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    Focus Area (Big Rock): Technology Integration Plan Desired Outcome: All Technology Integration decisions will be centered around teachers moving from the Entry Level of the Technology Integration Matrix to the Adaptation Level of the Technology Matrix. Root Cause(s): Teachers should feel empowered to WICORize Instruction Using Digital Tools. Actions to Achieve Timeline Resources Needed/Source Introduction to Technology Integration Matrix and Plan Pre-Planning Professional Development Introduction to Technology Integration Matrix and Plan Meeting with PLC’s  8/2018-ongoing Establishment of clear protocols for Technology Integration Matrix Active, Collaborative, Constructive, Authentic, and Goal-Directed Create group of window teachers 8/2018-ongoing Development of a group of teachers that are a pilot group and are willing and comfortable with sharing implementation of WICOR strategies using digital tools. Create windows and neighbors 9/2018 Development of a group of teachers (windows) who serve as mentors to teachers (neighbors) allowing teachers to feel comfortable with moving toward adaptation level. Continuous monitoring of Technology Integration Plan 8/2018-12/2018 The use of the Digital WICOR Tracker and Technology Integration Matrix    Technology Integration Plan WICORizing Instruction Using Digital Tools Transferring AVID Strategies to the Online Environment Designed to empower teachers to blend WICOR Strategies with technology. This is a model of transferring AVID Strategies online including examples of implementation tools: WICOR Strategy Implementation Writing Quickwrites Online Tools: Students can use Google Docs to present text, images video, or other links for the development of presentations Inquiry Two types of functionality to have both individual and group component.    Discussion Forum: Allows group visibility    Blog or Journal: Personal reflection Online tools: www.voicethread.com www.kidblog.org  Collaboration Think-Pair-Share Online tools: www.polleverywhere.com or www.socrative.com  Organization Digital Binders: eBinders Schoolwide eBinder.net Reading Cornell Notes: Digital Cornell Notes: OneNote Digital Note Taking: EverNote Notability
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