Vocabulary in Pictures Unit V

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Vocabulary in Pictures Unit V. The bank robber’s accomplice sat with trembling hands on the wheel. New York’s Twin Towers were annihilate d on September 11, 2001. Our seating arrangement, created before the first class, was completely arbitrary .
Vocabulary in Pictures Unit VThe bank robber’s accomplice sat with trembling hands on the wheel.New York’s Twin Towers were annihilated on September 11, 2001.Our seating arrangement, created before the first class, was completely arbitrary.Jody blew into town with a brazen attitude and took over the town.Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was the catalystfor U.S. involvement in World War II.Hurricane Katrina caused a mass exodus of Louisiana residents.Unable to facilitate peace, the mom left her children to squabble.Incorrigible actions often result in unavoidable repercussions.Hagrid was the one who initially brought the news to Harry about his latent wizardry talents.Themilitant actions of PETA protestors ruined the celebrity’s fur coat with paint.Many people believe the validity of Nostradamus’s morose calendar of predictions.The slightly opaque quality of the stained glass window gave the room an isolated feel.Winning the Oscar was the paramount moment of her career.Identical twins often prattle on in their own language no one else can understand.Unable to rebut his father’s argument, Andy went to bed without dessert.Too many reprimands from the teacher will get you sent to the principal’s office!Unfamiliar with a life of servitude, Scarlett had a difficult time doing things for herself after the war.Bart’s last-minute slapdash attempt at his homework resulted in a poor grade.The older toys lie stagnant in the corner of the room, having been abandoned for new birthday gifts.I refused to succumb to the pressure to try the latest cool drug at the party.
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