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  UMTS Long Term Evolution(LTE) Reiner Stuhlfauth Reiner.Stuhlfauth@rohde-schwarz.comTraining CentreRohde & Schwarz, Germany Subject to change – Data without tolerance limits is not binding.R&S® is a registered trademark of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG. Trade names are trademarksof the owners.   2011 ROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co. KGTest & Measurement Division- Training Center -This folder may be taken outside ROHDE & SCHWARZ facilities.ROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH reserves the copy right to all of any part of these course notes.Permission to produce, publish or copy sections or pages of these notes or to translate them must firstbe obtained in writing fromROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co. KG, Training Center, Mühldorfstr. 15, 81671 Munich, Germany  November 2012 | LTE Introduction | 2 3GPP work plan GERANEUTRANUTRAN Up from Rel. 8Rel. 9Rel. 10 Evolution Also contained in Phase 1Phase 2, 2+Rel. 95 > Rel.7 NewRAN Rel. 97Rel. 99 > Rel. 7  November 2012 | LTE Introduction | 3 Overview 3GPP UMTS Evolution Driven by Data Rate and Latency Requirements WCDMA 384 kbps downlink128 kbps uplinkRoundTripTime~150ms HSDPA/HSUPA 14 Mbps peak downlink5.7 Mbps peak uplinkRoundTripTime<100ms HSPA+ 28 Mbps peak downlink11 Mbps peak uplinkRoundTripTime <50 ms 3GPP Release 99/4   3GPP Release 99/4 3GPP Release 5/6   3GPP Release 5/6 3GPP Release 7   3GPP Release 7 3GPP Release 8   3GPP Release 8  Approx. year of specification freezing 2003/4 2005/6  (HSDPA) 2007/8  (HSUPA) 2008/9 2009/10LTE 100 Mbps peak downlink50 Mbps peak uplinkRoundTripTime~10 ms  November 2012 | LTE Introduction | 4 Overview 3GPP UMTS evolution WCDMA   WCDMA HSDPA/HSUPA HSPA+ LTE andHSPA+LTE-advanced 3GPP Release 73GPPrelease20102008/20092005/6 (HSDPA)2007/8 (HSUPA) App. year of network rolloutRoundTrip Time 11 Mbps (peak)128 kbps (typ.)28 Mbps (peak)384 kbps (typ.) 3GPP Release 83GPP Release 5/63GPP Release 99/42003/4< 50 ms< 100 ms~ 150 ms LTE: 75 Mbps (peak)HSPA+: 11 Mbps (peak)   11 Mbps (peak)5.7 Mbps (peak)128 kbps (typ.)Uplinkdata rate LTE: 150 Mbps* (peak)HSPA+: 42 Mbps (peak) 28 Mbps (peak)14 Mbps (peak)384 kbps (typ.)Downlinkdata rateLTE: ~10 ms   100 Mbps high mobility1 Gbps low mobility*based on 2x2 MIMO and 20 MHz operation 3GPP StudyItem initiated
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