Laporan Unit Kerja New 15i

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  CHECK LIST DOKUMEN UNTUK UNIT KERJA RS USU NO UNIT KERJA12345678910KETERANGANSPORAPAT 1IGD2IRJA3IRNA4ICU5IBPsudah OK tggal TTD6REHAB EDIKas!h dala #$%&a!'a()KAAR PER*A+INAN as!h ,d 'a-U(!t.HD/UTD10REKA EDIK11RADIO+OGI12+AB K+INIK13ARA*IC**D14GII15P*R* SK.KEBIJAKANPEDOMAN PENGORGANISASIANPEDOMAN ANPROGRAM KERJABUKTI PELAKSANAANLAPORAN BULANANPROGRAM ORIENTASIPROGRAM PELATIHAN a(g la!( sdh s$l$sa! (a u( as!h d!#$%!'sa l$h Ka-I(stalas!*K K$&! &l ,d s$h!(gga &l da#at #%!(t *PO*K &$lu TTD da( P$d P$(g%g s$da(g #$(g$d!ta( s$'%$s$da(g #%s$s #$(g$d!ta( d! s$'%$ta%!at*udah OK s$&ag!a( s$da(g #%s$s  16*ARANA EDIK1)IPA+1.IT1/+AUNDR20KEUANGAN21*D da( TU22DIK+AT723KEPERA8ATAN724PENGADAAN725HOU*EKEEPING726PPI2)K3R*K$t99 *udah s$l$sa!9 &$lu s$l$sa!sa a s$'al!9 dala #$%&a!'a($da(: 31 Agustus 2016d!&uat l$h:D!'$tahu! l$h;*a(<  Ta #u&l(d%- *a'$ J-a%<(a: *#Kd%- A=>a( Ha' ! +u&!s:*#-A:-K$s*$'%$ta%!at A'%$d!tas!K$tua T! A'%$d!tas!D!%$'tu% Uta a  CHECK LIST DOKUMEN U NO UNIT KERJA12345SPO 1IGD2IRJA3IRNA4ICU5IBP6REHAB EDIK)KAAR PER*A+INAN.HD/UTD10REKA EDIK11RADIO+OGI12+AB K+INIK13ARA*IC**D14GII15P*R*16*ARANA EDIK1)IPA+1.IT1/+AUNDR20KEUANGAN21TU22*D 23DIK+AT724PENGADAAN725HOU*EKEEPING726PPI2)K3R*2.DBID-ANED 72/BID KEPERA8ATAN 730*ECURIT31HOU*EKEEPING7 SK.KEBIJAKANPEDOMAN PENGORGANISASIANPEDOMAN ANPROGRAM KERJA  32+AUNDRK$t$%a(ga( 99 *udah s$l$sa!9 &$lu s$l$sa! sa a s$'al!9 dala #$%&a!'a(
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