Imperatives and Vocatives

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Imperatives and Vocatives. How to tell people what to do and make sure they know you’re talking to them. Marcus dormit . Marcus dormit . Marcus prope arborem dormit . Marce ! noli dormire !. Marce ! surge!. Marcus surgit . Marcus surgit . Lucius quoque dormit .
Imperatives and Vocatives How to tell people what to do and make sure they know you’re talking to them. Marcus dormit. Marcus dormit. Marcus propearboremdormit. Marce! nolidormire! Marce! surge! Marcus surgit. Marcus surgit. Lucius quoquedormit. Marce, Luciumexcita. Marcus Lucium non excitat. Luci! nolidormire! Luci! surge! Lucius surgit. Marcus et Lucius exspectant. sed.. cur vosexcitabam? nescio. Marce! Luci! dormite! Marce et Luci! nolitenarratorempetere! Marce et Luci! nolitenarratorempetere! eheu. To make a singular imperative (command):Infinitive – “re”e.g. laborare – “re”= labora!e.g. docēre – “re”= doce!e.g. surgere – “re”= surge! e.g. dormire – “re”= dormi! To make a plural imperative (command):Singular Command + “te”e.g. labora + “te”= laborate!e.g. doce + “te”= docete!e.g. surge + “te”= surgite! e.g. dormi + “te”= dormite! Negative Commands:“noli” = “don’t” singular“nolite” = “don’t” pluralAdd an infinitive to make the command:e.g. nolidormire = “don’t sleep”e.g. nolitepetere = “don’t attack” Vocative:To get someone’s attention.All nouns use the nominative formexcept 2nd Declension SingularSo…If the noun ends in “-us” then replace it with “-e”If the noun ends in “-ius” thenremove the “-us” Vocative:e.g. Marcus – “us” + “e”= Marcee.g. Lucius – “us” = Lucias in “heus, Marce, da mihicibum!”or “heus, Luci, da mihipecuniam!”
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