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Witherspoon Institute document calling for a study similar to the New Family Structures Study, published in August 2008, titled, Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles
  Te Witherspoon Institute Marriage and the Public Good: en Principles Princeton, New Jersey August 2008   Te Witherspoon Institute is grateful to the John empleton Foundation and the Social rends Institute for the financial assistance that has made this research possible. Te opinions expressed in this report are those of the signatories and do not necessarily reflect the  views of the John empleton Foundation or the Social rends Institute.   Marriage and the Public Good: en Principles   www.princetonprinciples.org © 2008 by Te Witherspoon Institute Tis book is the sole property of Te Witherspoon Institute. It may not be altered or edited in any way. It may be reproduced for circulation only in its entirety, without charge. All reproductions of this book must contain the copyright notice (i.e., “Copyright © 2008 by Te Witherspoon Institute) and this Copyright/Reproduction Limitations notice. Please notify the Witherspoon Institute of any intentions to circulate or reproduce this book. Tis book may not be used without the permission of Te Witherspoon Institute for resale or the enhancement of any other product sold. Te Witherspoon Institute16 Stockton StreetPrinceton, New Jersey 08540 USA  www.winst.org  Contents  Executive Summary   1I. Te Challenge to Marriage and Family oday 3II. Marriage and the Public Good: en Principles 5III. Evidence from the Social and Biological Sciences 9IV. Analysis from Political and Moral Philosophy: Te Intrinsic Goods of Marriage 20V. American Exceptionalism and the Way Forward 23  Notes 26 Signatories   30  About the Witherspoon Institute   34  Marriage and the Public Good: en Principles   is the result of scholarly discussions that began in December 2004 at a meeting in Princeton, New Jersey, sponsored by the Witherspoon Institute. Tis conference brought together scholars from economics, history, law, philosophy, psychiatry, and sociology to share with each other the findings of their re-search on why marriage, understood as the permanent union of husband and wife, is in the public interest. A consensus developed among the participants in favor of sharing more widely the fruit of their collaboration.  Te Witherspoon Institute is an independent research center located in Princeton, New Jersey. It is not connected to Princeton University, the Princeton Teological Seminary, Te Center for Teological Inquiry, or the Institute for Advanced Study. For more information, please contact the drafting committee of the Principles, at  principles@winst.org.
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