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  ZN – HL   The simplest form of positive-pressure ventilation  Require drelaxed subject  inspiration will reflect Ersand Rrs  Expiration: passive   preset minute ventilation : RR (f ) x tidal volume (VT)  preset alveolar ventilation(VA) and CO2 clearance.  Useful:  alveolar hypoventilation(e.g. respiratory muscle weakness)  PaCO2 constant(e.g. raised intracranialpressure)   work of breathing must be minimised(e.g. severe cardiorespiratoryfailure).  CMV may not match respiratory drive  sedation, and sometimes muscle paralysis  CMV usually combined with PEEP  recruit collapsed lung and reduce intrapulmonaryshunt  Tidal Volume  traditional CMV VT has been 12 – 15 ml  Lung injury   In ALI   VT of 6 ml/kg versus 12 ml/kg, reduced mortality 30-41%

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