Welcome to Curriculum Night August 19, 2013

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Welcome to Curriculum Night August 19, 2013. Introductions. Magnet Essential Outcomes. Assessment/Grading. Reflect on our Essential Outcome W ordle ; what should be our focus in Magnet? Our Main Goal: The achievement of learning, not the achievement of grades. Grades.
WelcometoCurriculum Night August 19, 2013IntroductionsMagnet Essential OutcomesAssessment/GradingReflect on our Essential Outcome Wordle; what should be our focus in Magnet? Our Main Goal:The achievement of learning, not the achievement of gradesGrades
  • 3 is mastery; 4 is above and beyond. In previous rooms, you may have received 4’s and A’s , please understand 3’s and B’s are assessment targets
  • Students have the opportunity to self-reflect and correct their assignments and most assessments to demonstrate their understanding
  • Students are encouraged to be self-advocates for improving an assignment
  • Infinite Campus Grade BookParent Portal
  • 4th - 6thgrade parents have access to Infinite Campus
  • Parents have the opportunity to continuously monitor students’ progress
  • Parents can monitor assignments that students did not return
  • HomeworkWe believe…
  • Homework is a necessary component of a solid educational experience
  • It can introduce a new concept or topic the night before
  • It can reinforce what was taught during the day
  • Homework Expectations
  • Approximately a total of 45 minutes - 1 hour per night
  • (Students in Pre-Transitions, Transitions, and Algebra may have more than this at times)
  • Around project due dates homework may take a bit longer
  • Proper planning is important and encouraged by teachers through consistent reminders and check-in points
  • Assignment Notebook should be used as a tool for communication
  • Extra Day Passes
  • Students are expected to complete all homework
  • Math homework often prepares students for the next day’s lessons
  • LiteracyReading
  • Reading Workshop
  • Shared/Guided Reading
  • Novels/Classics
  • Other supplemental materials
  • Independent Reading
  • LiteracyVocabulary
  • 3rd: Greek and Latin roots
  • 4th and 5th Caesar’s English 1 and 2
  • 6th Word Within a Word
  • LiteracyWriting
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • D54 Framework
  • New Writing Curriculum-Traits of Writing
  • Assessment
  • Narrative/Expository/Argument Essay
  • Required products/Choice products
  • Common Core: Literacy
  • In Reading, the major advances are the shift away from literature-focused standards to a balance of literature and informational textsto reflect college- and career-ready expectations. There is also a greater focus on text complexityand at what level students should be reading.
  • In Writing, there is a strong emphasis on argument and informative/ explanatory writing, along with an emphasis on writing about sources or using evidence to inform an argument.
  • The Common Core also include Speaking and Listening expectations, including a focus on formal and informal talk, which can be done through presentations and group work.
  • The Languagestandards put a stress on both generalacademicand domain-specificvocabulary.
  • The Common Core also addressreading, writing and literacy across the curriculum, and include literacy standards for science, social studies and technical subjects. These standards complement rather than replace content standards in those subjects, and are the responsibility of teachers in those specific disciplines, making literacy a shared responsibility across educators.
  • Source: www. Achieve.orgMath
  • Course 1: Mrs. O’Donoghue
  • Pre Transition: Ms. Durchslag and Mrs. Whitten
  • Transitions: Mrs. Sudol
  • Accelerated Algebra: Mr. Lin
  • Common Core: Math
  • The Standards for Mathematical Practicedescribe mathematical “habits of mind” or mathematical applicationsand aim to foster reasoning, problem solving, modeling, decision making, and engagement among students.
  • Finally, the standards require students to demonstrate deep conceptual understanding by applying them to new situations.
  • Eight Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively
  • Construct viable arguments and critique the understanding of others
  • Model with mathematics
  • Use appropriate tools strategically
  • Attend to precision
  • Look for and make use of structure
  • Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning
  • Source: www.achieve.orgScienceThemes
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Forms of Energy
  • Our Solar System
  • 3rd/4th - Ms. Durchslag
  • Astronomy
  • Changing Earth
  • 5th – Mrs. Sudol
  • Forces and Motion
  • PLTW - Energy and Environment
  • 6th - Mrs. O’Donoghue
  • 5th/6th5th/6th Grade5th/6th3rd/4th GradeSocial StudiesThemes3rd/4th Grade5th/6th Grade
  • Local Government
  • Political Systems
  • Economic Systems
  • Geography
  • Social Systems
  • History
  • Eastern Hemisphere
  • Political Systems
  • Economic Systems
  • Geography
  • Social Systems
  • History
  • Rotation
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Social Skills
  • Goal Based Independent Research Project
  • Students create goals for Math and Reading based on their MAP scores and Formative Assessments completed in the classroom
  • Students work on these goals for 30 minutes, 5 days a week
  • Parents will have input into these goals during conferences
  • Goals will be updated as students accomplish goals
  • Students are accountable for working towards goals
  • Action Plans for completion during school and at home
  • PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports)
  • State-wide program that we began implementing 6 years ago
  • PBIS is a school-wide system that provides positive support to help students achieve academic, social, and emotional success
  • We pre-teach the expectations, by modeling and role playing.
  • Every student and staff member has the same behavior expectations
  • We provide frequent and ongoing positive reinforcement to reward/encourage the expected behavior
  • First Steps…
  • All students go through Cougar Camp
  • Teach the Campanelli 3 R’s (Respect, Responsibility, Right Choices)
  • Model what the expected behavior looks like throughout the building.
  • Provide incentives along the way
  • Caughtcha’s – individual rewards for appropriate behavior – any staff member can give this out
  • PAWS Applause –staff members can award these to a class when everyone is demonstrating the expected behaviors
  • These accumulate and classes receive rewards along the way
  • Caughtcha’s can be redeemed
  • Immediate reward in the office (mostly 1/2 students)
  • Saved for a larger reward like (3/4 and 5/6 students)
  • Some of the larger incentives include school supplies, restaurant coupons, books, t-shirts, wrist bands, and other donations)
  • Throughout the year…
  • Offer ongoing training, support, and rewards
  • Cool Tools – reteach a specific behavior to all students
  • Booster Activities – intended to remind students about all the expectations
  • Whole School Recognition
  • Assemblies, No homework days, BINGO, Game time, Extra Recess
  • These are awarded for Caughtcha landmarks (1000, 2500, 5000, etc.)
  • Student of the Month Rewards
  • Students that have not had missing assignments and have had exemplary behavior
  • Surveys, Quizzes, and Opportunities for parents to get involved and give feedback
  • Further information or updates throughout the year
  • -please check our CampanelliPBIS Website – http://campanelli.sd54.org/pbis/More support…
  • Check In and Check Out (CICO)
  • Offered to various students throughout the year
  • Encourages a frequent positive connection by checking in with the teacher after each subject
  • Provides another positive adult to interact with throughout the school day
  • Assures daily feedback for parents
  • Generally short term (6 weeks) to give the kids an extra boost
  • Intended to make sure every child feels positively connected to the Campanelli School Community
  • Announcements
  • Family Game Night – To Be Announced – Information will be sent home the first couple weeks of school
  • Camp Duncan – 5th Graders
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • -We will be sending notes home before events to ask for volunteers
  • Spring Field Trip for 6th Graders – To Be Announced
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