US 98/US 441 at Taylor Creek (Bridge No. 910054) Okeechobee County

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FPID Number: 419706 1 62 01 Federal Aid Project Number: Not Applicable. US 98/US 441 at Taylor Creek (Bridge No. 910054) Okeechobee County. District 1. Presented by:. January 10, 2012. INTRODUCTION TO STANLEY CONSULTANTS, INC. 98 Years – Providing Multi-Discipline
FPID Number: 419706 1 62 01Federal Aid Project Number: Not ApplicableUS 98/US 441 at Taylor Creek (Bridge No. 910054)Okeechobee CountyDistrict 1Presented by:January 10, 2012INTRODUCTION TO STANLEY CONSULTANTS, INC
  • 98 Years – Providing Multi-Discipline
  • Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Construction Services
  • Headquarters in Muscatine, IA
  • Florida Offices in Sarasota, Bonita Springs & West Palm Beach
  • Performed Many Florida Bridge/Roadway CEI Projects
  • Team Possesses Proven, Similar Bridge CEI Expertise, Knowledge and
  • Dedication.
  • Josue Rivera, EI
  • Project administrator / css
  • Henry Coker
  • Senior bridge inspector
  • Additional Available Personnel
  • Terry Stork
  • Susan Hindman
  • Project Manager
  • David M. Dixon, PE
  • Manny Then, PE
  • Henry Coker
  • Senior Bridge/Roadway Inspector
  • Stanley Consultants, Inc
  • KEY PERSONNEL CAPABILITIES AND QUALIFICATIONSCERTIFICATIONS / TRAINING* Expired Certifications / Pending RecertificationCEI TEAM AVAILABILITYAvailability for US 98/US 441 AT TAYLOR CREEK CEI Project EXPERIENCEDCEI TEAMRoles and responsibilitiesDavid M. Dixon, PE – Senior Project Engineer Responsible for Overall Management of Project Team, Project Staffing and Administrative Issues. Primary Primavera P6 CPM Schedule Reviewer. Dave is also BCI Certified, and Will Oversee the Bridge Coatings Inspection. EXPERIENCED CEI TEAMRoles and responsibilitiesJosue Rivera, EI– Project Administrator and Contract Support Specialist Responsible for Management of Field Operations, Contractor’s Monthly Invoice, Work Orders, Supplement Agreements and Claims Resolution. Day-to-Day Contract Administration Including but not Limited to Responding to RFI’s, Shop Drawings Review, Daily Correspondence with Contractor, FDOT and Engineer of Record. Josue will Perform Daily Review of MOT and earn BCI Certification and Lead the Coatings Inspection.EXPERIENCEDCEI TEAMRoles and responsibilitiesHenry Coker – Senior Bridge Inspector Responsible for Daily Inspection of all Bascule Bridge Mechanical, Structural and Electrical Items, Tender House Rehabilitation. Documentation of Daily Inspection Reports in Site Manager and Logging of any Materials Testing into LIMS. Henry will aid with Bridge Coatings Inspection. SIMILAR PROJECT EXPERIENCESIMILAR PROJECT EXPERIENCEAWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnderstanding the scope of servicesA Brief Journey to the World of Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation…1920’s – Johnson Street Bridge1850’s - Blagoveshchensky Bridge 2000’s – Historic Bridge of LionsAWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnderstanding the scope of servicesHence, BasculeBridge No. 910054 on US 98 / US 441 at Taylor Creek…AWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnderstanding the scope of services
  • Built in 1948
  • Single Leaf Bascule Bridge
  • Approx. Span Length of 244.8 ft.
  • Status: Open to Two-Way Traffic
  • According to the Contract Plans, Average Daily Vehicular Traffic as of 2009 is of 10,600.
  • AWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnique issuesMaintenance of Traffic
  • Safe Traffic Control Through Construction Zone
  • Flat Approaches Tend to Mislead Local Traffic
  • Proper Utilization of Advance Warning Devices and
  • PCMS and Off Duty Officers
  • Eastbound Approach to Bridge
  • Spalls, Cracks and Delaminations
  • Soundings, Mark Delaminated Area, Chip-Clean & Fill
  • Proper Measurement, Documentation in SiteManager
  • Repair per Spall Repair Details on Plan Sheet No. 40.
  • and FDOT Standard Specifications 926 and 930.
  • Shallow Spall on BeamAWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnique issuesNon-Standard Traffic RailingExisting Traffic Railing System
  • Existing Traffic Railing
  • Non-Standard, Structurally Obsolete System
  • 12 Foot Centers Between Vertical Posts
  • Evidence of Cracks and Concrete Spalls at Various Locations
  • AWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnique issuesGuardrail & Guardrail Tie-in
  • Existing Guardrail Out of Spec. (<1’-9”)
  • Large Notch Cut in Existing Guardrail in SE Corner
  • W-Beam Guardrail Should Transition to Thrie-Beam
  • W-Beam Attached Directly to Multiple Vertical
  • Posts
  • Current Guardrail Tie-In
  • Control House
  • Existence of Asbestos Contaminated Hazardous Materials
  • Request Contractor Provide Asbestos Abatement Plan at
  • Pre-Con Meeting
  • Compare to NESHAP Requirements
  • Courtesy Notice of Asbestos Demolition to DEP
  • Written Notice of Intent to Perform Asbestos Abatement
  • 13 Days Prior to Start of Demolition.
