Becoming an Effective Literacy Teacher

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Becoming an Effective Literacy Teacher . Essential Questions. What do I know about the LEARNER? How do these understandings IMPACT TEACHING AND LEARNING? 8 PRINCIPLES . 8 Principles to Successful Literacy Instruction. Principle 1.
Becoming an Effective Literacy Teacher Essential Questions
  • What do I know about the LEARNER?
  • How do these understandings IMPACT TEACHING AND LEARNING? 8 PRINCIPLES
  • 8 Principles to Successful Literacy Instruction Principle 1 Effective Teachers Appreciate the Uniqueness of Young Adolescents THINK: What characteristics need to be considered when teaching the adolescent student? Physical Development
  • Growth spurts
  • Physical Growth
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep habits
  • Puberty
  • Physical changes (i.e. Voice, facial hair, etc.)
  • Cause self-consciousness
  • Social Development
  • Peer Groups
  • High sensitivity
  • Same-sex friendships flourish – for emotional support
  • Search for Identity-
  • who am I? Where am I going?
  • Social Justice
  • what’s “fair”
  • New awareness of social issues (homelessness, the environment, etc.)
  • Intellectual Development
  • Reasoning Ability
  • -shift from concrete thinking (the apple is red) to abstract reasoning (How many apples would fit in the basket on the shelf?)
  • Metacognition –
  • become more reflective and begin to monitor their own learning
  • Intellectual Curiosity –
  • Become inquisitive and interested in real-life situations that are relevant to them
  • What are the instructional Implications of these developmental changes? Instructional Implications developmental changes?
  • Active Learning – Keep ‘ em moving
  • Social Interactions – Collaboration!
  • Authentic Activities-”Real” experiences
  • Strategy Instruction-”tool box”
  • Individualization – Differentiate
  • Inquiry Learning-Problem Solving
  • Try this: developmental changes?
  • Using what you now know about adolescents and the way they see the world, design a small lesson with your group based on the Principles discussed.
  • Use at least 3- Instructional Implications as you create your Mini-lesson.
  • Be sure to include :
  • Learning Objective
  • Materials
  • Activities
  • Assessment
  • Here is your topic choices: developmental changes?
  • Word Building
  • Vocabulary
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Principle 2: developmental changes? Effective Teachers Understand how Children Learn Student Centered vs. Teacher Centered developmental changes? Principle 3: developmental changes? Effective Teachers Create a Nurturing Classroom Culture For successful literacy instruction... is my classroom organized? is my classroom managed? is my classroom climate and community established? Activity: developmental changes?
  • Ideal Classroom Sketch
  • Article – Questions 1-3
  • Physical space
  • Management plan
  • Starting each day
  • Revise Sketch
  • Climate?
  • Principle 4: developmental changes? Effective Teachers adopt a Balanced Approach to Instruction Balanced Literacy Approach developmental changes?
  • Reading Literature
  • Reading Nonfiction
  • New Literacies (information technology)
  • Literacy Strategies and Skills
  • Oral Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Spelling Literacy in the Middle Grades: Teaching Reading and Writing to Fourth through Eighth Grades. Gail E. Tompkins, 2010.
  • Principle 5: developmental changes? Effective Teachers Scaffold Students’ Reading and Writing How do we do ALL of This? developmental changes?Reading Workshop Model Scaffold Approach using a Variety of Authentic Materials and Direct Strategy Instruction Principle 6: developmental changes? Effective Teachers Organize for Literacy Instruction Principle 7: developmental changes? Effective Teachers Differentiate Instruction Principle 8: developmental changes? Effective Teachers Link Instruction and Assessment
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