6 th Grade Assignments

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6 th Grade Assignments. T1 Week 2. Mom!. Go.hrw.com www.mrssyfert.wikispaces.com Daily Language Practice Zangle parent Connect. 6 th Grade Independent Study Assignments T1Week 2 Due September 16th. Name__________ Total Work Completed: _______% Help:
6thGrade Assignments T1 Week 2 Mom!
  • Go.hrw.com
  • www.mrssyfert.wikispaces.com
  • Daily Language Practice
  • Zangle parent Connect
  • 6th Grade Independent Study Assignments T1Week 2Due September 16th Name__________ Total Work Completed: _______% Help: [email protected] www.mrssyfert.wikispaces.com 760-404-7289 (1-3) *No Messages Please
  • Physical Education Assignments:
  • ______P.E. Log (320 Minutes)
  • 5 PE Credits Due November 15th
  • Grade__________
  • TW____________%
  • Math Ch. 1 Lesson 1 Evaluate Algebraic Expressions-Pg. 6 Writing Algebraic Expressions-Pg. 10 Math Objectives: Students will… -understand the identity, commutative and associative property of numbers -will do math problems with variables -write verbal word problems that express math problems
  • Assignments:
  • __________Do go.hrw.com lessons 1-4, 1-5 and 1-6. __________________(P.S)
  • __________Ch.1 Lesson 4 Quest. Pg. 22
  • __________Ch. 1 Lesson 5 Questions Pgs. 26-27
  • __________Ch. 1 Lesson 6 Questions Pgs. 30-31 (1-30)
  • __________Homework and Practice Workbook Lessons 1-4 and 1-5and 1-6
  • Study Quiz Pg. 32
  • Grade_________
  • TW___________%
  • Just Once
  • Plot Map
  • www.readwritethink.org
  • Test
  • 6th Grade Language ArtsChapter 1 Quickdraw: What is an environment or setting that lifts your spirits? Draw it! My Favorite Setting… See “All Summer” Powerpoint
  • www.mrssyfert.wikispaces.com
  • Pronouns Pronouns Find them…. I don’t like to bodysurf with them.
  • I, You, He, She, It, We, They, them
  • Daily Language Practice
  • www.chompchomp.com
  • Language ArtsT1-Week 1 Objectives: Students will….
  • Be able to summarize the story using main plot points (Lang. Objective)
  • Identify pronouns
  • Analyze how setting influences plot
  • Take detailed notes
  • Into (Strategic Students)____Fluency Builder Activities (3 per week administered by parent) Through(All Students)
  • ____Read 1st ½ of “All Summer In A Day” Pgs. 26-31. Do Focus Questions A-E.
  • ____Reader-Writer Notebook Activities for “Just Once…” Pgs. 1, 12, 13,14,10,
  • ____Grammar Link pg. 37 (1-5)
  • ____Read “Notes, Outlines, and Summaries” Pgs. 64-71. Do Applying Your Skills Questions pg. 72.
  • ____Daily Language Practice Day 2 (Use internet sources)
  • Beyond (Advanced and Extra Credit)
  • Read a novel of your choice. Complete book report at end
  • Read Novel…Secret Garden” Complete book report at end
  • Science Fiction Essay (See back of Packet)
  • Start the year right! Packet-To return Housekeeping Stamping/Grading PE Starts Oct. 1 Put on Post It Schedule All tutoring starts Oct. 1 Put on Post It Calendar Min. Days
  • Packet for work
  • Technology Use
  • Insurance???
  • Return to me if you have insurance
  • Emergency Card
  • Grade and Attendance
  • PPT
  • Earth Science Objectives: -Students will use the scientific method to conduct an experiment -will use a lab report to report findings from an experiment Will know the difference between scientific law and scientific theory - Earth Science Language Arts Connection Note Taking Title 2 Columns Terms Left-Blue Headings Right-Details
  • L.A. Pg. 64
  • Science 1.2/1.3 Powerpoint
  • PPT
  • Sequence Chart
  • Applying the Scientific Method Lab Report
  • 1a. Observation: Different rocks weigh differently.
  • 1b. Question: Does iron in lava rocks make it more dense (weigh more)?
  • Earth Science
  • Assignments:
  • Into/Through
  • _____Read Ch. 1 Lesson 2. Take Cornell Notes.
  • _____Do Ch. 1 Lesson 2 Questions Pg. 13
  • _____Read Ch. 1 Lesson 3. Take Cornell Notes.
  • _____Do Ch. 1 Lesson 3 Questions Pg. 17
  • _____Sci. Method Sequence Chart
  • _____Lab Report (Rocks)
  • Grade__________
  • TW___________%
  • Beyond: -Find an experiment online that you would like to do as homework. Bring to class. _Watch “How the Earth Was Made” on TV-Summarize World History Objectives: -Students will summarize how the agricultural revolution came about -Describe the occupations of people in the first communities -Describe what life was like in early villages Geography Review The World
  • Pretest in pencil
  • Map in Textbook
  • Continent Review
  • Test next week
  • Answers Chapter 2 Lesson 1- Early Man Vocabulary- Pg. 51 Life Science
  • Assignments:
  • Into/Through
  • _____Read Ch. 2 Lesson 2. Take Cornell Notes.
  • _____Do Ch. 2 Lesson 2 Questions Pg. 62
  • _____Read Ch. 2 Lesson 3. Take Cornell Notes.
  • _____Do Ch. 2 Lesson 3 Questions pg. 69
  • _____Workbook 2-2 and 2-3
  • Grade__________
  • TW___________%
  • Beyond: -Make a diorama of a prehistoric man cave -Plant activity Pg. 63 -Internet activity Pg. 64
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