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GEORGE ORWELLAKA ERIC BLAIR1903 - 1950 He considered himself a “truth writer” What Orwell saw… Context of 1984 Nazi Germany EVER since I have been scrutinizing…
GEORGE ORWELLAKA ERIC BLAIR1903 - 1950 He considered himself a “truth writer” What Orwell saw… Context of 1984 Nazi Germany EVER since I have been scrutinizing political events, I have taken a tremendous interest in propagandist activity. I saw that the Socialist-Marxist organizations mastered and applied this instrument with astounding skill. And I soon realized that the correct use of propaganda is a true art which has remained practically unknown to the bourgeois parties. Mein Kampfby Adolf HitlerVolume One - A Reckoning Truth? What does this remind you of? “How easy it was, thought Winston, if you did not look about you, to believe that the physical type set up by the Party as an ideal, - tall muscular youths and deep bosomed maidens, blond haired, vital, sunburnt, carefree –existed and even predominated” Orwell considered himself a “truth writer” GEORGE ORWELLAKA ERIC BLAIR1903 - 1950 1984(sometimes written Nineteen Eighty-Four) Why keep a diary? Surveillance and Control The Map The Party The “Four Freedoms” Three Slogans of the Party: "Work Makes Freedom" The Ministries of OceaniaOceania's four ministries are housed in huge pyramidal structures displaying the three slogans of the party on their sides. The Ministry of PeaceMinipaxis the newspeak name for the Ministry of Peace, which concerns itself with making war The Ministry of PlentyMiniplentyin Newspeak, it is the ministry involved in maintaining ubiquitous poverty in Oceania The Ministry of TruthMinitrue is the propaganda arm of the Ingsoc State. Winston Smith spends his daytime hours “correcting” historical records in Minitrue. The Ministry of LoveMiniluv is a gigantic windowless building devoted to torture and brutality. The home of the thought police, it is surrounded by a maze of barbed wire and machinegun towers. Terms to Know Newspeak = official language of Oceania, words are condensed and simplified for communication, resulting in less thought Ingsoc= English Socialism, these principles guide the state of Oceania Doublethink = believing two contradictory ideas at the same time Telescreen= a two-way television screen Main Characters Winston Smith = the “everyman” who is a member of the Party; rewrites history, begins to rebel against the party O’Brien = a man with whom Winston feels a connection; member of “the brotherhood,” an underground rebel group Julia = a girl from Winston’s work that he becomes infatuated with Things to think about… How does this novel connect with our own society? What is Orwell’s ultimate message about  Societal apathy?  The use of fear?  Mass manipulation?  Isolation and individualism? Remember Remember
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