Using Milestones Effectively

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Using Milestones Effectively. How do we measure progress?. We ask ‘Hi, How is it going?…’. And this can be a very useful human interaction, for example…. But it is NOT a progress-measuring device!. What is a Milestone?.
Using Milestones EffectivelyHow do we measure progress?We ask ‘Hi, How is it going?…’And this can be a very useful human interaction, for example….But it is NOT a progress-measuring device!What is a Milestone?A significant event in the schedule of a project, usually the completion of a deliverableWhatuse is a milestone?If specified properly, it is the only way that a project manager can be sure that work has been done satisfactorilySo now, how do we measure progress?We ask ‘Hi, where is the xyz thing’And there can only be one of two answers: ‘it is here’, or ‘it is not here’.Our challenge is to make this enquiry sound motivating, not grasping !Tasks and milestonesMilestone A:report completed to company standard, and signed off by the Project BoardTask A1Task A2Task A3 Milestone ATask B1Task B2Task B3Task B4 Milestone BzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzThe full formality…New claims processing system implemented:According to specification AA123Tested by Bill Smith, Manager of Claims TeamSigned off by Mary Jones, Claims DirectorMilestone Name, in noun/verb formatAcceptance CriteriaTesting MethodAuthorised person to sign offImplicationsWho will check/sign off the deliverable?Is the standard already defined?Are the team members trained to meet that standard?Milestones often create tasks…Where do they come from?the Project Definition documentsyour experienceyour colleagues, team members, customers, boss, support personnelsuppliers, ‘regulators’manuals, guidelines, methodologies
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