  • Bridge Tender House AWARENESS/APPROACH TO PROJECTUnique issuesBascule Mechanism and Electrical Components
  • Close inspection for replacement and/or recondition of:
  • Recondition Curved Racks, Speed Reducer, Gear Train,
  • Brakes and Live Load Shoes
  • Clean and Lubricate Span Locks Receiver and Front &
  • Rear Guides
  • Polish Trunnions, Temp Bridge Closure (2-8 Days Detour)
  • Mechanical Room
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Installation of New 20 HP, 900 RPM Motor and Electrical Service
  • Service Disconnect, Control and Drive Cabinets, Control Desk and Lighting
  • Inspect and Ensure the Contractor Meets the Requirements of the Construction
  • Contract Documents, Specifications, NEC and UL and Any Applicable Permits,
  • Coordinate with the Contractor and Subs to Resolve any Deviations, Defects, or
  • Deficiencies Observed in the Electrical Work.
  • Taylor Creek to Lake Okeechobee
  • is a Navigable Waterway
  • Submit Pre-Construction Check List
  • 30 Days Prior to Construction
  • 72 Hours Notice Prior to Closure of
  • The Bridge to Boat Traffic
  • Structural Steel Coatings
  • Review of the Contractor's Containment Plan for
  • Emissions Control
  • Lead Paint Not Identified in the Plans
  • Possibility of Lead Contamination on a Bridge
  • Test for the Presence of Lead.
  • Overcoated Steel
  • Contaminated Paint or Other Material Shall be Properly Disposed of in Accordance With All
  • Federal, State and Local Regulations; and Section 561 of the FDOT Standard Specifications.
  • Overcoating an Aged Coating With Epoxy Mastic SometimeResults in “Pinholing", or
  • “Bubbling" of the Paint. Abrasive Blasting to Clean Steel and Application of a Fresh Coating
  • System could be an Alternative.
  • PROPOSED APPROACH TO PROJECTQuality Assurance review
  • Independent Quality Assurance Schedule
  • Initial Quality Assurance Review Within the First Two Months
  • Company-Wide Quality Assurance Program and Project Specific Quality
  • Control Plan
  • Jim McLellan, PE will Perform Independent QA Reviews
  • Stanley Consultants is ready to build successful projects for you
  • PROPOSED APPROACH TO PROJECTQuality Assurance reviewWe will be performing our Quality Assurance duties in accordance with the Contract and FDOT Standards. Activities will include:
  • Verification of Contractors Permits (US Coast
  • Guard, NPDES, Asbestos abatement, local,
  • etc.)
  • Field Inspection of MOT
  • Review and Transmittal of Submittals and
  • Shop Drawings
  • Verification that Products Utilized are on
  • Qualified Products List
  • Field Observation of Contractor's Work
  • Activities
  • Field Measurements for Pay Quantities
  • Inspectors Daily Report Data input into Site
  • Manager (Pay Items, etc.)
  • Materials Sampling & Input into LIMS
  • (concrete, asphalt, steel)
  • Aiding Contractor with Quality Control
  • Paperwork
  • Recording Special Pay Item Documentation in
  • Field Books (Spall Repair)
  • Work Orders, Supplemental Agreements and
  • Monthly Progress Estimates
  • Potential Claims Documentation
  • Certified Final Estimate
  • Work with the Contractor
  • We will work with the Contractor for Success of the Project using the
  • "The 3 C's":
  • COORDINATE with the Contractor on:
  • Lane Closure Notification, Location and Duration
  • VECP's
  • Measure Quantities Together for Payment
  • COOPERATE by working together with
  • the Contractor:
  • Primavera CPM Schedule Reviews
  • Failing Materials Resolution
  • Unforeseen Work/Work Orders/Supplemental Agreements
  • CONGRATULATE the Contractor:
  • Applaud Good Workmanship
  • Give Credit Where and When it's Appropriate
  • Flexible Personnel to Match Construction Requirements
  • Economy of Personnel
  • Experienced, "Bascule Literate" Inspector as Senior Bridge Inspector
  • Engineer Intern As Combination Project Administrator and Contract Support Specialist
  • Stanley Consultants is Ready to Bring in Highly Skilled Electrical and Mechanical Components Inspectors to Support the Project.
  • Cross Training
  • Coatings Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • OTHER CONSIDERATIONSCommunication is key to success
  • Coordinate with FDOT’S Public Information Director (Cindy Clemmons-Adente) for all Temporary Bridge Closures/Detours, Distribute “Door Hangers”, Utility Issue Notifications
  • Communication with Agencies
  • USCG
  • DEP
  • Communication with Local Residents
  • Always Keep Project Manager Informed
  • Rapid Conflict Resolution / Claims Prevention
  • Anticipate and Resolve Issues Before They Become Problems
  • OTHER CONSIDERATIONSWorking together Fdot staff & CEI TeamOTHER CONSIDERATIONSCommitment to satisfy the Department’s needs
  • Establish a Long Lasting Professional Relationship based on:
  • Service to District 1 / Sebring Operations
  • Swift Response to Issues
  • Supporting the Department’s Goals
  • Maintaining Public Safety
  • WHY SELECT STANLEY TEAMTeam With Extensive Experience in Bascule BridgesSimilar Projects ExperienceCommitment to Meet the Department’s GoalsWhy Select the Stanley Team?Working Knowledge of FDOT Process and ProceduresQUESTIONS??????Thank You
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