WWII 14th Air Force Intelligence Report

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Army Air Forces
  I 1ST I 3 LI E, TELLICENCE SUMMARY Instructors Reading this Document Bigii Solow fo. —: —) Date . EK ENDING :r,s7 py No -.:Jl ._ '* o UNCLASSIF SHEET PREPARED 24 SCU ED BY 2201ST ENGR.AVN REGT  ^By authority of the Commanding General,14th Air Forceã 2 September 1945FINAL ISSUE FOURTEENTH AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERSWEEKLY INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY Transfer of 14th Air Fore© Headquarters during early August preventedregular publication of the 8 and 15August Weekly Intelligence Summaries«With tfee cessation* fcheaj, pf ho&til*ities it was thought approfirlafc© topostpone th© n©xt issue until officialV*tf Bay to incittd© a 3\amraai»y ©i activity during the final two wholesof eanbat# Moreover, boe&us* the 14th Air Fore© Saamayy hcta almod «rin©» Its inception to synthesize and disseminat©only such information as bor© ljnm©di«ately upon the 14th Air Force mis a ionagainst the enemy within the ChinaTheater, it is further appropriatethat with the successful conclusion ofthat mission the Weekly IntelligenceSummary should, with this issve, appearfor the last time* m . hi.i .J.t'ZQB1 urn 3200. .10  SENT OURTIESTH 1R ENEMY AIRCRAFT LOSSES JULY 1942- AUGUST 1945AERIAL COMBAT ON GROUND TOTALDESTROYED 1291 1057 2348PROBABLY DESTRD.558 220 778VS C.AIF 8 FOURTEENTH AIR FORCE LOSSES AIR COMBAT - GROUND FIRE - ON GROUND 464ENEMY SHIPPING LOSSES JULY 1942 - AUGUST 1945SUNK PROBABLY SUNK DAMAGED994,389TONS414,700TONS861,600TONS TOTAL-2,270,689 TONS REPRODUCED BY 220IST ENGR. AVN. REGT.  ENEMY TRANSPORTATION LOSSES LOCOMOTIVES R.R.CARS TRUCKS BRIDGESAPPROACHESDESTROYED 1072 1243 4783 573 DAMAGED2707 5725 7354 654 CASUALTIES INFLICTEDBY AIR ATTACK PERSONNEL HORSES 66,782 19,757 REPRODUCED BY 220)ST ENGR. AVN. REGT
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