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The Argumentative Essay. How to efficiently set up one for your proficiency!. The Claim. First, read your prompt and see if you can “cut out the fluffy stuff.” If there isn’t any fluffy stuff, then choose a side you agree with most.
The Argumentative Essay How to efficiently set up one for your proficiency! The Claim
  • First, read your prompt and see if you can “cut out the fluffy stuff.”
  • If there isn’t any fluffy stuff, then choose a side you agree with most.
  • Set up a T-Chart to help you come up with ideas on how to defend your argument.
  • The T-Chart can also help you set up your counterclaim as well!
  • The Counterclaim
  • Use your T-Chart to see what the other side is all about.
  • Make notes to why these points are wrong and that your point is more valid.
  • Finally, set up a counterclaim sentence with a ready rebuttal, or argument against the counterclaim.
  • Although many parents and schools have advocated that violent video games are detrimental to a child’s mental development and welfare, this just isn’t the case. STATE CASE!
  • Although many lawmakers agree that arming teachers will keep school violence down, it doesn’t. It really…STATE CASE!
  • The Conclusion
  • Take your main points from the first paragraph and your rebuttal argument from the second paragraph and put them together.
  • Restate your claim in a new way.
  • Voila! Instant argumentative essay!
  • Example:
  • Video games and violent movies increase violence in the U.S.
  • Okay, the above prompt is only mentioning “video games,” “violent movies,” “increase violence in U.S.”
  • I am only going to mention these things.
  • First, I’ll make a T-Chart
  • Yes No
  • Very graphic Not real
  • Can inspire Only crazy people
  • Desensitizes to empathy
  • I will make my claim: Yes
  • Using the “yes” side of my T-Chart, I can expand with a mind map, and finally a Box Strategy.
  • Using the “no” side of my T-Chart, I can use the words: “Although some people say…” and have set up my rebuttal: “Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The blah blahblah…
  • First Paragraph:
  • Violent movies and video games definitely have an impact on the increased violence now experienced in the United States. These forms of media are very graphic, and they can inspire dark moods, especially if the person is mentally disturbed or highly impressionable. Exposure to these ultimately desensitizes people to the value of human life.
  • Now, the counterclaim
  • Your second paragraph should start out with describing the opposing view:
  • Although there are many people who just see violent movies and video games as an escape and not a major cause for increased violence across the states, they couldn’t be more mistaken. People from all ages can be desensitized to violence by consistently watching theses types of movies, or playing violent games. These forms of media drain us of our ability to empathize with those who are suffering, and in some cases, actually enjoy it. This is particularly a problem for our children, adolescents, and young adults still developing mental and emotional capabilities.
  • The Conclusion
  • Take a little from the first paragraph and a little from the second paragraph…mix…and reinforce your thesis!
  • No matter which way it is examined, violent media exposure does affect violence rates in the United States. Young people and the mentally ill are particularly susceptible to becoming violent after exposure to a horror film or violent game. These games desensitize those exposed to them and make them more apt to commit a crime because they feel less empathy about what they are doing. Because of this exposure to violent movies and video games, America has become a more violent nation.
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