The Aadhaar Project

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The Aadhaar Project. NANDAN NILEKANI CHAIRMAN UNIQUE IDENTIFICTION Authority of India. Overall mandate of the Aadhaar Project Aadhaar and it’s potential Direct Benefit Transfer and Aadhaar. WHY AADHAAR FOR INDIA. ONLY 50 MILLION INDIAN HOLD PASSPORT
The Aadhaar Project NANDAN NILEKANI CHAIRMAN UNIQUE IDENTIFICTION Authority of India Overall mandate of the Aadhaar Project Aadhaar and it’s potential Direct Benefit Transfer and Aadhaar WHY AADHAAR FOR INDIA
  • Context of Aadhaar
  • Providing a formal identity proof to millions of residents
  • This identity proof would be a gateway to access services
  • Need to streamline government expenditure – cut wastage and leakage
  • Need for a transparent and accountable system of public expenditure
  • Social inclusion project with a developmental focus
  • UIDAI issues Aadhaar numbers… Basic demographic data and biometrics stored Name Parents Gender DoB PoB Address Standardized identity attributes No duplicates(1:N check) Minimal demographic data collected UID = 1568 3647 6218 UID  Unique number  Random number … and authenticate IDs online, real-time Authentication - ‘Are you who you claim to be?’ Central UID database 1:1 check, no ID fraud Only YES/NO response, no details – no invasion of privacy Person can see self-details, no one else can UID = 1568 3647 4958 Where are we today…
  • UIDAI started issuing Aadhaar in Sept 2010
  • Over 320 million Aadhaars issued so far
  • Over 380 million residents enrolled
  • Target is 600 million by 2014
  • AADHAAR GENERATION STATUS STATE WISE Partner Ecosystem Letter Delivery Aadhaar Letter Printing Biometric System Contract Center System ABIS 1 ABIS 2 ABIS 3 Biometric Middleware Registrar System NPCI Enrollment Authentication Enrolling Agency Operator Cert Training Agency Device Testing & Cert ASA Auth User Agencies Device Testing & Cert Authentication Ecosystem Enrollment Ecosystem Dimensions of the Aadhaar Project
  • Scale
  • Geographically – Daily Operations across India
  • 25,000+ stations deployed
  • Speed
  • ~1m/day mark reached in less than 18 months of 1stAadhaar Generated
  • Operations Model
  • Public (Registrar) -Private ( Enrollment Agency) partnership driven
  • Aadhaar Technology Persistent Store BI & Analytics Enrollment Packets SEDA Stages Demographic Validation Operator Validation Biometric Validation Structure Validation Biometric System Biometric Server 1 Biometric Server 2 Biometric Server 3 ABIS Coord Field Enrollments Central ID Repository – Data Center Enrolment centre, Andhra Pradesh Enrolment Centre, Jharkhand Enrolment Centre, Puducherry Aadhaar and it’s potential Service Delivery potential due to Authentication
  • Transactions normally require verification of identity
  • Aadhaar online authentication will provide a common platform which can be used across all transactions and other applications.
