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   1   Wayfarers' - 'Collected Works Vol.1' (1998)   Buddhist Devotional songs in English. songs from the first two albums of the Wayfarers' - Moments of Inspiration (1982) and The Sunrise Comes (1983) . Since their release, the songs continue to be much loved and sung. Even after all these years they have not lost their magic. Wayfarers (MP3 Download)  http://www.buddhanet.net/audio-songs.htm  “Buddhist Hymns book” Published by Buddhist Missionary Society, Brickfields, KL. Malaysia 1.The Bodhisattva   2. Climb the Path with Gladness   3 .Right Thought   4. Oh! Suffering World   5. Infinite Love and Wisdom 6. Wheel of Life 7. Why?   8. The Bodhi Tree   9. The Three Signs   10. Thoughts   11. Let's Sing the Praises 12. Right Action 13. Buddhist Doxology   14. Children of the Buddha 15. Anthem of Unity   16. The Sunrise Comes   17.Nirvana's Endless Day   18.Truth Within You   19.The Flower of Mankind   20.Wesak Dawn   21.Mortal and Immortal   22.His Love lit Image   23.The Blessed Refuges   24.The Law of Karma   25.Fare-Ye-Well   26.Song of the Pilgrim   27.Self Reliance   28.Angulimala     2   Children Buddhist Songs “PASS IT ON” http://www.buddhanet.net/audio-songs.htm   (1)Birth of the Buddha Lyrics/Music: Daniel Yeo In the ancient land A child is born Once in a time so long And the gods and men So they said Homage to the Lord  Namo tassa Bhagavato-arahato Samma-sambuddhassa” Translation: Homage to that Lord, the Worthy One. Perfectly enlightened by Himself (2)To Love Is To Care & Be Kind Lyric/Music Imee Ooi Be kind to all your friends and family Be kind to cats and butterflies and tress Don’t hurt the fishes swimming in the sea Here is what the Buddha says to me To Love is to care for all living around us To Love is to be kind to all beings around us (3)Don’t Be Angry Lyrics: Imee Ooi Music: Woon Yoke Fun If you’re angry You’ll make yourself An ugly little child, ugly little child Put on a smile And cheer up Make your daddy and mummy proud La la la la la la la la Anger scares your friends away La la la la la la la la So smile and brighten up your day (4)Compassion Lyrics: Imes Ooi Music: Woon Yoke Fun Praise the Lord, Lord Buddha Embrace the world With compassion Praise the Lord, Lord Buddha Maha karuniko natho Hitaya sabbapaninam” Translation The Lord, the Great Compassion For welfare of all beings (5)It’s Great To Give Lyrics/Music: Daniel Yeo It’s great to give, it’s a blessing to be able to give It’s better for you to give than to always receive Just like the Buddha, he perfected the act of giving I wish one day too, I’ll be like Him (6)He’s Here For You and Me Lyrics/Music: Daniel Yeo If you have a problem Don’t worry, hand it over to the Buddha Just listen to Him and you will see the light To all the darkness and miseries Gautama Buddha, He’s here for you and me By your side Day and night Rain and shine Gautama Buddha, He’s here for you and me Welcome Him to our hearts Till eternity Gautama Buddha, He’s here (7)Pass It On Lyrics: Daniel Yeo Music: Imee Ooi There is a gift from lord Buddha I like to share with my family Share it with my friends And take it around the world and share it with all beings Pass it on, pass it on Let the Buddha’s wisdom stay on Pass it on, Pass it on Let the Buddha’s love spread on Pass it on, pass it on Let the Buddha’s teaching goes on and on   3 (1)THE BODHISATTVA Sujatha Hettiarachchi Victor Wee Let me a pure white lotus be Unfolding in Samsara’s stream, Let all the gloom of misery Be gathered in my lotus dream; Let each dew drop that studded lie On each white radiant fold, Reflect the mercy of the law That turns death’s bliss to gold. Let every wave that tumbles down, Their curled slim of wrath, repair To lotus roots of dusky brown, In my compassion’s bounty share; Let every sparks of vengeance rowed Round lotus stalks entwine. And greed and lies transformed by love In lotus heart enshrine. When each life drop has sped away Across my pure white lily door When I have drained all sorrow may I speed to deck that lustless floor. Let every petal softly fold, In summer’s golden shine Retreat to claim the splendid prize  Nirvana’s joy last Mine! (2)CLIMB THE PATH WITH GLADNESS D Hunt Climb the Path with gladness, In the field of life, Vanquishing illusion, Ignorance and strife. Brotherhood