concerns of those who are unengaged before they enter a venue:How do I pay, where do I go? Can I bring a friend? Am I allow here? Is this really me?Making a gift,Coney tried to control, wrongly, have to be a positive host and let them take ownership in order toempower the audience.END    Adrian Hon @adrianhon   Collaboration and co-operationHow to get people to do this?Trying to get to a consensus is problematic and might not be the best approach  Zero-Sum Game If this is the case there is no point in collaboration because there is one winner.There are other types of games and possible winners. Call of Duty  , Fortress 2  –  high quality gaming involving collaborative play together and collaborate towinner objectives Sectors tab , 4 people to build up greater land, involving trade (Develops individual skills in thinkingstrategically)Co-operationEveryone wins or loses together Pandemic : new disease that threatens to kill everyone, have to involve everyone to survive Tale in the Desert  :Like War Craft no conflict, aim to build structures collaboratively to buildmomentumsGuy Richardson- The Most Human You , Debating with a computer  Anti-Lincoln-Douglas Debate  Two teams with two opposing objectives collaboration on a bill. Each team argues to the judges whythe bill supports their goal. The judges score both bills, and teamsNew platforms, new playersResolving conflicts and creating greater civic Going online creates the issue of less face to face interaction.END    Time’s Up   Tim BoykettPhysical NarrativesThe Living RoomThis process takes place in an intense interactive space of social contact ambiguously called the ‘living’ room Riggins 94  Snoop! Identity Claims, Feeling Regulators, Behavioural residueWhat is Physical Narrative? Physical Space, ExplorationDetective story inspired by: Christoph Buchel: Shelter II Other ModelsTheatre without actors- exploring the stage to discover a story hidden within a set. Building layers to the involvement and creating audience’s own complete picture  One Frame film 3D still lifeSensory Circus  Areas of interest: MultiplayerDomestic Bliss, Exploration Narratives, Victors discussing their experience, Multiple modelsRelational why instead of technical how, Complex not complicated social hardware Domestic Bliss  Old residential buildingFictional story- narrator gets killed, cinematic experiencePhysical space, Television acts as narrator, Time shifts 20 seconds into the future  Fictional science-fiction based storySome narrative ToolsClassic science communication presentation video interactive computersRadio showDiagrams, mathematical family tree, calendar
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