Lesson 9 Act I.I-III

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Have SB books open to p264. Lesson 9 Act I.I-III. Lesson Goals Recognize evolution of English Language and analyze syntax Demonstrate oral delivery Read and comprehend plot lines of R+J. Analogies Warm Up.
Have SB books open to p264 Lesson 9Act I.I-III Lesson Goals Recognize evolution of English Language and analyze syntax Demonstrate oral delivery Read and comprehend plot lines of R+J Analogies Warm Up
  • Notes on a separate sheet, please! Keep it with your R+J Packet to have a full study guide at the end of the unit.
  • Analogies help in understanding the connections made between words
  • The second word of an analogy helps describe the first given
  • For example: A carnival provides people entertainment, just as a textbook provides students with information
  • Analogies Continued
  • Structured as such
  • Finger : Hand :: Leaf : Tree
  • Microwave : Heat :: Refrigerator : Cool
  • Fill in the following analogiesWhat is the relationship between each set?
  • Comedy : Funny :: Tragedy : _________
  • Brother : Sibling :: Father : __________
  • Humiliated : Embarrassed ::Enraged : ______
  • Sunscreen : Skin :: Armor : ________
  • Prologue Review
  • Sonnet
  • Overview of plot
  • Uses inverted syntax (more on this!)
  • Prologue Translation: No Fear Shakespeare! Inverted Syntax: R+J Packets
  • Normal sentence structure:
  • Subject noun + verb
  • Inverted sentence structure:
  • Verb + subject now
  • Examples:
  • Where is Romeo? Did you see him today?
  • Where is Romeo? Saw you him today?
  • Which is which?
  • Springboard: Page 264
  • Now that you have identified the difference, try to rewrite the inverted sentences to modern English
  • Pining over returned love is our hero Romeo.
  • A promise to stay has his love made.
  • Our hero Romeo is pining over returned love.
  • His love has made a promise to stay.
  • The Lingo of Shakespeare
  • Frequently, archaic language is used in the play that we have to translate to the modern English form
  • For example, Romeo says to Benvolio, “Farewell. Thou canst not teach me to forget.”
  • What does thou mean?
  • What does canst mean?
  • What in the world is Romeo saying?
  • Word Chart So, what’s in common? Dun dun dun…Shakespearean Pronouns
  • What is a pronoun again?
  • Words that can take The place of a noun!
  • Examples?
  • I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they So, what is Benvolio saying here?
  • “Compare her face with some that I shall show, And I will make thee think thy swan a crow.” Pronoun Chart---Shakespeare Style 
  • Now, put it all together: Act 1, Scene 1
  • Open the Glencoe Textbooks (purple) to page 698
  • Keep R+J Packets out: Vocab time!
  • PUN: a play on words which have two different meanings
  • Example: this paper is TEARABLE
  • Scene 1 is Filled with Puns
  • The entire exchange between Sampson and Gregory (servants of the Capulets) is a pun cycle
  • This mean, word after word plays off on one another
  • As we read, try to identify the words that play off of one another to create the pun cycle (lines 1-52)
  • Lines 54-98
  • What’s up with the Prince?
  • Why is he so mad?
  • What have the families been doing to make him mad?
  • And what is his final warning?
  • Lines 99-233
  • What are the Montague’s and their nephew discussing?
  • What is truly wrong with Romeo?
  • Why does Ms. Brummett hate Romeo so much right now?
  • What does Benvolio promise to do for Romeo?
  • Homework
  • Study for the Prologue Quiz
  • Translations (Paraphrasing)
  • Sonnet Structure/Rules
  • Purpose
  • Alliteration
  • Analogies
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