Group Co-Ordinations: Mrs . Manvi Sharma Kampasi -- Co- ordinator Mr. Deepak Kumar

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Welcome All JUDGES & OBSERVERS for Presentation of c r o r e s Group – 23 (Section – Hardware) Presentation – 17(Date :10.02.14). Group Co-Ordinations: Mrs . Manvi Sharma Kampasi -- Co- ordinator Mr. Deepak Kumar Mr. Dushyant Kohli Mr. Opinder Krishan Mr. Ankush Hans
Welcome All JUDGES&OBSERVERS for Presentation of c r o r e s Group – 23 (Section – Hardware)Presentation – 17(Date :10.02.14) Group Co-Ordinations: Mrs. Manvi Sharma Kampasi -- Co-ordinator Mr. Deepak Kumar Mr. Dushyant Kohli Mr. OpinderKrishan Mr. Ankush Hans Mr. Nitin Sharma Mr. Rohit Kumar Mr. Kuldeep Chadda Note:Each Member of Group will give presentations rotationally One by One Mission of the Team 1. Mission amounts to identifying goals/objectives for the team and creating a deep commitment to achieving them each & every team members. i) Secure Data. ii) User Satisfaction. iii) Constant Improvement. 2. To provide a secure uptodate well connected data center for the company through : i) A well managed un-interupted network. ii) To constantly upgrade and improve knowledge & technology in all aspect of Information Technologies. iii) Use External Software where required & improve the image and marketing potential of the company through a efficiency pleasing and informatic websites Recap for M/O Jan’14 1. Demo for New Servers through IBM Done 2. Installations of UTM Firewall in HOJ. Done 3. Installations of New Antivirus in Servers. Done 4. Installations of VPN in 6 Locations - Done 5. Airtel VPN proposal finalaize. Underprocessing 6. Release of VPN payments (Sify & Vodafone)-- Done 7. Computer formatting documentations. Underprocessing 8. Configure Separate Internet Link (Sify) in Senior Officials. Done 9. Installation of Original antivirus in Email computers of branchesDone Benefit to the Company:- Highlights :- Installations of UTM Firewall in HOJ. Adjustment of Topay Recovery. Replacement of HDD in Samba Laptop. Installations of UTM in HOJ:- Done by Deepak Kumar We have Successfully installed UTM Firewall in HOJ. Because we have installed 4 Mbps link in HOJ . For distributions of 4 Mbps links in the sections, we need intermediate sources. First we had planned for Cyberoam, but that was very costly solution i.e around 4 Lacs, but after consultation we have installed Dlink Firewall @57000/- & saved lacs for companies. Now link is working properly… Below is screen shot of Dlink Firewall. Points reflects to mission – Benefit to the company Adjustment of Topay Recovery:- Done by Manvi Sharma We have successfully prepared a software for Topay adjustment recovery software within 3 hrs on dt.20/1/14. From this software we have get kill recovery of Rs.11 Lacson the same day, Due to this effort we have shown proper picture of recovery to the management. Below is the satisfaction report:- Points reflects to mission – Benefit to the company Replacement of HDD in Samba Laptop:- Done by OpinderKrishan We have get replaced HDD in Samba laptop under warranty on 9th Jan’14. Actually Laptop was shutdown automatically & we have sent this laptop to ACER service center & get replaced HDD successfully. Now laptop is working properly as confirmed by Incharge Samba. Working Report of HDD:- Points reflects to mission – Benefit to the company Innovative IDEA:- Highlights :- Installations of VPNs (Sify). Installations of Microsoft Licence. Domain Renewal(NIC, BNNI & NAE) Re-designed layout of Fast – Track… Installations of MPLS VPN:- Done by Deepak Kumar & Manvi Sharma We have get installations of MPLS VPN connectivity in below mentioned stations on dt.15/1/13, We have tested link & is working properly,,,but on hold due to earthing…. List of stations where VPN Installed: MRT YMU BOM KDL GGN HXR LDA ASL BDD Note: In MRT , ASL & BOM earthingparameters complete & link is live….. Points reflects to mission – Constant Improvement Installations Microsoft Licence:- Done by DushyantKohli, RohitKumar & KuldeepChadda We have Installed Microsoft Windows XP, 7 & 8 Licence in Head Office & Branches on dt.2/1/14 after getting all informations of Computers/laptops through Balacr Advisor… We have maintain the details of windows XP, 7 & 8 Licence….. Reports of Windows XP, 7 & 8 Licence Installations: Total Licence : 250 Windows 7 Installed : 170 Windows 8 Installed : _________ 4 Windows XP Installed:____________ _______33 Balance : 43_ Points reflects to mission – Constant Improvement Domain Renewal of NIC, BNNI & NAE:- Done by DushyantKohli We have successfully renew domain of BNNI, NIC & NAE on dt.17/1/14 during time period. Because if we will not renew it on time our websites and mails can be disconnected automatically… Also we have purchase new domain of NitcoAirexpress, previouly this domain was working through Airtel portal. Renewal Report of Domains: Points reflects to mission – Constant Improvement Changed Layout of Fast-Track:- Done by Nitin Sharma We have changed the layout of fast-track MIS website as advised by MD Sir on dt.8/1/14…From this users can easily get informations whatever changes be done in hardware and softwares….Its also be benefits that before going on any changes, we can see what we had changed in previously…. Screenshot of Layout Fast-Track: Points reflects to mission – Constant Improvement Hurdles:-
  • Shifting Mails data from Outlook to Thunderbird. Solutions: We are facing lot problems during shifting, but after hardwork and consultations of seniors we will get succeed in shifting data. 2. Testing of SQL Express 2005. Solutions: We have successfully tested SQL Express 2005 , we are facing lot of problems, but after hard testing we have tested CTRACK & Finance Software.
  • Future Plans for Feb’14 Installations & Support of IPBAX & Biometic Machines. Domain Renewal of HBET, RES & Nitco Group. Computerization of LEH. Insatallations of VPN in LDA, BDD & AMD. Airtel VPN proposal finalaize. Complete list of Microsoft Licence. N-Computing Testing. MIS reports of Fast-Track Online software for TA/DA bills for SFO Job Done. THANKS
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