TW3625WTS Manual Lavadora TRIO

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TW3625WTS Manual Lavadora TRIO
  TRIO ENGINEERED PRODUCTS WWAASSHHEER R --TTWW33662255WWTTSS  IINNSSTTR R UUCCTTIIOONN MMAANNUUAALL   T rio Engineered Products 12823 Schabarum Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706 TW3625WTS Size: 36” x 25’ Serial Number:   TRIO ENGINEERED PRODUCTS  T rio Engineered Products 12823 Schabarum Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706 To THE OWNER:   Congratulations on your selection of a FMW Fine Material Washer. This machine is designed to provide you with years of profitable and dependable service. To ensure optimum performance, it is mandatory that you, and all personnel working with this machine, thoroughly study the Instruction Manual and follow its recommendations. Proper operation and maintenance are essential to prevent injury or damage and to maximize machine life. It is the owner’s responsibility to: o   Operate and maintain this machine in a safe manner and in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal codes, regulations and/or laws and in compliance with on-product labeling and Instruction Manual instructions. o   Make sure that all personnel have read the Instruction Manual and thoroughly understand safe and correct installation, operation and maintenance procedures. o   Make sure the machine is installed correctly before being placed into service, and at regular intervals thereafter, serviced in accordance with procedures outlined in the Instruction Manual. o  Fulfill all warranty obligations so that the warranty is not voided. Please refer to the warranty statement to determine the conditions of Trio Engineered Products warranty. Trio Engineered Products reserves the right to make product improvements to the equipment at any time. TRIO ENGINEERED PRODUCTS    T rio Engineered Products 12823 Schabarum Ave. Irwindale, CA 91706 FOREWORD Illustrations and instructions in this Manual guide the operator and maintenance personnel through correct procedures for checking, starting and operating the washer and its accessories. Operating techniques outlined in this book are not all-encompassing. Operating skills and additional maintenance techniques will develop as the operator gains knowledge of the machine and its capabilities. The description and specifications in this manual were in effect at the time this manual was printed. Trio Engineered Products reserves the right to discontinue models at any time and to change specifications or design, without notice and without incurring obligation. Whenever a question arises regarding your machine or this instruction manual, please consult Trio Engineered Products for the latest information. SAFETY BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT ALL PERSONNEL READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL, THE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE, AND ALL RELATED LITERATURE, AND FULLY UNDERSTAND SAFE AND PROPER INSTALLATION, OPERATION, AND MAINTENANCE PRACTICES! UNSAFE PRACTICES OR IMPROPER USE OF THIS MACHINE CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY HARM OR DEATH! BASIC RULES REGARDING SAFETY IS OUTLINED IN SECTION 0, “SAFETY”. OPERATOR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS DEPENDS UPON REASONABLE CARE  AND JUDGMENT IN THE OPERATION OF THIS MACHINE. RECOGNIZING HAZARDS AND TAKING STEPS TO AVOID THEM CAN PREVENT MOST  ACCIDENTS BEFORE  THEY OCCUR! REGARDLESS OF THE CARE USED IN THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF THIS TYPE OF EQUIPMENT, UNEXPECTED CIRCUMSTANCES MAY OCCASIONALLY ARISE THAT CANNOT BE  ANTICIPATED OR COMPLETELY PREVENTED WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH REASONABLE ACCESSIBILITY AND EFFICIENT OPERATION. WARNINGS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL (AND THE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE) TO HIGHLIGHT SOME OF THESE CONDITIONS. TRIO ENGINEERED PRODUCTS
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