Cyber-Learning Activities in Taiwan --- EM Education

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Cyber-Learning Activities in Taiwan --- EM Education. Hsi-Ching Lin NCHC. Agenda. Motivation Mission Organization The Role of the Platform by NCHC Conclusion & Future Work Q&A. Motivations. Importance of EM field theory - From ELF to visible light
Cyber-Learning Activities in Taiwan ---EM Education Hsi-Ching Lin NCHC Agenda Motivation Mission Organization The Role of the Platform by NCHC Conclusion & Future Work Q&A Motivations Importance of EM field theory - From ELF to visible light - From nano devices to ALMA. - From communication to forecasting Motivations Challenges in EM educations - The very first course in EE that simultaneously requires
  • Mathematical skills with vector calculus
  • Physical understanding of wave propagation - Long history, but we have a very limited time. - Challenges from the emergent new fields in EE. - Tendency of downplaying in the curricula in many universities.
  • Mission Project S AVE Simplicity Accessibility Visualization Edutainment - Initiated and inspired by Prof. Pengand Prof. Wu in 2011. Organization YZU Budget
  • Two-year grant sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan.
  • Courseware development: NTD 16,000,000.
  • Promotion Program:NTD 27,000,000(27 universities in Taiwan to evaluate the developed materials through trial teaching.)
  • Provide feedback from the students
  • to evaluate and enhance the quiz bank.
  • The Platform base on the Main Principle SIMPLICITY ACCESSIBILITY Cyber-Learning Platform for EM Education EDUTAINMENT VISUALIZATION Simplicity
  • Redraw the roadmap for fundamental EM education in Taiwan.
  • Comply with the goal of simplifying and condensing the contents.
  • Not to reproduce what in existent textbooks, but to develop innovative teaching thoughts and approaches.
  • Accessibility
  • Providing seamless accessibility regardless of the platforms.
  • Taking advantage of modern mobile devices and high speed data links.
  • Establishing tight connection with National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), Taiwan.
  • Visualization
  • A number of EM Animations to elaborate the physical phenomena in EM fields/waves.
  • Have received excellent feedbacks.
  • Video chips for self-learning
  • Semi-open course ware.
  • 15-20 mins per chip.
  • Customized self-learning paths.
  • Adaptive learning curve.
  • Edutainment
  • Have fun with Creative “LEGO” Experiments.
  • to stimulate students’ curiosity and interest toward EM theory.
  • Have fun with EM Animations.
  • It does work!
  • Have fun with the Video Chips and
  • “Enjoy” a quiz bank with more than 2200 problems collected from experts in Taiwan.
  • Cyber-LearningPlatform for EM Education
  • SAVE
  • S: providesimplicityand understandability multimedia course material
  • A: learningaccessibilityvia internet
  • V: providevisualizationEM math equation animation and simulation to help students understand EM math equations
  • E:learning through edutainment with multimedia course material, EM math equation animation and test bank
  • SIMPLICITY ACCESSIBILITY e-Learning Platform for EM Education VISUALIZATION EDUTAINMENT SimplicityAccessibilityVisualizationEdutainment Some samples of the slides Teaching Material Simplicity Transform each short teaching materials into multimedia materials. produce tests Divide the full teaching material (ppt) into several short teaching materials. Content Management System Contents and Interactive Animations Test Bank Content Management System SimplicityAccessibilityVisualizationEdutainment TWAREN Backbone Map
  • four core nodes
  • The Taipei Node: Taipei Technology Building
  • The Hisnchu Node: Hsinchu Headquarter, NCHC
  • The Tainan Node: Southern Business Unit, NCHC
  • The Taichung Node: Central Business Unit, NCHC
  • 12 regional network centers (a.k.a. GigaPOPs.)