  • Entitlements should reach the intended beneficiary – non-transferability can be ensured
  • This can be effectively done by authentication at the point of service delivery
  • Many sectors will be able to use as a proof of presence for the beneficiary
  • Empowerment, Choice and Convenience Aadhaar based government application pilots – Country wide spread MNREGA payments through Micro-ATM in Jharkhand PDS delivery based on Aadhaar Authentication in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh Old age pension payment in Tripura AADHAAR PLATFORM FOR BANKING Aadhaaraccepted as KYC for various services LPG Connections Mobile connections Bank A/Cs, Insurance, etc. 3 2 1 ? State Government Services Train Travel 4 6 5 Many other services… AADHAAR AS E-KYC SERVICE “Instant” Opening of Bank Account through a Micro-ATM based on Aadhaar authentication – hugely empowering to the unbanked The Aadhaar e-KYC service instantaneously provides basic data (name, address, date of birth, gender, photograph) of the beneficiary to the Bank upon successful Aadhaar authentication. The e-KYC service can scale up to lakhs of transactions on a daily basis Provides convenience to the unbanked. Enables opening of large number of bank accounts on scale. DIRECT BENEFIT TRANSFER AND AADHAAR All direct cash transfers into one account Multiple Schemes Aadhaar Payments Bridge One Aadhaar linked account APB Compatible with CPSMS End-to-End Direct Benefit Transfer Enabled by Aadhaar Pension Bank 2. Aadhaar as KYC to open bank account 1111 2222 3333 1111 2222 3333 MGNREGA Aadhaar Payment Bridge Scholarship 3. Aadhaar as a payment destination - Bank Account portability - Many schemes, one Aadhaar linked bank account Radha 111122223333 Radha 111122223333 Radha 111122223333 4. Withdraw from any MicroATM – Choice and Convenience 1. Aadhaar to de-duplicate databases xxxxx xxxxx xxxcccc ----- ----- yyyyy ----- ----- ----- ----- 5. Auditability and traceability of transaction Micro-ATM transactions Handheld device and battery powered Online connectivity through mobile network Micro-ATM standards set by RBI and IBA (manufactured by multiple vendors) Biometric scanners are certified Interoperable devices and can work for any bank and any BC Total online transaction time less than 15 seconds – Verified on the ground from Tripura, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh Convenient cash withdrawal Ram’s bank account Resident 8. Inform: Call / SMS 5. Authorize 6. Debit 1. Withdrawal request 9. Cash 4. Authenticate Interoperable Switch UIDAI 3. Forward to switch 7. Credit 2. AADHAAR number, money transfer instruction, biometrics BC’s bank account BC with Micro-ATM Ram Withdraws Cash at His Own Village Ram Ram’s Bank SMS ID Mapper NPCI Nat’l Payment Corp of India Debit – Rs300 Credit – Rs 300 Authentication Mobile Network Merchant Bank Kirana w MicroATM Inclusive convenience banking ID mapper Resident - Ram UID 2563 8564 4663 8. Info- IVRS/ SMS 6. Debit 4. Authenticate and execute Any Bank Ram’s bank a/c 1. Withdrawal request NPCI switch 5. Authenticate 9. Cash 7. Credit TransferMoney From UID 2653 8564 4663 To UID 7233 5968 3094 Amount 300 3.NPCI request Any micro-ATM 2. Money transfer instruction + biometrics BC BC (Kirana, SHG, PO etc)) With Micro-ATM UID: 7233 5968 3094 BC’s bank a/c Data Privacy and Security
  • Enrollment System
  • Aadhaar – random number with no information
  • Data encrypted at source – Enrollment client
  • All packets biometrically signed by operator
  • Raw biometrics never stored in clear and decrypted only when needed
  • Data partitioned across multiple security “zones”
  • Authentication System
  • Auth response – only YES/NO
  • AUA and ASA perimeters
  • Supports Federated Auth model
  • Banks To conclude…
  • The Aadhaar number is a form ofempowerment to those who had no proof of formal identity
  • Empowerment is achieved by providing access, choice, empowerment and convenience
  • Government spends large amounts on social welfare programmes
  • Obligation on State to have the capacity to ensure effective implementation as well as reduce leakage and corruption. The expenditure should reach the intended beneficiary
  • The Aadhaar project is one of the means by which efficient delivery of service and inclusion with access can be enhanced.
  • Extensive use of data analytics tools to improve monitoring of implementation
  • The impact… implementation as well as reduce leakage and corruption. The expenditure should reach the intended beneficiary Aadhaar identity platform and Aadhaar enabled applications can help a billion people to participate in digital economy and avail services tailored to them! Thank You implementation as well as reduce leakage and corruption. The expenditure should reach the intended beneficiary
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