Urbanization in Bangladesh (Problems & Prospects)

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1. Urbanization in Bangladesh Problems And Prospects 2. Urbanization Urbanization is a population shift from rural to urban areas, and the ways in which society adapts to…
  • 1. Urbanization in Bangladesh Problems And Prospects
  • 2. Urbanization Urbanization is a population shift from rural to urban areas, and the ways in which society adapts to the change. It predominantly results in the physical growth of urban areas, be it horizontal or vertical
  • 3. Urbanized area- One or more plase and the adjacent densely populated surrounding area that together have a minimum population of 50,000. Urban Population- Persons living in cities or towns of 2,500 or more residents.
  • 4. Causes of Urban Growth Better food supply Good medical care Education Jobs Specialization of professions Entertainment
  • 5. A large number of Bangladeshis people are attracted to urban areas because of: The availability of jobs Proper infrastructure- Roads,Water,Electricity etc Availability of social services- Health, Education Recreation, Postal services and police stations A wide variety of entertainment and night life facilities
  • 6. Demerits of Urbanization in Bangladesh: But Urbanization does not bring only fortune to our society , it bears some demerits as well. Some of the disadvantages of urbanization are: 1. Increase of population 2. Movement of people from rural to urban areas 3. Increase of Industries and factories 4. Increase in pollution in the environment 5. Farmers losing their farms 6. Cutting down forests 8. Distraction in the eco- system The Urbanization of Bangladesh is increasing rapidly, which should be considered as a good thing! 7. Global warming
  • 7. As we can see from the graph in the left side, urbanization is of Bangladesh increasing rapidly. But it is also clear that with the increase of urbanization population of our country is also increasing! And with the raise of population the need for food, clothes and shelter are also rising…With the increase of basic needs, people are looking for better jobs and moving towards the cities, thus making the cities over crowded and densely populated. All those are related and are discussed as follows:
  • 8. With urbanization industries and factories are also increasing, which is again followed by air, water, soil and sound pollutions.
  • 9. We are losing the beauty of our country as we are losing the greenery. Which is due to cutting down forests and trees to fulfill the demand of rising population and for the industries. As such farmers are losing their farms and jobs due to pollution created by those factories and also because they want to move in to the cities for better paid jobs. Which might lead us to a worse situation…
  • 10. With Urbanization global warming is increasing. For which we can say, its not only effecting human beings but also all the living creatures in the world. Due to deforestation animals are losing their homes and thus some of those r on their way to extinct.
  • 11. Present Condition of Urbanization in Bangladesh
  • 12. Spatial Pattern of Urban Centers in Bangladesh
  • 13. Due to population growth cities are becoming impossible to live in near future . As population increases pollution increases
  • 14. Looking at the bright sides Economical growth increased Education system developed Agricultural development
  • 15. Prospects The term of urbanization means rendering urban facilities to a particular area. This Speaks of development in certain sectors of a particular locality.
  • 16. Prospects of Urbanization  Sectors of Developments: > Electrification > Road Communication > Establishing School > Health Care > Pure Drinking Water > Sanitation > Construction of Planned Residential Houses > Increasing Social Safety
  • 17. Electrification: Electrification plays an important role in our Development. With this people can enjoy all the modern facilities. Road Communication: By establishing road communication an undeveloped area may be connect with a developed area. So people can move from one area to another area easily. Market For agricultural products increases. This will help the people of both the areas and Another area also Prospects of Urbanization
  • 18. Education: Establishing school will make the people of the area educated and self conscious. Health Sector: By proper urbanization people will be aware of proper sanitation system so they can be free from various diseases. Water supply: Arrangement of pure drinking water will save people from various diseases Prospects of Urbanization
  • 19. By improving living standard the people will construct their houses in a planed way. When the development activities will start there will be more job opportunities for the people. Prospects of Urbanization
  • 20. Presented By Ariful Haque Shawon, Nilima Khan Rezwana Ahmed & Tanvir Hossain Tahsin Batch: 35 Department of Architecture University of Asia Pacific
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