  • 1 access node
  • Cyber-Learning Platform for EM Education e-learning Platform LCMS : manage teaching materials LPMS : manage learning paths LMS : manage class and students Cyber-Learning Platform SimplicityAccessibilityVisualizationEdutainment EM Math Equation Animation EM Math Equation Animation
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • EM Math Equation Animation Wave Propagation on a Transmission Line(lossless case) Generator and Load Mismatches Reflection Coefficient Smith Chart EM Math Equation Animation
  • New EM math equation animation will use WebGL to develop
  • EM Math Equation Animation
  • Ch5. Time Domain Transmission Line
  • 5.1 Bouncing Signal in T. Line w/ DC Source
  • 5.2 Bouncing Signal in T. Line w/ Impulse Source
  • 5.3 Bouncing Signals in 3 Sec. T.-Line w/ Pulse Source
  • 5.4 Bouncing Signal in a T.-Line System w Shunt/Series Discontinuity
  • Ch6. Transmission Lines
  • 6.1 Wave Propagation on a Transmission Line(lossless case)
  • 6.2 Standing Wave Pattern(lossless case)
  • 6.3 Input Impedance
  • 6.4 Generator and Load Mismatches
  • 6.5 Reflection Coefficient
  • 6.6 Wave Propagation on a Transmission Line (lossy case)
  • 6.7 Standing Wave Pattern (lossy case)
  • EM Math Equation Animation
  • Ch7. Smith Chart
  • 7.1 Smith Chart
  • 7.2 Smith Chart and Transmission Lines
  • 7.3 Quarter-wavelength Transformer
  • 7.4 Single-Stub Impedance Matching
  • 7.5 Double-Stub Impedance Matching (八分之一波長)
  • 7.6 Double-Stub Impedance Matching (十六分之一波長)
  • Ch9. Antennas
  • 9.1 Linear Polarization
  • 9.2 Circular Polarization
  • 9.3 Elliptical Polarization
  • SimplicityAccessibilityVisualizationEdutainment Dynamic Learning Path Management C2 C3 C1 C1 C2U2 C3U1 C1U1 C1U1 C1U2 C1U2 C2U1 C2U1 C3U2 C3U2 C3U1S1 C3U1S2 C2U2S1 C3U1S1 C1U1S1 C1U1S1 C1U1S2 C1U1S2 C2U1S1 C2U1S1 C2U1S2 C2U1S2 C1U2S1 C1U2S1 C3U2S1 C3U2S1 CMS N1 N3 N4 N2 C1 TEST C2U1 TEST C3U1S1 TEST C3U2 TEST LPMS Dynamic Learning Path
  • Pre-school quiz:
  • Learning paths based on test results determine the starting point
  • After the end of the course ,school tests that measure learning outcomes.
  • Did not pass, continue to learn
  • Passed, continue to the next node
  • Course evaluation
  • Conclusion & Future Work Conclusion
  • Cyber-learning Platform
  • LCMS, LMPS, LMS, …
  • Content
  • Test Bank (3,835 tests)
  • Learning Path (207paths)
  • 9 courses (60 hours)
  • 29 math equation animations
  • Activity
  • 28 university/college, 125 classes, 169 teachers, 3,894 students, 230 lectures
  • Future Work
  • Increase the Content
  • Test bank
  • Animation
  • Course set
  • Provide the learning platform on mobile devices(android, iOS)
  • Create the Simulation-base Learning System
  • Future Work
  • Multimedia-base learning
  • (GUI run on local)
  • Simulation-base learning
  • (GUI run on remote)
  • Digital material
  • Powerpoint,video/audio
  • Future Work CAD Preprocessor Solver Postprocessor Optimization Numerical simulation Future Work Courses FreeCAD, Open CASCADE CAD Pre-processing Finite element method ANSYS ICEM CFD Salome, Gmsh Preprocessor Structural mechanics ANSYS, LS-DYNA, CFX Code_Aster, FastCap PETSc Solver Fluid dynamics ANSYS, LS-PrePost Salome, ParaView Postprocessor Crashworthiness Analysis LS-OPT Optimization Design optimization Tools(commercial, open source, owned , others) Q & A TEACHING MATERIAL QUANTITIES DEVELOPED IN COURSE MODULES OF THREE WORKGROUPS.
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