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Welcome to the students. Class : 3 Sub : English Lesson:28. Prepared by Md. Abul Hasan Assistant Teacher Jessore Collectorate School, Jessore. Look at the picture. Kamal’s bedroom. This is Kamal's bedroom. It is not so big. There is a bed near the window.
Welcome to the students Class: 3 Sub: English Lesson:28Prepared byMd. AbulHasanAssistant TeacherJessoreCollectorate School,Jessore. Look at the pictureKamal’s bedroomThis is Kamal's bedroom. It is not so big. There is a bed near the window.There is a bookshelf in one corner. There is a desk and a chair in the other corner. There is a lamp on the desk. There are some books on the desk too.There are two pictures, a calendar and a clock on the wall.New words and word meaningsRvbvjvWindow- w`bcwÄCalendar-Bookshelf-eB‡qiZvKClock-NwoDesk-covi †Uwejlamp-evwZFill in the blanksa There -------------- some books on the desk.b " ------------- there any pictures ------------- thewall?" "Yes, there are."c " ------------- there any people in the room?""No, -------------- -------------."d There ------------- a lamp on the desk.e There ------------- no cats in the room.f There ------------- a calendar in the bedroom.Class workWrite your own bedroom.Thanks for today
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