and service, Shall our motto be, And the goal before us, Truth and liberty. We will teach Thy Dharma, Wheresoe’re we go Wisdom, Love, Compassion, In our actions show. We must stand together Fighting side by side, Truth is undivided This must be our guide. All divisions vanish Where the Truth is known, This the greatest lesson By Lord Buddha shown. Forward marching ever In the Dharma’s might, Till we lead the nations Into the endless light. (3)ANTHEM OF UNITY Piyasilo Victor Wee In unity we stand In harmony we strive, The Cause shall never end, As long as we’re alive. We’re one, we’re one. Always, always. We’re one always. One Cause, one Cause enfolding us Along Dharma’s way. One cosmic brotherhood, One purpose moulding us, Bringing us all to good, Kindling the Light in us. Strive on, Strive on, Heedfully, heedfully. Strive on heedfully. Along, along the Eightfold Way To Nirvana’s day. (4)RIGHT THOUGHT Sumangalo Right thought will lead me on To wisdom’s holy height, And show to me the surest way, To pass through sorrow’s night. Right Thought will light me through The shadows of this life; “Twill ease my heart and peace assure, And free my mind from strife. Right Thought will be my guide Across life’s troubled sea; My pilot, compass, star and chart, Right Thought shall ever be. Right Thought will keep me on The way to perfect peace, And ferry to other shore, Where all Illusions cease. (5)OH! SUFFERING WORLD Tan Huat Chye Victor Wee T.H.C Oh! Suffering world. You shall not come back again. Oh! Suffering World, When you’ve stifled desire’s flame. Then there’ll be no tears of sorrow In your eyes, my friend, You’ll know the bliss of one Who enters freedom land; Oh! Suffering World,   4 You shall not come back again. (6)INFINITE LOVE AND WISDOM Ancient Chant Victor Wee We clothe ourselves, safely round, With Infinity love and wisdom, With love, with love, With infinite love and wisdom. (7)WHEEL OF LIFE TanHuatChye How high is the mountain, How deep is the sea, How long will man learn to live. How blue is the ocean. How green is the leaf. How long will man learn to be free. CHORUS: For you shall not go Round and round again In the wheel of life; And you shall not go Down and down again, With your fruitless strive. How long is the night To the sleepless one, Waiting for the morn to come, How long is the road. To the weary one, Carrying on the route that he can’t (CHORUS and repeat verse 1) (8)WHY Tan Huat Chye Why must they all lie? Why must they deny? The words that He had said, And the Eightfold Way. Why do they close their minds And choose to be so blind? Thro’s birth, and death and change, Round they will go again. CHORUS: Round and round they’ll go again, Round they’ll go again. Down and down they’re burnt in flames, Down they’ll go in pain. Why do they deafen their ears? Why do they not hear? The words of love and peace, From the Master’s seat. Why have they blinded their eyes To the tears of life? And round they’re bound in chains, Round they’ll go in pain. (CHORUS) Why must they all fight? Why must they all strive So hard and heedlessly In Samsara Sea? Why do they find no delight In the Dhamma’s light? And evil falls like rains, In pain they go again. (CHORUS) (9)THE BODHI TREE Sujatha Hettiarachchi In the forest dense and wild Providing shade for fierce and mild, Beloved by both man and child, The Holy Bodhi Stands. In the city’s sun-browned heart Where the highways meet and part, Beneath whose shade the sparrows dart The Holy Bodhi stands. Down the river’s fertile shore Where young meet for Dhamma’s lore Enshrined within a pilgrim door, The Holy Bodhi stands. Years by thousands have gone by Since that Indian Prince did sigh, And where became The Buddha high, The Holiest Bodhi stands! (10)THE THREE SIGNS Geraldine E. Lyster Dukkha, Anicca, Anatta The leaves are falling fast, The reign of the rose is ended, The sky is overcast. The whole world is filled with sadness, From city and Jungle rise; The cry of life’s suffering children The daylight slowly dies. Our lord looked with love and pity Upon every living being, From the lowliest child of nature To the mightiest crowned king. For hatred, delusion, passion Still claim and enslave us all, And each alike on the wheel of change Must suffer, and rise, and fall.
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