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Effective Chapter Boards. Effective Chapter Boards: Definition. Boards – US Lacrosse viewpoint: As a non-profit organization, the board is legally accountable for what happens in the Chapter Roles: Advance the mission of US Lacrosse Develop and enact the Chapter strategic plan
Effective Chapter Boards Effective Chapter Boards: Definition
  • Boards – US Lacrosse viewpoint:
  • As a non-profit organization, the board is legally accountable for what happens in the Chapter
  • Roles: Advance the mission of US Lacrosse Develop and enact the Chapter strategic plan “Keeping the mission front and center in the minds of the decision makers ensures the purpose of the Chapter is not overlooked”* *US Lacrosse Chapter Leadership Toolkit
  • Effective Chapter Boards: Board Culture
  • Culture matters
  • Building block of group behavior
  • The “goods” and “others” of culture
  • Goods
  • It teaches, it is self-reinforcing, lessons are conveyed
  • Existing norms, formality, behavior etc assimilate new members
  • Others
  • Resistant to change, self-defending & group-think
  • Effective Chapter Boards: Board Culture
  • Five tenants of board culture*
  • Vigilance: Alertness to responsibilities
  • Purpose: Role in guiding organization
  • Engagement: Use of member’s talents
  • Work: How is work actually accomplished
  • Trust: Level of respect/reliance among members Trust is your key to success
  • *adapted from the work of Dr Patrick R. Dailey Establishing board culture
  • A culture of trust
  • Thorough understanding of mission & strategic plan
  • Transparency – all processes must be open
  • Welcome dissenting opinions (but not derogatory)
  • Members must “know” each other
  • Social interaction/events
  • Orient/indoctrinate new members
  • Member skill assignment, employment and support
  • Access to all required documents, data base etc
  • Time management & workload sharing
  • Match new members’ skills to needs
  • Clearly defined “swim lanes” and expectations
  • Communication
  • Effective Chapter Boards: Expectations
  • Clearly define all Roles and Responsibilities
  • Document in bylaws (including voting, attendance & replacement)
  • Determine best method to enact strategic plan
  • Board will continually refine and shape the Chapter’s future
  • Develop structure – “rigidly fluid” applies to most cases
  • Foundation
  • Communicate board goals
  • Strive to remove agenda driven thought
  • Responsibilities
  • Board membership serves the lacrosse community’s interest
  • Members hold a responsible role within the community
  • Meeting attendance is not optional
  • Common reference
  • Effective Chapter Boards: Speed bumps
  • Potential issues to prevent success
  • Exposure to second guessing
  • Personal attacks & reputation damage
  • Excessive workload and time constraints
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Disillusionment of members
  • Stagnation
  • Problematic board dynamics
  • Lack of measurable achievement
  • Email etiquette issues
  • Bylaws, Committees, Roles & Needs
  • Clearly define leadership roles in bylaws
  • Executive committee
  • Membership defined in US Lacrosse bylaw template
  • Position descriptions should be detailed in bylaws
  • Extended board/committees at discretion of Chapter board
  • Potential committees identified within US Lacrosse bylaws template
  • Do not “over fill” the board – not all committee leaders need to be board members
  • Empower members to make decisions
  • Provide adequate resources to effectively execute mission
  • Chapter Boards: The “Unplanned”
  • Specific standards/policies/processes afford the board a common reference point to address the “unplanned”
  • Immediate resource pool of qualified and engaged personnel
  • Standardized processes allow effective support
  • No board can envision what could occur
  • Plan for common occurrences
  • Consider the “what if” factor
  • Emergency action plan – similar to leagues/teams, but Chapter level
  • Know your US Lacrosse point of contact – a TREMENDOUS resource
  • Document – document – document
  • If the unplanned occurs, keep detailed notes
  • Chapter Board Rewards
  • Board Recognition
  • Recognition of board service critical component to retaining, and recruiting, members
  • Understand your members – not all seek, or welcome, public adoration…many prefer to serve in the background A good board is made up of a diverse group of people with varying skills, problem solving styles, background, expertise, and modes of operation.* *US Lacrosse Chapter Leadership Toolkit
  • Questions? Jim Old Hampton Roads Chapter [email protected] [email protected]
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