What is MONEY worth?

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What is MONEY worth?. AGENDA April 12, 2011. Today’s topic: What is MONEY worth? What can we learn from Yap? Individual Conferences (“Class Surveys”) & Work Time (DRAFT “Portfolio Cover Page”) Administrative : Introductions – Mrs. Smith Homework due Wed., April 13 (tomorrow):
What isMONEYworth?AGENDAApril 12, 2011Today’s topic:What is MONEYworth?What can we learn from Yap?Individual Conferences (“Class Surveys”) & Work Time (DRAFT “Portfolio Cover Page”)Administrative:Introductions – Mrs. SmithHomework due Wed., April 13 (tomorrow):Complete DRAFT of “Portfolio Cover Page”What isMONEYworth?The value of MONEYPlace the currency in order: Most valuable to least valuableNeed a hint?Need another hint?The value of MONEYRocks / Blank paper: PricelessU.S. Dollar, coins (1): $1.00U.S. Dollar, paper (1): $1.00Chinese Yuan (10): $1.71Mexican Peso (20): $1.88Hong Kong Dollar (20): $2.85U.S. Dollar (3): $3.00South African Rand (20): $3.30European Euro (3): $4.74U.S. Dollar (5): $5.00UK Pound (3): $5.42Czech Koruna (100): $6.47Danish Kroner (50): $10.59What is money?YESNOYESYESYESYESYESNOYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESWelcome to YapThis American Life#423: The Invention of MoneyJanuary 7, 2011AUDIOIndependent Work
  • Work completed on your own
  • Materials on desk
  • Working on assigned tasks
  • No talking or partner sharing
  • Room is quiet
  • Partner or Group Work Say hello / make eye contactPair share / take turnsUse a quiet voice and make an honest effort to communicate. At desk or assigned placeMaterials are out and task is being actively worked on.Work Time:DRAFT Portfolio Cover PageIndividual Conferences: Class SurveysWhen I call you, come to my desk to discuss your “Class Survey”
  • Individually, work on your DRAFT Portfolio Cover Pages
  • When your DRAFT is complete, discuss it with the 1st available student
  • Use the “Portfolio Cover Page — Peer Review” handout
  • HomeworkBefore you leave
  • Put chairs on desk
  • Turn in Guided Notes handout
  • Homework due tomorrow (Wed., April 13):
  • Complete DRAFT of “Portfolio Cover Page”
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