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Colombia conflict. Written and Researched by: Kate Safarian  Callan Rolf Hughes, Matt and Mitch. MAP of Colombia. Colombia. Population: 45, 000,000. F.A.R.C control of Columbia. F.A.R.C = Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Ten year civil war (La Violencia ) in 1948.
Colombia conflict Written and Researched by: Kate Safarian  Callan Rolf Hughes, Matt and Mitch MAP of Colombia Colombia Population: 45, 000,000 F.A.R.C control of Columbia F.A.R.C = Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
  • Ten year civil war (La Violencia) in 1948.
  • Liberal VS. Conservative
  • Assassination of Jorge ElieceGaitan (liberal)
  • Bagotazo riot Rojas Pinilla:
  • Gained presidency in 1953
  • Wanted to end violence
  • Relax censorship
  • Created public projects
  • Created 3rd force
  • History of Colombian Conflict La Violencia: The Civil War History Of Colombia
  • National Front created in 1957
  • Rural Communist militaries organized FARC
  • 200,000 dead by 1958
  • Rojas Pinilla Unable to reconstruct the society Violence began again by 1955 Became a dictatorship with strong press censorship Economy became unstable Armed forces in Colombia
  • United self defense force of Colombia was founded by Carlos Castano and his brothers
  • Were used to fight the FARC and defended Peasants from being kidnapped and ransomed
  • FARC founded by Manuel Marulanda in 1964
  • Was first used to defend peasants from the government
  • Made most of their money through drugs, kidnapping, and other crimes
  • Key Figures in Colombia
  • Ingrid Betancourt former Colombian senator
  • Taken in 2002 by FARC when travelling to San Vicente del Caguan
  • Presidential candidate trying to fight corruption inside the government
  • Pablo Escobar was a very wealthy drug lord for Medellin cartel
  • “Plata O Plomo”
  • Once controlled 80% of the cocaine distribution in Colombia
  • Robin hood to the poor, helped build schools, hospitals. Helped build up the poorer areas of west Colombia
  • 4 Key Eventsin Colombian Conflict
  • 1948-The assassination of the left-wing mayor of Bogota EliécerGaitán, leads to the “Bogotaza.”
  • 1964-The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ( FARC) is founded.
  • 1991-A New Constitution is written. It replaces the 1886 Constitution.
  • 1971- The FARC begins kidnapping as a major source of income.
  • Colombia
  • Calculated that 4 million people have been displaced in Colombia due to the conflict
  • At least 250,000 lives lost
  • FARC generates more than 50 percent of the world’s cocaine
  • Today Colombia, remains the closest US ally in South America
  • Relationship has strengthened because of Plan Colombia
  • Aid
  • Promotes democracy
  • Combats drug trafficking and terrorism
  • Alliance between Colombia and United states has created friction with neighboring countries
  • Grants US access to up to seven military bases
  • Currently in Colombia Conclusion
  • Enormous social and humanitarian impact throughout
  • President Uribe tried to run for a third term
  • Juan Manuel Santo was elected in 2010.
  • Rebel groups call a two month cease fire.
  • September 2012 Santos rejects FARC ceasefire call
  • 2012
  • 2012 Colombian Military launched Espada de Honor War Plan
  • Aggressive strategies: dismantle FARC structurecrippling militarily and financially.
  • Focused on eliminating most powerful economic and military fronts. TODAY:
  • Peace groups in Colombia to encourage social involvement
  • Solve remaining conflict.
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